Nike Bot Protection: Kicking Resellers Goodbye?

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nike-bot-protectionYou’d think with all the shit going on in the industry, Nike would solely focus on coming up with even more dope designs and drops. Because ya know, with Kanye and Kyrie leaving, shelves are very much vacant these days. And what better way to fill ‘em than with Nike kicks, like the upcoming Jordan 13s? But no, Nike now decided to be a multi-tasker. It is indeed stocking the shelves with hot releases, but it’s also rooting for resellers’ dooms at the same time. It’s focusing on new ways to ban sneaker bots. And now it’s putting the metal to the pedal with all its force regarding Nike bot protection. So, let’s see what all that is about and how it’d affect y’all… or doesn’t!

Nike Bot Protection: That Some Nasty Joke Or What? 

Seems like Nike’s terms of sale, aka, its recent attempt to paralyze resellers wasn’t the only blockade project the Swoosh has been working on. It’s now hitting us with its recent showpiece- a Nike bot protection. 

Okay, so it’s no news to us that eliminating sneaker bots has been Nike’s assignment for years now. But this year, specifically, Nike’s putting in a lil extra work. And it’s being more straightforward about it than it ever did before. The brand wants to offer a fair game for its consumers. And to ensure all know of its objective, Nike shared a post on its SNKRS app assuring its buyers of the protection measures it’s taking against bots. It’s doing its best at ensuring drops are guarded against sneaker bots.

But To What Extent Is Nike Capable Of Doing So?

Well, it uses some tools to kinda achieve that. The Swoosh shared with its users that it bans any suspicious activity on its platform. And it made sure to include this part in its terms and conditions as well. Nike demonstrated on that topic by ensuring that it works on detecting bot activities upon every release. The brand also specified the way it does so. Which includes tracking IP addresses and verifying accounts to ensure the authenticity of all entries. This means that the Swoosh not only applies its method at the beginning of every launch. But also at different points of every single drop. 

Shit doesn’t stop there! Nike also revealed that bots’ total submissions vary from 10 to 50 percent, depending on the kicks, upon every drop. Turn these percentages into numbers and you’ll get the total number of bots removed before making it to the end of the copping journey. The Swoosh also stated that its engineering team has made it a monthly job to remove around 20 million bot submissions from worldwide SNKRS launches. To add the cherry on top to its Nike bot protection plan, the brand revealed that it’ll be adding a new launch screen to its app soon!

Botters Must Admit Defeat Now Or What?

Oh, heck to the NO! That definitely ain’t it, shitfam! Sneaker botters have been able to zigzag around that shit for years now. So, what’s the difference now? Nike applying new rules just means we gotta up our game and beat ‘em to finding a way around their yet-to-be-applied plan. This solution wouldn’t sound foreign if you’ve been in this industry long enough. You just gotta have a kick-ass sneaker bot by your side. One that isn’t some random pick, but with a history of success, and the ability to help you cop from over 50 regions worldwide. And that would be us talking about TSB, of course! The shittiest Nike bot out there is exactly what you need in order to be among them few who dodge getting banned from future Nike launches. 

However, you must know that war’s not only against bots themselves. Remember that part where we mentioned IP addresses and accounts shit above? So, a Nike bot doesn’t do all that work alone. You gotta hook it up to some dope Nike accounts and proxies to make sure you have the smoothest of cops. And never ever forget to always have a server with a skyrocketing speed by your side, so that your attempts at copping hyped kicks won’t be in vain. 

On a final note, shit ain’t only going down with the retail part of the industry, but also with its resale platforms. Click here to know all about StockX’s decision on removing authentication tags!

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