How To Get Shoes On SNKRS: A Complete SNKRS Rundown

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Back in 2017, Nike dropped the SNKRS app, and it’s the go-to place for snagging those limited-edition kicks. If you’re eyeing some seriously hyped shoes, chances are they’re only hitting the scene through SNKRS. Air Jordans, Dunks, and Off-White collabs? Yup, all dropping exclusively on the app. Forget checking the regular Nike site; these releases are SNKRS exclusive.

Now, if you’re new to the sneaker game or just getting to know the app, it might seem a bit confusing. There’s a bunch of different releases and ways to get in on the action. Lucky for you, we’ve got the lowdown on how to cop those kicks using Nike SNKRS and some tips to up your chances in the raffles. Keep reading, and we’ve got all your questions covered.

how to get shoes on snkrs

How Are Shoes Released on Nike SNKRS?

When it comes to getting your hands on those kicks through the Nike SNKRS app, they’ve got a few ways to make it happen. First off, there’s the basic first-come-first-serve thing. That’s known as the FLOW release. These pairs are usually not crazy hyped, there’s more of them, and they don’t usually vanish right away. Just toss them in your cart, put in your payment info, and you should be good to go.

Then, there’s the LEO method, a two-minute raffle. The kicks drop at a specific time, like 8 AM GMT, and you’ve got a 2-minute window to sign up with your info and payment method. After that, entries close, Nike randomly picks winners, charges their payment, and bam, you’ve secured your pair. This method is for the kind-of-hyped sneakers to give everyone a fair shot.

Last but not least, there’s the DAN raffle, a 15-minute window to enter. It’s pretty much the same as the 2-minute one but gives you more time. This is for the super hot sneakers like Off-White or Travis Scott collabs. Winners are randomly picked, and you gotta input your address and payment deets beforehand.

The whole point of these raffle systems is to mess with resellers using bots to cop a bunch. There are ways around it, but it’s tougher, so sneakerheads have a better shot at scoring pairs. Learn all about sneaker reselling here, our favorite success stories, and more info for our fam in Korea.

What Shoes Are Released on the SNKRS App?

Predicting whether a pair of shoes will drop on the SNKRS app or Nike’s website can be a bit tricky since they sometimes throw surprises on either platform. Generally, the super hyped kicks like Jordans, Dunks, and collabs tend to land on SNKRS. Also, if there’s a new style creating a buzz in the marketing world, it’s likely to drop on the app. So, if you’re eyeing a pair that’s got some serious popularity, your best bet is to check out SNKRS.

What Is the SNKRS Pass?

Nike SNKRS Pass is Nike’s way of making in-store releases way less chaotic. Say goodbye to the usual headache of long lines and disappointed folks. Now, instead of the typical first-come-first-serve madness, they’ve switched things up. With SNKRS Pass, you get a shot at reserving your pair without the frenzy.

Here’s the deal: If you’re in the location range of a specific Nike flagship store, you can enter the raffle-like system by picking your size and then wait for that golden confirmation. If you hit the jackpot, you’ve got to swing by the Nike store on the same day to grab and pay for your kicks. This is Nike’s fresh approach to dropping the hottest sneakers in their stores, and it’s happening in major cities worldwide. Cool, right?

What Is Exclusive Access?

Exclusive Access is your chance to snag a limited-edition pair early, thanks to the Nike SNKRS app. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ll get a heads-up through a push notification. Then, it’s a race against time to dive into the app and grab the pair before they vanish. This usually goes down about a week to a few days before the official release, and only a select group of users get this special opportunity. Just a heads up, Exclusive Access (or EA, as folks often call it) isn’t a raffle—it’s all about grabbing those kicks on a first-come-first-served basis. So, be quick on the draw!

How to Get Exclusive Access to SNKRS?

Sneakerheads have been wondering about the secrets behind Exclusive Access for quite a while, and there have been all sorts of rumors floating around. Some thought it had to do with how often you order from Nike, others believed it was about tapping around the app, and many assumed it was just random luck. After months of speculation, Nike finally spilled the beans on how Exclusive Access really works.

According to Nike, “There are 50+ variables used to determine who gets Exclusive Access for a specific product. These factors include past entries on SNKRS, engagement with content, poll responses, and more.” They also added, “Exclusive Access comes through a Push Notification, so make sure you have them turned on for SNKRS. The invites are only valid for a limited time. And remember, getting Exclusive Access doesn’t guarantee a reserved pair in your size; it just means you get the first shot at the product.” So, it’s a bit of a mystery, but there’s some method to the madness!

How Can You Win a SNKRS Raffle?

Getting that raffle win in the sneaker game has been a mystery for ages, and everyone’s got their own theories. Here at The Sole Supplier, we’re keeping it real by saying winning a raffle is all about that pure luck vibe. The Nike SNKRS app is designed to randomly pick winners, giving a shot to those hungry for a pair. But check this out, Nike spills the beans on Exclusive Access, suggesting that if you’re really vibing in the app, you might just boost your chances of grabbing those super exclusive drops! It’s a bit of luck and a bit of good vibes – the sneakerhead way!

How To Get Shoes on SNKRS Using Bots

Sure, using sneaker bots on Nike SNKRS can give you a technological edge when it comes to snagging those limited-edition kicks. These automated

tools are like speedy sidekicks that help you swiftly navigate through the SNKRS app, pick your size, and enter payment details, all in the blink of an eye. They’re especially handy during high-demand releases, allowing you to submit multiple entries and increase your chances of securing that coveted pair. Check out the best Nike Bots here.

And you know which sneaker bot is perfect for the SNKRS app? TSB, of course! TSB has a staggering success rate crossing 90% on Nike SNKRS in many different regions. Plus, TSB’s community is the place to be for all the best proxies and Nike accounts at exclusive discounts! Don’t just take our word for it – check out our Twitter for proof of our success on past drops

However, it’s important to note that while sneaker bots offer advantages, there are potential drawbacks. For one, it goes against Nike’s terms of service, and getting caught may result in account bans and canceled purchases. Wait, are sneaker bots illegal?

Moreover, the sneaker community tends to frown upon bot usage because it can mean genuine enthusiasts miss out on the kicks they’ve been eagerly waiting for.

Beyond the platform-specific consequences, there are legal and ethical considerations depending on your location. So, while sneaker bots can be a tool to enhance your chances, it’s crucial to be aware of the rules, respect the sneakerhead community, and think about the broader impact on fair competition. It’s all about finding that balance between tech advantages and maintaining the spirit of the sneaker game.

Final Thoughts

Still wondering how to get shoes on SNKRS? Level up your Nike SNKRS app game with our guide! Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro, we’ve got tips to boost your chances of scoring those kicks. Keep the app on your radar, set reminders, and don’t miss out on those early Saturday releases. And never forget to keep TSB on your side! Here’s a pro tip: try your luck in raffles at different spots to chase your dream pair. If you happen to score multiple, no worries—either return them or flip them for a win. Best of luck in growing that sneaker collection! Stay tuned to The Shit Bot for the latest updates on the freshest footwear. Good luck, fam!

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