Sneaker Server: The Head Honcho Of Sneaker Copping

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sneaker-serverSpeed is a must when it comes to sneaker copping. And we’re not only talking about ‘em Nike bots. So, what exactly we talkin’ about here? Imagine you prepared your tools to cop the shit away off the Nike SNKRS website. You got the best Nike bot, account, and proxies with you. What more does one need? Well, scenario’s not over yet! Suppose you managed to pick all the kicks you wanted and while checkin’ out, all comes crashin’ down. Not tryna be a  buzzkill here, but this horror story is based on real-life events *cue spooky music*. And it happens ‘cause some peeps either forget about this tiny detail or play this shit down. And a sneaker server sure ain’t something you can just skip and call it a good ol’ cop day! 

Soo… What’s A Sneaker Server?

Who wouldn’t like to get their hands on limited-edition kicks, like Nike? That’s definitely rhetorical ‘cause no one in their right mind would say no to that! Well, there are always some exceptions… But those exceptions might be people that haven’t yet discovered the great forces of the sneaker industry and the resale market. Give them a bot like TSB, a good cook group to guide them through, and you’ll have sneaker addicts in no time. Now before we get into it, know that you won’t always need a sneaker server.  It all depends on what and how you’re trying to cop. But let’s take it a step at a time and get to that later. 

Now, what exactly is a sneaker server? Well, as you’ve noticed, we haven’t called it a Nike server, ‘cause this thing ain’t very specific. Think of sneaker servers as supercomputers. And you can control them using your own PC. At the end of the day, you can’t run heavy shit while copping all while using your 8 GB RAM PC. It’s either gonna dawdle or crash down and you certainly don’t want that. Especially if you tryna score dope shit like the upcoming Phantoms and Jordan 12s. Preparing for such drops keeps sneakerheads and resellers stay on their tiptoes for months. So imagine they perfect out the setup and miss ‘em sneaker servers. That blow would hurt for years to come. 

So, a sneaker server is basically a virtual computer that you can control using your own PC. How does that thing work? Well, the server runs near the sneaker site’s location you’re trying to copy from. This will send your internet connection going through the roof, as well as the RAM power! Meaning that even if your local internet connection went down, you’d still be able to run your tasks without a problem. 


A Sneaker Server: The Why And The When

There are many reasons for using a sneaker server while running your Nike SNKRS bot… or any bot. If you got an unstable connection then shit might go down any minute. And this happens when you’re targeting a website outside your region. 

Also, running a sneaker bot means running multiple tasks. In this case, connecting to a one-minute-on-one-minute-off ain’t your best option here. So, bad or “acceptable” internet connections won’t work for you. You’ll need blazin’ SPEED that only supercomputers can offer. Now, if you’re a sneaker veteran, you might sometimes run more than one sneaker bot on one drop and score multiple kicks. In this case, you might wanna rent a server for a smoother botting experience.

Let’s put ‘em words into numbers, so we can flex speaking fax and all that, ya know. A standard computer can give you a maximum connection speed of 300 Mbps, while a sneaker server can more than multiply that. A server can give 1 GB to 10 GBs worth of speed every passing second. And on a final note, double check your proxies and server locations when you’re trying to cop, ‘cause same locations mean even more speed. 

Last but not least, Windows-based computers are the IT thing for most sneaker bots. So, to warn you beforehand, using a MacBook or a Linux-based computer during a drop day doesn’t always work without a sneaker server. Therefore, make sure to never miss adding them to your setup.

Final Deets 

Now that you know a sneaker server gotta be part of your next copping experience, what’s the next step? Well, knowing the best servers out there might just be useful…Amazon AWS and Google Cloud, and 10x servers are great examples. The latter is a bit more expensive than the first two. So, it all depends on the cop you’re aiming for. I mean if it’s a crazy drop month then you won’t regret having a server running around the clock like a 10x Server or even an Iced Out Server. 

Now that you know it all and are ready to cop the shit away off the SNKRS website, make sure to keep it locked on our blog for news of upcoming drops. And aside from all technicalities, if you’re down for some hot tea, check the dramatic crash down of the Yeezy empire. 

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