Running a Sneaker Bot: The Why, The When and The How?

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So, this is how the story begins. You’re scrolling through Twitter, just like any other day, when you see a release post for Kanye West’s new Yeezy sneakers.
It’s kinda funny since it’s all you’ve been hearing about at school! Everyone’s talking about Kanye West’s new sneakers and their weird names. You even heard that one of them glows?
Maybe you should get one of them glowy sneakers too! Yeah yeah, sounds good! You check the comments; you gotta see what people are saying about these kicks before you buy them, right?
The word sneaker bot pops up a lot. Hmm, odd. Those words are also mentioned a lot in school, especially by those kids who are like ALWAYS wearing Yeezys.

Like, where do they get the money for all those Yeezys! And how do they even get them! They sell-out in minutes!
Could it be this sneaker bot thing?

Don’t worry man! Skip the lengthy research, we got everything you need. 

What Is a Sneaker Bot and Why Do You Need It?

Here’s the thing, if you ever try to cop a pair of Yeezys online without a bot, the odds are you’re going to come face-to-face with the infamous OUT OF STOCK page. Don’t believe us? Try it yourself then. But, that’s the truth; sorry to break it to ya.

How are you supposed to beat the “out of stock” page then? The answer is easy: sneaker bots. It’s the only way you could get a pair (or more) of any sneaker you want.

TSB Sneaker Bot

So, What Are Sneaker Bots Anyways?

You can do that yourself too right? Yeah, totally! If you’re copping a shoes that no one else wants and no one’s trying to buy. That’s probably the only time it could work.
But if you want to cop serious sneakers, you can’t do it on your own. You need a sneaker bot.

But Why Get a Bot?

Okay, so you’re probably still wondering why you need to get a sneaker bot. Let’s break it down to you. By the time you’re done with your first checkout attempt, the bot would have already finished 10, 100 or even a thousand attempts! By the time you try again, the sneakers will be sold out.
OR, let’s assume you copped a pair on your own. Awesome! Now you want to try to cop another so you could sell it later. You go to checkout and you find that you’re blocked! What the hell? Almost every sneaker retailer, from Adidas to Jimmy Jazz and everything in between, limits purchases to one per customer; for fair game. But this rule doesn’t apply on bots; when done right of course not.

So that’s why you absolutely need a sneaker bot if a pair of Yeezys or Jordan or whatever sneaker you want really. And, once you start, it won’t be your last cop. This could be your chance to join the reselling industry and make a few GRANDS! It’s that easy!

When Do You Need a Sneaker Bot?

Okay, so let’s say that you’re convinced that you do need a sneaker bot, but do you know the right time to run a sneaker bot? Or in what situations would you need to run a sneaker bot?
There’s really no wrong time to use a sneaker bot. BUT, there are times where a sneaker bot decides whether or not you’re gonna get a sneaker.
Sometimes, the race to cop a pair of sneakers is so hardcore that you won’t even stand a chance on your own! Your attempt would be completely shattered. Thousands, maybe even millions, of people would be running their own bots trying to cop a pair!

You VS. Sneaker Bot

So, when do you need a sneaker bot then?

  • For crazy limited releases like Yeezy reflective sneakers. 
  • When Yeezy sneakers go regional!
  • When you really really want the sneakers and don’t want to risk them being sold out.
  • If you want to buy more than one pair.
  • If you’re thinking of joining the billion-dollar industry and make some serious cash by reselling sneakers.


Okay great! We’ve established what a sneaker bot is, why you need it and when you MUST use it! All that’s left is HOW to use it.
So, we’ve put together a very simple straightforward guide to help you cop some kicks and succeed every time. Nice and easy.

How to Use a Sneaker Bot?When and Where TSB

Using a sneaker bot is not as simple as just pressing a button and BOOM you got a sneaker. No fam! You gotta do more than that. Even if you check all the release dates, early links and patiently wait with your finger hovered over your mouse. It’s still not going to be enough. You have to think BIGGER. Think BETTER. Think SMARTER.
So, to avoid taking a lot of L’s when copping, listen up and take notes. 

Before you run your bot, there are three things you have to know: When the sneaker drops, and where.
This is very important. It’s the first step towards a successful cop. So, check all the releases dates, check again before the release, see them early links and stay in the loop. Life happens, things change; so don’t let anything surprise you on release day. You can’t afford it!

You’re almost there, just hang on! The process of a happy cop takes 3 tools to make it work. A sneaker bot, some proxies, and a server. It’s a simple formula for a good successful cop, and we’ll make it easy for you.

TSB Sneaker Bot Process

How to Choose a Good Sneaker Bot?

The first step of copping with a sneaker bot is obviously getting a sneaker bot! Duh! There are literally so many bots out there. Everyone’s making bots. This just shows how much the industry is expanding, seriously everyone wants in! But not all bots are made equal, and some bots might actually ruin your chances of a good cop!

So, what should you look for when buying a bot?

  • Good reviews on TrustPilot, Bot Mart, on Discord, shoutouts on Twitter, and Bots That Work. Do your homework, check them out.
  • Lots of Features (Supported sites, average customer support reply time, update rate)
  • Unlimited tasks: This is a feature that increases your copping chances. The more tasks you set up the more times your bot would be trying to buy your sneakers. 
  • How much will this cost? A sneaker bot is an investment that’ll bring you both joy and lots of money! So, as tempting as they might seem, do NOT buy a cheap bot. Or you’ll pay the price in L’s.

Now that you know what to look for in a bot, you should get some proxies to run on sneaker release day! We’ll explain all you need to know about proxies!

Get Yo’ Self Some Proxies for Your Sneaker Bot!

Next up, you gotta get some proxies. Every person has his IP address that tells a website where their location is. So, to make it a bit simpler, a proxy is like a person on a computer trying to cop off a site. This helps with the “Fair Game” rule, and here is where proxies come in.
Proxies help mask your IP address and change your location so that you appear to be someone else, somewhere else (Maybe in China?) trying to buy those same shoes!

And even if you run multiple tasks, proxies make it look like different people from different places trying to buy at the same time! So you don’t get caught, don’t get banned, and don’t have your orders canceled.

 So, buy as little or as many as you want. It all depends on how bad you want those sneakers. It’s simple, the more proxies you have, the higher the odds are you’d land yourself the sneaker you want.

TSB Proxies

You should also keep in mind that proxies are like the tokens that gear your bot into action. It’s the one that carries the task to the site to cop! Each proxy will carry out one task (aka one purchase). You can always give your proxy more than one task at a time, but that’ll slim down your chances.

It’s a tough battle out there for them proxies, so to get a “shoe”-in (pun intended) for copping a sneaker; assign ONE task PER PROXY.
Better safe than barefoot man!

Then there’s the question of “Which Proxies to Buy?”

So a useful rule of thumb is that NEVER use free proxies. That’s just a hoax. They don’t work, they’re free for a reason! Free proxies are hacker’s sick way of trying to steal your info! You got here, you might as well put up for some good ass proxies!

Also while you’re at it, get yourself some rotating proxies. Sounds fancy right?
The thing about these proxies is that they rotate their IP address every 10 to 20 minutes! Making it a gazillion times harder to catch! Sites are amping up their security to try and detect bots and proxies, but we’re also gonna amp it up.

Another thing is to always make sure your proxy and servers (continue reading for servers) are in the same location. This is just an extra measure to make sure the connection between you and the site stays fast. So, don’t go buying a proxy in Honolulu and a server in Tokyo to cop some the Yeezy Boost 350 Yeshaya

Now a server is optional if you opt not to get a server that’s totally cool. Your choice man. But we’ll let you know why servers are dead-important for these cases. You know we won’t make you spend your money for nothing!
So unless you have a state-of-the-art computer lying around, then we suggest you keep reading.

Computer within a Computer

I know I know! You’re thinking “WHAT? More stuff to buy?!” Copping and sneaker resell are in reality an investment. A money-making investment. In the end, you’d still be making a lot, and we mean A LOT, of money out of sneaker resell.
Why else has the sneaker reselling industry been growing so fast to become this GIANT of an industry?TSB Virtual Private Servers

You don’t need a supercomputer to cop and resell sneakers. But still, your computer might not be able to handle the pressure. Don’t worry, we aren’t saying you have to go out and buy a whole new computer every time you wanna cop some sneakers! It’s not that crazy!

We’re saying you could go ahead and buy yourself a harder, better, faster, stronger computer. A server. You go get a server.

A server is a virtual SUPERCOMPUTER. It’s much faster, it’s much stronger and it can take the hit pretty easy. Even if you have the world’s crappiest computer EVER it won’t matter. You’ll just watch in awe as your old PC dons the cape of a supercomputer and saves the day!

Wait! Don’t get too excited just yet!

Don’t just buy whatever sneaker server coming your way! Chill.
One thing to consider first before buying a server is location. Location, location, location! If you went through all the hassle, you might as well make sure the server you bought is within a good distance from the site.

You don’t go and buy a server in Asia if you’re looking to buy from a site in the US! Even if it looks supersonic and shit! Always opt for a server that’s close to the site location and make sure your sneaker proxies are also near your sneaker servers too! Like we mentioned before! This creates a web of perfect communication between your proxies, servers, bots, and websites creating a lag-free purchase.
Just what you wanna hear.

So, now all you gotta do is run the bot and listen to the cha-ching goes off in your head as your bot jump over all the bot-less people out there!
Go ahead and cop the most hyped sneakers out there, and flex’em or flip’em!

Recap on Sneaker Bots

You want that Yeezy sneakers or some NBA player’s signature sneakers? You gotta get yourself a good bot, some proxies, and a server! It’s just THAT simple.
Now you got all the tools to start copping and maybe even get into sneaker resell! 

So, go and hook yourself up with a dope sneaker bot so you could start copping sick kicks like the Air Jordan 1 “Fearless” coming out this November! 

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