Nike Terms of Sale: Is That the Final Blow to the Resellers?

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nike-terms-of-sale-newThe sneaker game started with Nike’s big deal with Micheal Jordan in the 1980s. And it looks like Nike gonna be the brand to kill the sneaker reselling market with its new rules & restrictions. You see, Nike’s not new to drama, controversies, and lawsuits. In fact, the Swoosh probably has the longest history in sneaker legal courts. But this now they be just takin’ it to the next level! In a recent statement adjusting its rules and restrictions, Nike’s taking a swing at resellers globally. So what are these new Nike Terms of Sale?

Nike & The Sneaker Industry: A Long History!

Before we discuss this new bloody feud with resellers, let’s look at Nike’s history and its impact on this game! Even if it’s painful to admit sometimes, we owe all of this shit to Nike. If it wasn’t for their historical deal with MJ back in 1985, we wouldn’t be here today. Not only that, but Nike and Jordan Brand take the credit for introducing high-performance Basketball and Skateboarding shoes. And you know, their collabs with the hottest celebrities brought hype, exclusivity, and resale to the light of day.

Hot Nike Collabs You Ain’t Coppin’ Anymore!

So how high is a high profile when it comes to collabs? What magical grip does Nike have over sneaker resellers? Well, it might not be magical, but Nike certainly knows how to serve some big releases to keep us hooked.

Nike’s celebrity roster includes first Micheal Jorand with a whole brand named after him. That’s basically enough for many sneakerheads to cave. However, it also includes Travis Scott, Drake, DJ Khaled, Eminem, Billie Eilish, and more. Nike is also famous for collaborating with luxury brands like Undefeated, Fear of God, and CPFM. But it also nailed awesome collabs with Supreme, Off-White, and Louis Vuitton!

Of course one of Nike’s most memorable partnerships was with Kanye West. However, that’s a story long gone, just like his Adidas Yeezy story will soon be. The shitshow is still going down, and we’re waiting to see how it all unfolds! So, you see it yet? Isn’t obvious how much power Nike and Jordan Brand have over all of us botters, resellers, and sneakerheads?

New Nike Terms of Sale

These days it feels like we can’t blink for a second without getting some major sneaker news. Now, the whole AdidasxKanye mess has been our main focus lately, but Nike came in and stole the show. You know, just another day in the office and shit! And a couple of days ago, the sneaker community woke up to breaking news. Nike’s setting a bunch of new penalties on sneaker resellers fam, leaving everyone shooketh. 

These penalties include charging restocking fees, limiting purchase quantities, refusing returns, and even banning offenders’ entry to its stores. Oof. In that statement, Nike said it could restrict and cancel orders and suspend or close accounts of anyone it suspects of reselling. Or more like botting since the only way to start a sneaker reselling business is by using a sneaker bot that could help you cop in bulk! So the new Nike terms of sale list is long peeps. And before y’all start investing in kicks, you should know what you’re getting into. Click here if you wanna read the full statement. 

Why Are the New Nike Terms of Sale a Thing?

Honestly, why not? It might be hard to grasp this at first, but think about it. Sneaker brands don’t make any money off the resale market. A sneaker brand’s revenue comes directly from initial sales made at retail. Meaning, whether you bought your Travis Scotts for $1000 or $2000 doesn’t matter. Nike’s share is secured through that first purchase at $180. The rest of the profit, markups, and ridiculous reselling prices are ours to set and keep.

Now, not to say that brands don’t get indirect benefits such as hype and exposure, but money-wise, it ain’t that profitable! On the other hand, a brand as keen as Nike is about fairness and giving all its customers a fair shot at buying sneakers, gets hurt on the level of credibility.

Always Blaming the Bots!

Whenever a fight like this breaks out, everyone is so quick to blame sneaker bots. The reason behind this is that bots are the way resellers get away with buying multiple pairs. So clearly stepping over most retailers’ rule of allowing each buyer only 1 pair per drop.

The problem with buying in bulk isn’t really having sneakers selling out. In fact, brands’ ultimate goal is to completely sell the stock and make the revenue they want. The problem here is that manual shoppers on Nike and other stores are ending up with Ls every drop. It actually became a meme-able moment on different platforms! Sadly, this eventually leads buyers to give up on websites and brands because they’re so hard to buy off.

Will Sneaker Reselling Die Because of the Nike Terms of Sale?

Short answer, we doubt an industry this big would be destroyed because of one statement.

Long answer, sugarcoating the reality won’t do anyone good. So here it is. Copping Nike is gonna get harder! Obviously, Nike has found, or will find, a way to increase security and cherry-pick people who will take the Ws home. Seems like we kissin’ goodbye the days when you bought multiple pairs by mistake cause you had a badass bot. Back then you just returned the ones you didn’t need. Now, you gotta be careful with what you buy and how many tasks you run per drop.

Does This mean We Ain’t Usin’ Nike Bots Anymore?

Of course not yo! This whole shitshow makes the need for a sneaker or Nike bot stronger. It’s gonna be your best bet to score. Think about it; will you ever have the energy, knowledge, and time to look up workarounds to get your sneaker stream going? Yea, probably not!

Sneaker bot developers literally dedicated their lives to beat every new antibot measure brands could implement. So, while these new rules target sneaker resellers and botters specifically, your only way out is using a sneaker bot! The perfect paradox and some poetic shit right here.

So get your shit together, stop worrying and invest your time and money where you should. Get yourself a powerful and consistent Nike bot. Something like TSB with a killer team working day and night to up your chances at scoring the most exclusive money-making Nike sneakers. 

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