Nike Proxies: How Bad Do You Really Wanna Cop Every Drop?

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Oh, how tough it is to crack into the sneaker industry today *dramatic sigh*. Whether you’re new to the game or consider yourself a sneaker veteran, it’ll get a bit harder to catch Ws. And if your main focus is Nike, then boooy you’ve got a trip ahead of you. If you’re reading this, then you already know that a Nike bot is a must to cop hot kicks! Nike SNKRS has one of the most aggressive bot-fighting measures, though. And that’s when Nike proxies come into the scene! Why do you need them? What do they do? And what are the best proxies to use when you run your bot? Let’s read and find out together!

A Lil Sneaker Bot and Proxy Recap

Hot sneakers drop all year consistently long! There isn’t a month that goes by without us getting a collaboration holding a couple of hundred of reselling profit. Imagine how much you could make copping and reselling sneakers in multiple pairs at once. But man, the Nike app is brutal and it has a “one pair per account” rule. And recently Nike’s taken a hit at all resellers with its new Sales rules. So even if you manage to score kicks, it’s gonna be hard to score another pair! And if we know anything about how to cop sneakers, then you’ll need a Nike SNKRS bot (here are the hottest ones for sale—or these if you’re using macOS) and a whole lotta premium proxies to help you score!

Let’s say you got your TSB copy, and you’re getting ready to run; what will it take to catch Ws? But a bot can’t do miracles on its own peeps. You’re gonna need multiple Nike accounts so you can have multiple shots at success. And another thing you’ll need is a bunch of proxies to help you out. You totally want your bot to pass under the radar and get shit done without Nike noticing! So what are they gonna help you do anyway? Let’s check out the deets!

niek-snkrs-proxiesWhy Do You Need Nike Proxies In the First Place?

Exclusive Nike sneakers usually drop in low stocks, in a specific geographical location, and at a certain time. And if we do the math, there will be way too many people for the number of kicks available. So, since the math ain’t mathin’, we got an issue on our hands! The odds of you catching Ws will naturally drop with the number of people wanting in on the industry. But let’s say you managed to score a pair using your bot, what happens when you go for a second?

Odds are, Nike will trace the different accounts you used to the same IP address. And that will lead to an automatic ban in Nike’s books. So if you don’t wanna get your ass busted, you’ll wanna get Nike proxies to get your gig going right. After all, you’ll need to get your sneaker resale business up and running. Don’t you?

So, When Do You Need Nike Proxies?

Before we get on to the best Nike proxies you can buy, you should know something. Every PC, laptop, or device that connects to the internet has an IP Address. An IP is just like a home address, but for your devices! Each device has its own IP Address so that the internet knows what data to send you. It’s basically the connection between your device and anything you do or any server you connect to on the internet.

Now, proxies are kinda like a mask for your IP address. That way, you could be lying on your couch in the US, and the internet will think you’re in Japan! In a way, that could give you some privacy, or give you the chance to cop multiple pairs *wink wink*. And what does a sneakerhead want more than to cop the kicks of their dreams? So, when do you need proxies when you’re copping kicks?

  1. If Nike blocked your access/IP.
  2. When you don’t want your Nike to block your IP
  3. If you’re running several Nike accounts at once
  4. When you’re copping from a region other than your own location


So, What Are the Types of Proxies That You Can Use?

Residential Proxies

Residential proxies are linked to IP addresses that exist for real. They look like authentic IP addresses, and that’s why they are more difficult to ban. Which is really what we want, because it’s hard to pinpoint which is real and which is not. However, there’s a downside to that shit, and in the case of resis, it’s that they’re slower than other proxies. So if you’re going for a first-come-first-serve or low-stock type of drops, resis ain’t the best.

ISP Proxies

You get the beeeeeeeest of both worlds! (Sorry, it’s just background music for ISPs in our heads at this point fam.) For real though, ISPs are the shit and your totally need ‘em! It’s true, they’re pricier than the other types of proxies, but there’s a reason behind this. They are the perfect combo, aka they look legit like resis and they’re fast like DCs. ISP plans will give you good (if not the best) results, and we need exactly that! As anti-botting systems are evolving and getting more difficult to bypass, ISPs became a must in the sneaker world.

Data Center Proxies

DCs are the opposite of resis; they have nothing to do with IP addresses and are super-fast. But, and that’s a big but, they sadly don’t look like real IPs. And you can tell they ain’t legit right away. So this type of proxies usually gets bans real quick. They’re kinda like the older version of ISPs. This makes sense because wherever DCs work, ISPs also work!

But Really … Which Nike Proxies Are the Best?

We’re confident you already made up your mind on the best Nike proxies by now, but you’ll wanna make sure! Bottom line is, the best proxies for Nike SNKRS are resis or ISPs, there’s no preference. Why? Well, honestly, you can’t really go wrong with any proxy plan on Nike SNKRS using TSB. If you’re not planning on consuming lots of data, resis are a more affordable option for you. But sometimes, the amount of consumption will lead to resis being more expensive than ISPs. Keep in mind, you can refer to Proxyway to get more info on everything proxy-related!

So today’s lesson is that there’s no foolproof recipe for success peeps. It’s all about trial and error, especially when you’re new to the botting world. You gotta experiment with your proxies, accounts, and most of all your bot! And once you figure it out, you’re gonna get cooking like there’s no tomorrow. You can ask our users

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