Best Sneaker Bots for MacOS 2023: Windows can bite your Apple!

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Finding the right sneaker bot to fit your copping needs can sometimes be a hassle. But finding the right sneaker bot for macOS? Now that can be a nightmare.
You have your eye on the sneaker of your dreams. It’s oh-so-perfect, it’s dropping soon, and it’s super rare. The only thing standing in your way? Your shiny Apple computer. It’s bad enough how much vigorous research it took you to find the perfect sneaker bot that’s actually available for purchase (check out sneaker bots for sale). But it has the audacity to refuse your machine? RUDE.
As usual, we got you covered. There are a few sneaker bots for macOS that you can use, or you can play a little trick around an incompatible Windows bot.

sneaker bot for macosThe Best Sneaker Bots for MacOS

Kodai AIO

As its developers like to call it, KodaiAIO is an “untamable cooking machine.” And to be honest with you, it’s a pretty good machine. Being a high-tier bot, Kodai has a lot to offer. It has all the basic features you’ll need like tasks, proxy management, and CAPTCHA solvers. On top of that, it shows you a monthly calendar where you can see the upcoming releases alongside the drop site and time.
This bot retails for $175 for the first 2 months. Unfortunately, it’s out of stock. It’s secondary market price? It can go up to 6 grand!

Cybersole sneaker bot for MacOS


Cybersole is one of the best sneaker bots for Mac that you can buy to start copping on any iOS device you’re using. It retails for a little over $400. Pretty reasonable, eh? Well, it’s NEVER in stock! This means you’ll need to resort to cook groups or the black market to buy a key for an insane amount of cash. So, if you’re a beginner and are still crawling your way up, Cybersole may not be the best decision for you at the time.

Nike Shoe Bot (NSB)

This one is beginner-friendly and always available for retail. Nike shoe bot has been around since the beginning of sneaker botting and has a solid reputation. Also,  for $499 per year, it comes pretty cheap compared to any other bot you’d buy on the aftermarket.

Best Sneaker Bot: The Shit Bot (TSB)

Then comes your trusty dusty, tried-and-true TSB. The Shit Bot supports both MAC and Windows, with impressive success rates on both SNKRS and FCFS releases. This bot supports 50+ regions and comes with an address jigger, account checker, and speedy checkout. It will only cost you $300/year. But the best part? It’s ALWAYS in stock!

I don’t wanna buy any of those bots for MacOS


Can’t find what you need from the specific sneaker bots for MacOS? There’s already an all-in-one that you’ve chosen as the one for you, but it isn’t compatible with your machine. Not to worry, you won’t have to upgrade to another computer to run it. To this, there is a simple solution. A sneaker Server.

So what even is a sneaker server?

Simply put, it’s just a remote computer you control remotely via your own PC or Mac. They especially help when you have an unstable connection, need that extra speed when copping, or own a bot that’s not compatible with your Mac.
Just like you have to pay for a charger separately if you want one with your brand-new iPhone, these servers will cost you extra money. Given how expensive sneaker cooking is and how Ws are never guaranteed, we’d suggest making sure you really need this.
To help you decide, we wrote an article on sneaker servers, explaining them in more detail. Check it out.

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