The Best Nike Bots You Need to Get ‘Em Kicks… Beside TSB!

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The sneaker industry is booming as ever. But with lots of demand, y’all know how the competition will become intense! And when we talk about Nike SNKRS competition, you know that shit ain’t a joke. So, that’s when you’ll start looking for ways to have an edge over the other competitors. The answer to all your questions is a Nike SNKRS bot fam, no cap. That’s why we’re gonna check out the best Nike bots on the market. You know, when shit goes down, it helps to have the best by your side!

What Are the Best Nike Bots in the Game?

  • The Shit Bot

Y’all know we were gonna go there and start with the coolest and the best out there. Some say it ain’t nice to talk about yourself, but maybe they don’t have anything to talk about *wink wink*! If you’re looking for something to kick a$$ and look cool, you got it fam. For starters, our aesthetics are pretty shitty… literally! But that’s about the only shitty thing about TSB.


When you get your copy of TSB, you’ll realize how dope the UI is. Not only does it look cool, but it’s also user-friendly. So whether you’re a botting veteran or brand new in the game, you’ll find it pretty smooth to use. In other words, you’re getting performance and ease of use! Oh and it doesn’t matter if you’re a Mac or Windows user because TSB got them both covered for you.

If you’re still not sure about this all, hear this. Our users have been copping sneakers like there’s no tomorrow! And we’re always working on new updates to keep up with the market that keeps on changing and evolving. Check out our Twitter account for our users’ success tweets! You can also keep tabs on all the news and giveaways. Who knows, you might be the lucky winner of a free copy! 

Finally, if you wanna skip all that and wanna straight up get one of the best Nike bots out there, we gotchu! In fact, a review done by Proxyway is the cherry on top to fully confirm all that’s been said. Check it out here

For $300 per year, you’ll be a proud owner of the shittiest bot out there. And the best thing about all of that is that TSB is in stock and supports 50+ regions! So, if you’re ready to join the fam, click the button below. 


  • uSNKRS

uSNKRS is a Nike SNKRS bot by uTools. This bot helps sneakerheads cop every Nike drop with all the features it has to offer. The bot currently supports 34 different countries, and works on both Mac and Windos operating systems. So if you’ve got multiple devices and wanna push your luck on all of them, uSNKRS is a good option.


If you wanna invest in uSNKRS, you actually have two options. The first option is a 6-months subscription for £175 (about $194). But if you just wanna test the waters, the second option is safer for you! You can purchase a license for 1 month, but that would cost you £50 (about $55). So to make the decision here, you need to sort them priorities out!

  • RaffleHub

Next up, we got Raffle Hub which is also one of the best Nike bots out there. It scores good numbers on drops and has some pretty decent features. RaffleHub also supports more than 60 sites, which is an impressive number! And if you wanna buy that shit, you’ll pay $269 in retail and $60 to renew your license. However, it’s sadly out of stock, so maybe starting off with an available bot doesn’t sound too bad!


  • Wrath

Last but not least, we’ve got the latest addition to the list of the best Nike bots! Wrath is one of the best all-in-one bots on the market. So it’s not really a surprise that they now support Nike SNKRS. Although you won’t find the news on their Twitter or website, they announced that on Discord not too long ago. But it’s safe to assume that the bot is not available to purchase yet for everyone. But just like every other bot, participating in their giveaways might earn you a spot among their users!


Made a Decision Yet?

It’s okay if you didn’t choose yet, y’all need to be sure of an investment like that. But when you do, the tips we’re gonna give you will totally come in handy fam. Always make sure you get the best proxies and Nike accounts you can get your hands on. And make sure you know how Nike SNKRS drops work. You know they say “knowledge is power” and all that shit. Finally, always remember that even the best Nike bots can’t guarantee Ws. They’ll make sure you get the best shot at getting it though! Good luck!

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