Nike Sneaker Proxies NOT Optional for Serious Coppers [here’s why!]

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If you’re reading this, you’ve probably read a thing or two about how to run a sneaker bot and want to learn about the second factor of happy copping: sneaker proxies. Considering you’re here to get into the sneaker proxy headspace, we assume you’ve secured a bot that will run you down W-lane. Not really? You look like a die-hard Nike fan in need of an education. Tough love is what we mean. And this 5 minute post will let you in on why TSB is the best Nike bot in the market today. To back up that love with a heap of Nikes and Jordans. So by that time, you’ll have the bot part covered. The next must-have on your botting list is healthy, scam-free sneaker proxies. Which will eventually answer a deadass question: how many identities can you put up with, fam?

Bots Need Proxies to Survive

Even TSB with its regular bot updates and 24/7 customer support cannot win the copping game without good sneaker proxies. Your multiple Nike accounts cannot perform multiple tasks without them. Due to the crappy reality that allows one pair per IP address on sneaker sites, you’ll need to stock up your bot with IP addresses, or proxies. If you want to nail more than one pair per Nike drop. 


It’s also logical that you assign 1 proxy per bot task, else what are you doing with your life? You buy good quality proxies to increase your tasks and therefore your copping chances. Without the crippling anxiety of getting banned last minute for suspicious behavior. So, assigning one proxy per task is a must if you don’t want your bot investment to go down the drain. Botting as it is does NOT guarantee 100% successful copping. It only makes your chances of not getting a pair WAY slimmer. So no need to put extra weight on those chances with poor proxy management.

Types of Sneaker Proxies

There are 2 types of sneaker proxies to live by: residential & datacenter proxies. No free proxies for you fam. Ever heard of “Fool’s Guide to Happy Hacking”? This is it. Hackers won’t only reel you in with a free proxies offer to steal your money. They also do it to steal your private information. So, keep in mind that you’re here for the long golden run and pay for your sneaker proxies.

Residential Proxies

The point of proxies is to hold up as many identities and credible IP addresses for happy copping. Residential proxies, as their name suggests, trace back to real IP addresses. Which means they are connected to valid physical addresses and therefore cannot be banned. Since there is no reason to be suspicious about locations you’re likely to find on Google Maps. 

You can even choose to buy rotating residential proxies. Which offer the benefit of rotating IP addresses every 10 minutes. Meaning, that by constantly updating your IP mask, you are likely to NEVER get caught! That being said, it’s safe to say that residential proxies seal the deal when it comes to ultimate security. So if you’re into playing it safe, this is the way to go. 

Find and shop for residential proxies here.
Datacenter Proxies

This type of sneaker proxies is for those serious about not providing any physical locations or online fingerprints. In other words, going blank. Kind of like those gamers who play under titles like “unkn0wn Drag0n.” But it’s not all fun and hiding games. Websites are highly aware of proxies linked to datacenters, which makes it quicker to ban them. So, what makes datacenter proxies desirable? They operate faster than residential proxies. 

So, two things. One, anonymity with the threat of being caught. And two, a speedier checkout process. While that may seem like the cherry on top for Nike releases, don’t forget the basics. Bots can’t act too fast else sites will see through them as not being human and ban them. But if you like things fast, furious, and anonymous, give datacenter proxies a shot. (Copping sneakers you’re not THAT crazy about, just in case).

Find and shop datacenter proxies here.  

A Brief Take on Sneaker Servers
Air Jordan 1 Milan & Paris - TSB (SNEAKER PROXIES ROTATING)

If you think you’ve owned sneaker copping with the proxy info you just took in, stand still. Because without sneaker servers, also known as sneaker supercomputers, your proxy investment might not be worth it. Whether you’re working on your dad’s PC or a brand new screen, buying a server ensures a harder, smarter, and faster connection to the pages you need. But the golden sneaker server rule is as follows. LOCATION! Right? As with any investment. 

A sneaker server should be in reasonable proximity to the website you’re copping from. And preferably, to the Nike proxies you’re working with. Because, for example, if you cop from Nike US with a US IP address (if you go with residential) and a US-located server, you’re golden. Your requests will get through faster and pass off as “unquestionable.” 

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