Where to buy Nike? And the Best Resale Wesbsites to Cop from After An L

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Without a doubt, Nike is the real shit in the game and nothing can ever change that. All year round, they bless us with the most sought-after collabs, kickass Dunks, and lavish Jordans But the question remains, where to buy Nike?

We’re here for the rescue, peeps. Which online retailers offer the real deal and the best prices? And what are the cheapest and safest stores to cop from at resale? Keep reading for the scoop.

where-to-buy-nike-1Where to buy Nike For Retail

First things first— buying for retail. We all wait impatiently for release day. But what use is it if we keep getting Ls, here and there? We gotta guarantee a win. But how? One way, and one way only: a good sneaker bot. (Here’s how to find one). There is no other way. You wanna cop faster than any other sneakerhead in the game? You wanna save yourself the stress, disappointment, and shitload of money loss? All you need is one of the best Nike bots. And there ain’t a better option for you to cop Nike than The Shit Bot. Covering over 50 countries globally, TSB can help you buy Nike sneakers in bulk, so easily. TSB utilizes the latest technologies in shopping automation to create an unbeatable user experience. And as a result, you get to buy any limited edition Nike kicks the minute they drop, at retail.

Oh and if you’re not into long-term commitments, you can try TSB monthly and start reselling sneakers like there’s no tomorrow.

To cop at retail, here is our list of the top places to buy Nike:

1. Nike

nike-logoDuh! Nothing like going straight to the source. That’s pretty obvious. But we’re just putting it out there.

On Nike’s website, you can find shoes up to 40% off and grab awesome deals on. a lotta shit. If you sign up for Nike’s rewards program, you can also get free shipping and a discount coupon on your birthday. That’s pretty cool. But the real story here is Nike SNKRS is where all the juicy and profitable sneakers drop. Copping from Nike SNKRS is nowhere near buying from the Nike store. But we’ll get to that.

2. Footsites

footlocker-footsites-buy-nike-onlineAnother option you will find when looking for where to buy Nike sneakers online is Footsites!

Footsites are a bunch of sneaker retailers that belong to Footlocker. They’re all pretty similar when it comes to sneaker releases and copping methods. You can even earn points with every purchase, which you can redeem for discounted kicks down the line. On Footsites you will be able to cop kick-ass Nikes and Jordans.

3. Where To Buy Nike — Shopify

shopify-buy-nike-onlineShopify is an e-commerce platform that allows you to start out your very own online business. It’s user-friendly and pretty simple to use when it comes to managing products and payments.

For you as an end-user, how does it differ to buy Nike sneakers from Shopify? Well, Shopify hosts hundreds of websites, a big portion of which is sneaker retailers. So when going after Shopify for Nike kicks you’ll get a TON of sites to choose from. Like any other Nike shop that sells at retail, you know the rule. To cop off of Shopify you can and need to use a good sneaker bot.

4. Finish Line and JD Sports

jd-sports-buy-jordans-onlinefinishlineWe combined these two for you because they’re both owned by the same company. Long story short, in case you weren’t around back then, in 2018 JD Sports Fashion bought Finish Line in a deal worth $558 million. Yup, you heard that right. That was one shitty good deal.

These two are just other online sneaker retailers that are really good places to buy Nike’s from. They’re very similar to how Footsites function, and that’s some good news because it means your copping strategies for these two should be the same. Nothing like saving up time and effort.

With all that said, you’re still going to need a sneaker bot to do, not THE job, but a good job, at least. But you gotta make sure that the bot you get has all the features you need.

5. SNKRS App, The Best Place To Buy Jordans Online

SNKRS is where it’s at! These. buddies provide you with insider access to the hottest and most exclusive releases that the Swoosh has to offer. It’s basically your go-to destination for the latest Nike gear and your one-way ticket to everything Nike.


where to buy nike


The SNKRS App is your ultimate source for Jordan drops. If you’re wondering where to buy Nikes, this is the place to visit. You can easily expand your sneaker collection via this app, and spend all your days taking care of those kicks. BUT, your best chance at that is a good Nike SNKRS bot. You know the drill, fam. You have to guarantee yourself that W.

Other than a great bot (macOS buddies, we have the bots for you), you’ll also need a shitload of proxies, some pretty reliable Nike accounts, and don’t forget about your VCCs. Unfortunately, that’s not all if you live outside the US or EU. In that case, you’ll also need a reshipping service to deliver your babies.

After the BIG L: Where to Buy Nike at Resale, Nike Resell Lowdown

Now that we’ve covered where to buy Nike sneakers at retail, it’s time to be real. Just to put things straight, even with all the sites we just mentioned, it may still be hard AF to cop some kicks. So, when you fail to grab your pair at drop day, that’s mainly because you don’t own a Nike sneaker bot. But after this hard L, your only place is the aftermarket. Buying sneakers at resale might be easy, but it’s pretty hard on the pocket, fam. Not only that, but it’s also not very safe. You’ll find people tryna sell you fake shit. (Watch out for fake Jordans and fake Dunks)

But that’s what we’re here for, peeps. We’re here to guide you. Tell you about the best places to buy Nikes at the aftermarket. Here’s a list of websites on where to buy Nike kicks:

1. StockX

The first place to buy sneakers at resale prices is always StockX. The best combo for good prices with a 100% authenticity guarantee, PLUS international shipping.

where-to-buy-nike-stockxAt StockX, you can only buy sneakers brand new! No pre-used shit here. But reselling prices are not easy on the pocket, fam. What do you expect if you missed that shoe on release day? We told you, you must improve your copping game to avoid all these Ls. You’ve got to listen to us, so here are some reselling secrets you’ll wanna know about. For those searching for exclusively deadstock sneakers, StockX is a good option. Prices are fair, here, but are still higher than other Nike sneaker sites. Also, the shopping process is pretty simple. So this place is pretty safe guys. And if you get cold feet, here’s how you can cancel.


2. Where to Buy Nike — Grailed

Grailed is the ideal marketplace for men’s fashion and streetwear—obviously, that includes sneakers.

grailed-logoHere, you can get the latest drops, and vintage models both new and pre-owned sneakers at the best prices you can find. Prices here are actually cheaper than other websites that sell Nike. Also, the website’s offer system allows you to directly negotiate with a seller to work towards your ideal, and that’s free enough, huh? We like a website that’s full-on transparent.


We’ve heard it all before. You think you’re buying authentic sneakers from a website and three days later, you receive a pair of fakes. Now, GOAT lets you buy with confidence. If GOAT discovers a counterfeit item or not as described, buyers get a full refund.

GOAT is an ONLY sneaker website, and like Grailed, you can buy either new or slightly used kicks from here. For those searching for mainstream new or lightly used sneakers, GOAT is a solid place to buy. Even though GOAT is a solid place to cop your Nike sneakers, it’s not the cheapest place to do so. There are a lot of options, primarily newer releases and ultra-expensive grails. Add to that the fact that buying is very straightforward and simple, and tax is even included! You can also cancel your order on GOAT, here’s how. And if you find yourself between GOAT and StockX, this guide will help you choose.

4. Flight Club

We gotta tell you the news first, though. Flight Club and GOAT basically merged into one company a couple years back. But regardless of that, each site still works independently.

where to buy nikeFlight Club is one of the first sneaker consignment shops. It transformed from being a simple retailer to a kick-ass online sneaker-buying and selling platform. This place is a true retailer and shopping from here is a traditional ecommerce or retail experience.

But as honest as we always are, we gotta tell you, Flight Club is on the pricey side. Why? Two reasons: First, since it’s still an actual physical store, somebody’s got to pay for that rent and inventory. Second, while Flight Club does recommend prices, sellers are allowed to list their own, which means sneakers are priced above the market most of the time.

Summing it all up …

Now you know all about where to buy Nike online. So, what’s next? All you need now peep is to seriously up your copping game. This needs lots of practice and won’t just happen overnight. You know practice makes perfect!

You’ll have to get the hang of the whole thing, and in no time, you’ll be pooping cash out of Nike in tons. You don’t wanna spend release day hanging around and NOT copping shit! Good luck, fam!

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