Recap 2023: What Went Down In The Sneaker World So Far?

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sneaker-recap-2023Y’all thought the cryptocurrency market and NFTs were the most unpredictable shit out there? Well, wait till you learn of the sneaker market! That thing has sneakerheads walking on eggshells 24/7. But we can’t say we’re complaining one bit! What’s the point of doing business if it got no thrill to go with it? Anyway, today’s topic ain’t anything ordinary fam! We’re about to give you a recap of all that’s been happening in the sneaker world to keep you on the right track. Because let’s be honest, what good would that sneakerhead title bring you when you know jack shit about sneakers? Don’t answer that… Now, without further ado let’s see what this sneaker recap 2023 is all about! 

Recap 2023: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

You must know that whatever the business is, it never is sunshine and rainbows all the time. Of course, you do get your moments, but certain fall downs are inevitable. Take the sneaker industry as the most relevant example here. Whereas COVID marked most businesses’ dooms, the sneaker market boomed the most then. It was the golden era for sneaker bots, where people all around the world knew what these things were. And since then sneaker reselling became a main side hustle for many. Peeps be making more cash now than their 9-to-5 jobs! So now, buckle up ‘cause this is gonna be one heck of an emotional ride!

Hottest Shoes 2023: No Use Crying Over Spilt Milk Now 

Let’s start with the good news, shall we? Nike’s been teasing Spring 2023 releases since December. And let’s say we weren’t a bit disappointed with what we got. In fact, sneakerheads been overwhelmed with what to cop, and with what to sacrifice and leave behind. And trust us when we say, that is a tough decision to make. Especially when both kicks are dope as heck. Now, y’all must be wondering, why not cop ‘em both in the first place? Well, it’s either because our fellow sneakerheads been running low on money (Christmas and Valentine’s gifts don’t pay themselves after all!), or their choice of picking the right sneaker bot is as shit as some people’s choice in partners these days! Anyway, if you’re struggling with finding the right sneaker bots, here’s a great guide for ya! 

Now, let’s get back on track with the recap 2023 and hit you with the hottest shoes that dropped these past two months! Not only did the Craft and Seafoam Air Jordan 4s make resellers tons of money on the aftermarket. But TSB being one of the most powerful Nike bots out there slayed that sneaker copping game! Seafoam scored thousands of checkouts, while Craft AJ4s made our shit fam around half a million dollars in resale profit! Check it all out here! So, if you thought for a moment that the botting game ain’t for ya, think again!


More Success Talk?

Oh, we ain’t done with the success talk just yet! Did y’all know that in just 6 weeks, TSB got a 71% average user success rate? Let’s break it down to a more simple form: 25 pairs cooked on average per user! We can go on for days on no end with this kinda talk. So if you’re interested in knowing more about success rates and TSB in general, make sure to check out our Twitter account here

Most Anticipated Shoes: A Shot To Make Up For Lost Chances 

As we just covered some of the hottest shoes that dropped in 2023, why don’t we learn a lil about the most anticipated sneakers this year? This year’s most hyped sneaker is nonother than Travis Scott x Jordan 1! Followed by it is the new Air Jordan 4 Thunder. And let’s not forget about the upcoming JJJJound x Adidas Samba Collection as well. Being the highly coveted kicks they are, means one thing. High as heck resale values! You can check the rest of the list here


However, the likes of Jarritos Dunks ain’t the only surprise dropping this year! We’ve gotten used to the almost-constant retail prices, whether it’s a Jordan, a Dunk, or a whatever release. But what we’re not the least used to is $400 and $1,500 retail prices! What? You read that right peeps, the new Jordan Wings collection is dropping for retail between $1,300 and $1,500. While the Tiffany Air Force 1s are hitting them shelves for a retail of $400! And as we still know nothing of the Wings’ collection resale value, we do know that Tiffany’s Air Forces are worth an average of $2,062 on the aftermarket! At such moments you realize, paying extra money is definitely worth it sometimes! Especially if it involves highly-coveted kicks. 

New Sneaker Collabs This Year?

What’s a new year without new sneaker collabs? As we mentioned above, a Nike x Tiffany & Co. collab is dropping this year. But this ain’t all. The Swoosh teases yet another brand-new collab with Corteiz. And let us just say that the sneaker industry all over the world went into a frenzy once they caught a whiff of a potential Nike x Corteiz partnership. You can learn all about ‘em deets here! But Nike ain’t the only brand dropping hot collabs. A Sean Wotherspoon x Adidas and Jeremy Scott x Adidas collabs hyped up the market as well! 

Sneaker News: Here Comes The Ugly Part 

This year’s sneaker news doesn’t differ much from the last bit of 2022. We started the year with Eastbay closing. Yet another business taking that inevitable fall mentioned above. And since the sneaker business is as interconnected as the body systems, one business failure can destroy many others. And in Eastbay’s case, it wasn’t only the lack of Yeezys that knocked it down. But it was also Nike’s DTC policy that minimized Eastbay’s stock and as a result its profits!

Following this, Nike dropped its Calm Slides. And even though not catastrophic news, it’s still worth mentioning. Whilst Yeezy is inexistent anymore, the brand is still inspiring top-notch brands. Well, more like inspiring them to copy designs! However, must we remind you that Yeezy innovation lab did start production? So, who knows, maybe Yeezys will get their place back!

That aside, might we hit you with the real shit news, recap 2023 holds? Nike’s lawsuits been raining down like there’s no tomorrow. And we really do pity them peeps on the receiving end, because the Swoosh been brutal as heck with its attacks! Can you imagine that after 20 years of sneaker production, Nike sues Bape for trademark infringement? Like, why now Nike? However, this ain’t the only lawsuit Nike filed since the beginning of 2023. Not a week after it sued Bape, the Swoosh filed a lawsuit against Lululemon! The brand got a to-sue list or something? Oh and let’s not forget that the Kool Kiy x Nike is still an ongoing thing. This time it’s Kool Kiy that hits back with a bold counterclaim


2023 Recap: There’s More Tea? 

More on sneaker news and recap 2023? You bet! Well, let’s start with the legendary sneaker designer revealing he got a silhouette he hates. Mind you, it’s a design he created with his own hands! That’d be Tinker Hatfield and his Jordan 15 for ya fam! But as one designer been hating on his design, another was joining one of the greatest luxury brands out there. Pharrell Williams officially became Men’s Creative Director at Louis Vuitton last week! 

Now, y’all will need to take deep breaths before you hear this one. Because when we say good things might come out of shitty news, this is what we mean! So, news must’ve reached you by now. Adidas share prices are plummeting like crazy. And the main reason for that is Adidas holding back on selling its Yeezy stock. This sent its shares to plunge below 10%! 

You thinking what we thinking?

kanye-marriageWell fam, we can’t say it will happen for sure, but there’s always a possibility ya know. Rumors of Adidas taking Kanye back are all over the internet after all! That would definitely give sneakerheads the happy ending they all been waiting for. But things don’t stop here. A lil over a month ago, the industry was hit by Kanye’s marriage rumors. Now, you might think, so what? People do marry each other, so what’s so special about this one? Well, Kanye’s new rumored wife ain’t only a spitting image of Ye’s ex-wife- Kim Kardashian- but Bianca Censori has been the Head of Architecture at Yeezy since 2020! 

Are all these signs and hints? Will Adidas take Ye back? The Three Stripes are in a dire state and a redo of its Yeezy collab does sound the most appropriate thing to do at this point. Question remains though. Will the rapper want back in the first place? Guess all we can do is wait and see! Till next time Shit Fam!

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