Nike Sneaker Bot

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$299.00 / year


TSB is Here!
The newest, fastest, and best Nike bot in the game. We’ll prove it!

Using TSB, you can cop any pair of grails, and spare yourself the L’s.

TSB offers game-changing features and a copping power, unlike any other bot. Cop every limited pair of sneakers you want and start making money today!

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The Shit Bot the Ultimate Sneaker Nike Bot

You were always searching for this, weren’t you? A sneaker bot that really gets shit done. From size selection to checkout, The Shit Bot is the best Nike sneaker bot you’ve ever had and the last one you’ll ever need!

Main Features

Nike Support

Simply, supports all Nike regions.

Simple Shitty UI

Simple & fun UI with the option to toggle between a light and a dark theme.

Address Jig

The Shit Bot’s Address Jig will edit your shipping address so you can cop as many pairs without having any orders canceled.

Speedy Checkout

Multi-threaded technology to ensure a very fast and smooth experience all the way to checkout.

Accounts Tab

Import and handle multiple login accounts for multiple different sites!

Mass Create & Edit Tasks

Mass create as many tasks as you need on every release using all methods, profiles, sites, with a click of a button!

Stay tuned for more Shitty Features Soon!
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5 reviews for Nike Sneaker Bot

  1. William Yu (verified owner)

    Best alpha bot I have ever used/seen. Support is 24/7 and guide on every drop. Will most certainly cop lifetime.

  2. Xiu Li

    I’ve seen too many bots, but this one is pretty amazing in a shitty way and it has best features top bots have and it’s still in Alpha phase

  3. AdanB

    This bot is easy and efficient at everything highly suggest copping

  4. mrwhyizufrontin#9331

    fast bot, clean ui and great support.

  5. Adam

    Best nike bot in the industry

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