Complete Guide on Finding Sneaker Bots for Sale and Crushing It!

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Using the right sneaker-copping bot can make or break your whole sneaker botting game. And to bring out your A-game, finding the right place offering sneaker bots for sale specified for your needs can be challenging.
Sneaker bots have been dominating the sneaker retail market for quite some time. Some hate them for stealing the opportunity to cook hyped releases manually. Others admire them for their insane success rates and for beating the most advanced bot protection systems. It doesn’t matter which side of this moral dilemma you’re on, if you want to win releases you’ll need to use bots.

sneaker-bot-for-sale-2What is a Sneaker Bot?

To this, there’s a simple explanation. A sneaker bot is just a piece of software programmed to follow a set of instructions like completing a purchase at a particular sneaker store.
There are two main reasons that make us use sneaker bots. First of all, they’re super fast. So fast that no human can ever compete. Second, sneaker bots can complete hundreds of purchases within seconds, all while looking like a real human to the sneaker store.

Where to find Sneaker Bots for Sale

Once you’ve landed on the bot that caters to your needs, it’s time to actually buy it. Here’s where you find yourself evaluating even more choices than you signed up for. That’s where we come in. Basically, you have 5 main routes you can go, depending on which are available to you.

Option 1: buy directly from the official site

Your first choice comes pretty obvious and speaks for itself. Visit the bot’s official website, add to cart, and proceed to checkout. Take The Shit Bot for example. This baby is always in stock on their official website and you can buy it anytime. Just hop on the website, follow the specific instructions, and you’re good to go! The same goes for any other sneaker bots that are always in stock, like Nike Shoe Bot.

Option 2: buy off cook groups

A cook group is a community of sneaker enthusiasts who work towards a common goal: flipping highly sought-after shoes at the best possible prices. While not every sneakerhead is part of such a group, joining one tends to come with a lot of benefits, especially if you’re new to shoe copping. It’s where you’ll find drop dates, early release links, restock monitors and so much more.
One thing you will notice when joining a cook group is that members flip ANYTHING. Even sneaker bots! They will also let you know what the best price would be to buy or sell a bot. More on Cook Groups here.

Option 3: find sneaker bots for sale on the aftermarket

The fact of the matter is, most sneaker bot companies launch their product in very limited copies (sucks, I know). And once these copies sell out, your only chance is the aftermarket. Cop Supply and BotBroker are some of the best websites you can use to both buy and sell a sneaker bot. If you don’t wanna wait around for a restock, don’t be surprised, as these prices can go as high as Snoop Dogg. There are public marketplaces such as Botmart and Tidal Market that allow you to buy and sell bots. Cook groups will let you know when a particular sneaker bot may be underpriced or overpriced.

Option 4: lookout for giveaways on social media

In order to make it in this jungle of sneaker copping and reselling, you must always be active on social media. Not like an influencer or anything, just make sure you’re always in the loop. Most bots announce restocks on social media such as Twitter and Discord. Not only that, but they also broadcast giveaways every while. So you won’t just be able to get your hands on that bot you’ve been wanting, but also get it for free if you’re lucky!
That’s why you should follow all of your favorite bots and check their Twitter feed regularly.

Option 5: Find Sneaker Bots for Rent

Whether you’re running on a budget or don’t want to risk full-on buying a sneaker bot since you’re new to the botting game and all that, renting a sneaker bot is your way to go. Yes, you can totally do that. Tidal Market, Cop Supply, and The Shoebin are some of the top options for renting a sneaker bot.
Keep in mind that you probably won’t receive an associated Discord server when you’re renting a bot. Also, you may not get access to the bot’s Discord group either.

A Few Extra Tips To Get You Through

If you’ve done your research on sneaker botting and reselling, you know that the bot itself is just another puzzle piece to the whole sneaker game. If you wanna win, you’re gonna need a lot more than a bot to score multiple pairs. Here’s a brief guide to what else you’ll need:

Virtual Credit Cards

To successfully cop several pairs of sneakers, you need to run a lot of tasks on your bot. These tasks attempt to checkout your desired item. The challenge here is that you need to make these attempts look like they were made by different people. Therefore, using the same credit card for each of those tasks will make you look pretty sus and ruin your game. This is where VCCs come in. Read our full guide on VCCs here.

Sneaker Servers

A sneaker server is a virtual computer you can control online, and here’s when you’ll need one.
Firstly, if your bot isn’t compatible with your operating system. For example, most bots don’t support MacOS.
Secondly, when you need to reduce ping. A sneaker server can make your connection faster, and you can’t compromise speed in this industry.
And thirdly, if your device isn’t powerful enough to run the number of tasks you need. Running hundreds of tasks is strenuous, and not every machine can handle that. Of course, you can buy a more powerful PC, but a sneaker server is much cheaper. More on sneaker servers here.

Sneaker Proxiessneaker-bot-for-sale-sgfx

Proxies are different IP addresses you borrow from other people and are one of the most critical parts of sneaker botting. They work as a middleman that routes your connection through itself and replaces your IP with different addresses. They virtually allow you to create hundreds of tasks while looking like separate users to the store you’re targeting. Read more on proxies here.

Sneaker Bots For Sale Wrapup: Practice Safe Measures.

After choosing the right bot and finding just the right place to purchase it, never forget about practicing safe measures. Buying directly from the official site is usually the safest way to go. Unfortunately, it isn’t always the route available. Believe it or not, the aftermarket is filled with scammers who would bend over backward to steal your hard-earned money. One thing you can do is use a middleman.

Basically, the service works by placing another person, the middleman, between you and the seller. Once you pay for the bot, the seller transfers the bot to a middleman, who then checks if the bot is legit and works as it is supposed to. When the seller confirms that they received the payment, the middleman will transfer the bot to you.
Another precaution you can take is asking for a Discord account when purchasing your bot. When you buy a bot it comes with a license key that must be bound to your Discord account. Your Discord account can help you reset the key if you decide to use your bot on a different device. But this also means that a scammer can easily revoke access to your bot after it receives payment from you.

To avoid getting tricked, make sure that the seller is passing along a discord account alongside your purchase of a bot. Otherwise, look into bots that allow you to unbind the original account and bind it with a new one. Good luck fam!

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