Types of Nike Drops: What All That Different Shit Means!

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Welcome to the sneaker industry’s ultimate battleground, Nike SNKRS. The place where the search for the hottest kicks is both thrilling and intense. Indeed, whether through manual efforts or with the help of bots, Nike is tricky! Starting with the basics is always the way to go. From general drops to exclusive launches, the Swoosh employs different types of Nike drops! So, to avoid those tough Nike SNKRS Ls, let’s know what type of Nike release you’re facing!

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So, Why Are There Different Nike Drops?

Nike drops ain’t all the same, and there’s a good reason for that. Everybody’s thirsty for Nike kicks! So, Nike was like, “Why not mix it up?” They came up with different drop systems for different releases. After all, releasing tons of regular Nike Runner isn’t the same as dropping a super-limited Travis Scott AJ1!

So, now, that we know we ain’t blessed enough to get one type of Nike drops, we gotta know them all one by one.

The Types


This type of Nike drops is the most and least common in a way. Whenever we have a general release or a big stock type of release, it’s probably gonna be a FLOW. This type of system is all about the FCFS (first come, first serve) concept. No queue, no nothing, if you come early, you get your pair! Nike also uses FLOW when they do a shock drop. So if you don’t cop fast, you don’t cop! Sorry, Ross, we had to.nike-drops-flow


Okay, now this is where shit gets tricky. LEO has the same FCFS concept, with a twist. So you don’t just come first and buy immediately. There’s a queue system, where you should put your accounts as fast as you can within 2 minutes. When the 2 minutes are up, Nike starts to randomly choose the “winners” from the first entries! The number of winners naturally depends on the stock number and size availability.leo-releases


The type of Nike drops where only the luckiest thrive, and we ain’t exaggerating. Being the first is no use here because there’s no queue. Instead, there’s a draw system. You usually have 10 to 30 minutes to enter your accounts. Then, Nike will randomly pick the winners out of all the accounts entered. That’s why the more accounts you have, the higher your chances of success are.nike-dan-exclusive-drops

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