Types of Nike Drops: What All That Different Shit Means!

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Aight fam, today we gettin’ serious! You know how we’re all going crazy about Nike drops? Well, some people still have no idea what all those different drops mean! But that shit ain’t gonna last because we’re gonna tell you what each type of drop exactly means. And why do you need to know that? Well, because when you know your shit, you’ll know how to get that perfect setup to avoid the L!

So, Why Are There Different Nike Drops?

Nike drops became a thing because everyone wants a pair of Nike shoes! So, the solution they came up with was this. Why not make different drop systems for different types of releases? Genius! So, when you have a general release, you get a type of drop system. But when it’s an exclusive drop, the drop type is totally different. So, let’s check them out one by one fam!

The Types

Now that we know we ain’t blessed enough to get one type of Nike drops, we gotta know them all. The more you know about that shit, the easier it is to run a Nike bot without hiccups!


This type of Nike drops is the most and least common in a way. Whenever we have a general release or a big stock type of release, it’s probably gonna be a FLOW. This type of system is all about the FCFS (first come, first serve) concept. No queue, no nothing, if you come early, you get your pair! Nike also uses FLOW when they do a shock drop. So if you don’t cop fast, you don’t cop! Sorry Ross, we had to.



Okay, now this is where shit gets tricky. LEO has the same FCFS concept, with a twist. So you don’t just come first and buy immediately. There’s a queue system, where you should put your accounts as fast as you could within 2 minutes. When the 2 minutes are up, Nike starts to randomly choose the “winners” from the first entries! The number of winners naturally depends on stock number and size availability.



The type of Nike drops where only the luckiest thrive, and we ain’t exaggerating. Being the first is no use here because there’s no queue. Instead, there’s a draw system. You usually have 10 to 30 minutes to enter your accounts. Then, Nike will randomly pick the winners out of all the accounts entered. That’s why the more accounts you have, the higher your chances of success are.


How Can You Ace the Nike Drops?

We think at this point, you just gotta know that you’ll need a good Nike SNKRS bot. We also mentioned Nike accounts, so you gotta have those too. But if you don’t get them from reliable account providers, you might as well call it a day fam. And lastly, proxies, proxies, proxies! Using all your Nike accounts on the same IP address is like Kim Kardashian dating Pete Davidson: makes no sense! So here are the best Nike proxies you can find around. Good luck peeps!

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