Tinker Hatfield Drops The Worst Jordan Design Bomb!

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You go to a fashion boutique and try on some pieces of clothes. You think to yourself, “These make a perfect fit for me!” You go back home, and there hell breaks loose as you start beating up on yourself for that poor choice of yours. That scenario? It ain’t anything new. We’ve all been there at some point fam! But what we wouldn’t have expected, not in a million years, is Tinker Hatfield himself voicing out his regrets for designing the Air Jordan 15! It’s his worst design, he says. So, let’s see what this regret is all about! 


Now if you’re still on zero-purchases this year, then know that you sure as heck been missing on lotta hyped kicks. And those same kicks are the ones pushing new sneaker resellers to join the culture. And dope one that culture is! So, the best thing you could do now is know your kicktionary well and dive feet-first into the most hyped industry! 

Who Is Tinker Hatfield? 

Tinker Hatfield is the reason we got dope Nike silhouettes. He’s a literal legend in the sneaker designing field. And believe it or not, Hafiled graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in architecture! In 1981, he joined Nike to design their retail outlets, showrooms, and offices. In 1985, the world’s legendary sneaker designer started designing Nike kicks. 4 years later, Tinker Hatfield became the Creative Director of Product Design. And throughout his successful career with the Swoosh, he designed the Air Jordan 3 through 15. In addition to the Air Jordan 20, 23, 25, and 29. But it wasn’t just Jordans he excelled at designing. Hatfield also designed Air Max 1, Air MAG, Air Trainer, and Air Max 90. So, we can easily say that much of Nike’s success is ought to this legend, who’s now Nike’s Vice President of Innovation.

Tinker Hatfield Regrets Designing Air Jordan 15? 

When asked by TMZ Sports, Tinker Hatfield shocked everyone when he revealed that he hated a Jordan silhouette he designed with his own hands! And it was the 15s. Hatfield explanation to that statement was that “it was toward the end of when I wanted to stop doing Jordans for a while at least.” He further explains, “I just don’t think I brought that baby home quite right.” 

In case you didn’t know before, the Air Jordan 15’s tongue was “meant to represent the way his [Michael Jordan] tongue hangs out.” So, the main reason he didn’t follow through and give this design his all as he did previous Jordans was that he was “literally worn out at that point in time.” And that’s pretty understandable considering he was on an ongoing creative design spin for years. After some time, all a person needs is some time off to breathe and recharge y’know!


But if Tinker Hatfield hated the Jordan 15, what shoe did he like designing the most? Well, the Shoe Legend revealed that “Jordan 11 will always be the number one for me because they told me to stop.” Wait, what? You heard that right fam. In 1993, Michael Jordan retired from basketball for the first time. But Hatfield wasn’t taking any of that as he kept working on his designs all while trying to convince Nike to give him the nod. He even had to track MJ down when he was playing minor-league baseball. In 1995, the NBA GOAT came back from retirement, Jordan 11 dropped, and everything went back on track. And we’re glad it did!


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