Alert on Fake Jordans! Identify and spot them in 3 easy ways

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If you love your sneakers, you’ve probably been set up for a fake Jordans sale at least once on your sneaker journey. And if you can’t relate, keep an eye out, one of those scammers is looking for you. That’s why you should prepare yourself to spot those fake Jumpmen. spot fake jordans
According to SL Supply, the counterfeit sneaker market is worth around $450 billion. Especially if we’re talking about the most favored sneakers of our day, the Air Jordans. Foreign factories are where they frequently forge Air Jordans due to their popularity and high demand. This has led to Nike losing around 10% of its annual revenue in 2018.

What are Fake Jordans?

Fake Jordans are Air Jordan sneakers not made by official Nike manufacturers. unofficial parties make them and then use the Jordan name and branding in their products. They then go on to sell those sneakers for lower prices, sometimes claiming they’re original.

Where do Fake Jordans Come From?

As we all know, Nike fabricates their Jordans in China (here’s a whole guide about it). But the problem is, that’s where they make the phony ones too. The difference is, Nike may import from their overseas factories, but they supply from major hubs in the United States and Europe. Most fake Jordans are manufactured in Asia, especially in China. If the seller is shipping your Jordans from Asia, the chance that they’re bogus is MUCH higher.

So avoid the frauds, and follow our 3 simple steps to identifying fake from real.

3 Easy Ways to Spot Fake Jordans

Examine the Box

  • First and foremost, Real Jordans come in a sturdy box with tightly fitting edges. NO GAPS. Make sure all of the words on the box have the correct spelling. And that the Jordan Jumpman logo appears complete. And without any unusual proportions or fading. Everything on the box should align properly. Also, the boxes vary in color and style depending on the year and type of Jordans. So, it’s better that you run a Google image search to see what your Jordan’s box SHOULD look like.  If the shoes you’re considering don’t come with a box at all, we don’t recommend buying them.
  • Next, you’ll need to verify the 9-digit style number on the manufacturing sticker. All Jordans have a style number listed on the outside sticker. In almost all cases, it will be nine digits long. Check the Nike website for the style number of the shoes you want to buy.  Then,  make sure the style number on the box matches what you see on their website.

Inspect the Details on the Shoe

  • After you’ve confirmed the style number on the box, match it to the one on the shoe tag. Find the small tag on the inside of the shoe. All of the information listed on the manufacturing sticker (on the box) should also be on this tag. Make sure the information is exactly the same as what’s on the box sticker. Especially the style number.
  • Then, check the proportions on the Jumpman logo. The logo should appear perfectly crisp with no missing details. Look at the hands, basketball, and feet to ensure everything looks perfect. Nothing should look blurry or smudged.
  • Closely scan the winged basketball logo. One of the most common mistakes on the fake Jordans is that the iconic winged basketball logo is laid on flat leather. The real Air Jordans have the winged-basketball logo embossed over the sneakers. And once you run your fingertips over the shoes, you can easily feel them.
  • Verify high-quality stitching. Examine the shoes carefully for neat and professional-looking stitching. Everything should look evenly spaced, with no unfinished edges or frayed threads. The stitching on the heel often gives it away– if it looks poorly done or uneven, you’re better off without it.

Be Alert to Selling Scams

  • Furthermore, examine the price point. Do not settle for Air Jordans under $100. Many of these shoes are limited-edition and sell out quickly. So why would a seller drop the price below retail? If the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is! As for the aftermarket sneakers, keep in mind that if they look a little worn, doesn’t mean they’re original.
  • After that, look for seller feedback. If you’re buying from a site like eBay, look for established sellers with a lot of solid feedback. You’re better off avoiding sellers who have little or no customer feedback.
  • If you couldn’t catch your dream Jordan directly from Nike SNKRS, try going to trusted reselling sites like GOAT and StockX. These websites offer vigorous verification services and make sure the sneakers shipped to you are always authentic.


Finally, if playing the role of inspector just isn’t your thing, just dodge the whole jam and buy directly from Nike. Since even legit reselling platforms can be SUS at times!
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