Sneaker Cook Groups Are the Shit Every Sneakerhead Needs!

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Hey hey shitfam! Today, we’re having a cooking class, well, not literally ya know. But we’re gonna check out why every sneakerhead needs to have access to sneaker cook groups! So, if you’re new to the botting gig, this is for you. Keep on reading to find out what sneaker cook groups are, what they do, and what the best ones are! Not only that, but you’ll also leave today knowing all there is to know about the cook group shit. Hop on!


What Are Sneaker Cook Groups?

Sneaker cook groups are communities of different sizes where sneakerheads gather and do all sorts of sneaker-related things. From discussions to sneaker release news to botting shit, a cook group is where you need to be. Cook groups usually take place on Discord, and you gotta pay to take part in them. That’s because they’re really really important. Anyway, let’s check out how sneaker cook groups can help you on your botting journey fam!

Why Is a Sneaker Cook Group the Shit to Invest in?

Okay so, you got your first bot, and you wanna make the best of everything you can have. And you’ve seen on Twitter everyone giving shout-outs to these cook groups. You could find them thanking them for their help or plug or group buy. So, how do these sneaker cook groups really help with all that shit?

Release Guides & Sneaker Monitors

It’s safe to say the main shit those groups do is provide release guides to help their members out. Whether they’re copping manually or using a bot, they’ll find guides to help them out on there.

After the release guides, you need monitors. And speed is the name of the game on most drops in the sneaker industry. So, most sneaker cook groups offer accurate and pretty advanced monitors. Their job is just to notify you when a drop is live on-site or the second it restocks. 


Discounts, Groupbuys & More

The bigger a cook group gets, the more connections it has. The more connections, the more freebies, and discounts they can snatch for their peeps. Those kinds of discounts or wholesale prices for bots or proxies, raise the ROI of some cookgroups really really high.

Reselling Opportunities & Bot Flips

When you dive headfirst in sneaker crap, you’ll feel confused. You’ll have a hard time knowing when to flip and when to hold on to a pair. That’s where some sneaker cook groups can be very helpful! You can also find buyers over there, so win-win. But reselling doesn’t only include kicks because sneaker bots are a major player there.

Every bot faces some ups and downs. And at some point in this game, you can feel that you’re done with an old bot you had. So, why keep it rotting in the corner of your PC when you can flip it and make extra cash? But… where should you sell it? 

You can run a little interest check on your sneaker cook group’s Discord. That way you can find a sneakerhead who’s willing to invest in that old key! You might even find dedicated channels for reselling bots on some servers.


Proxy Generation

As the prices of proxies and the cost of botting increase, some freebies are always welcome. Many sneaker cook groups now have their own free proxy generators. Their peeps can have a certain number of free proxies that way. Doesn’t mean they’ll always be top-notch, but that shit’s better than nothing.

Auto Check-Out Services

This one works if you don’t own a sneaker bot or own a shitty one. Or maybe you just don’t feel like running a bot on a certain drop. Many sneaker cook groups offer the chance to benefit from their own add-to-cart or auto-checkout services. You just tell them what kicks you’re after and they’ll run their own setup to fetch you what you need. For an extra fee of course, it’s not a charity yo.

Backdoor Services

That’s some tricky shit right here. Is this ethical? Is it not? Whatever it is, it happens. Sneaker cook groups owners sometimes have strong connections. That gives them access to exclusive drops before drop day. And if those owners and mods are generous, you can get backdoor access to some of the sickest releases ever. Remember that Air Jordan 1 Trophy Room scandal? Well, join a sneaker cook group and you might be part of the next backdoor madness. We’ll make sure to cover that shit too.


Best Sneaker Cook Groups Around!

Finding the best cook group kinda takes a lot of research and shit. Rest easy though, we rounded up some of the best cook groups around! You can check them out here, and if you want more options, try this.

  • Sneaker Squad X 
  • AK Chefs
  • Notify
  • AM Notify
  • Hidden society
  • Endurance

No matter what sneaker cook groups you join, having a family to support you and help you make it in this industry makes the monthly fees worth it. And sometimes members really become a huge part of each others’ lives even outside the industry. You just gotta know which community to pick, or maybe keep trying till one sticks!

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