How to Cop Sneakers: The Right Way to Get Shit Done!

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Who knew kicks would become a whole multi-decades-old industry? We’re definitely not sad about this though. From starting sneaker collections of footwear rarities to making them a side hustle, sneakers are it! But when shit gets popular, everyone will want in, making kicks hard to come by, especially exclusive drops. So we’re here today to help you find out how to cop sneakers! Whatever your reason for joining the sneaker industry, you’re gonna want to read on. From sneaker bots to social media, here’s all the shit you need to get your kicks!

How to Cop Sneakers Like a Pro?

Before we get into that list, make sure you know the pros and cons of manual vs. sneaker bot copping! Now once you make your decision, you want to know what the next step is, right? See, that’s where today’s talk comes in. Why? Because you’ll wanna know how to cop sneakers before doing anything else!

Get a Good Sneaker Bot!

proxies-to-cop-sneakers-tsbWe already mentioned how everyone wants in on the sneaker industry. But because demand is much higher than supply, you’re gonna need to boost your odds of successful sneaker shopping! A sneaker bot is an automated program that can do what you would do if you were manually shopping. But fam, that wouldn’t be very interesting would it? That’s why a sneaker bot can do just that, but a lot faster than the average human!

Now the question is: what type of sneaker bot do I need? Well, if you’re into different brands, an all-in-one bot should come in handy. That shit can help you buy kicks off different places like Footsites, Shopify, YeezySupply, and even Supreme! But if your love for Nike and Jordan kicks runs deep, you’ll wanna focus on Nike SNKRS.

And a W on Nike drops is no easy feat, so you’ll totally need a good Nike bot! A bot like TSB is always reliable when it comes to technical updates and success. TSB also supports different regions, so wherever you are in the world, you can still get shit done.

Choose Your Setup Wisely

You can’t talk about buying the right sneakers without having the right setup. First things first, you’re gonna need good proxies for whichever bot you’re gonna be using. That’s a total must, especially if you wanna buy kicks in bulk. Now, if you have issues with your PC, you’ll also need good servers that won’t crash on you. And if you’re running a Nike bot, make sure you get yourself some reliable Nike accounts! But always remember, even the best of setups can sometimes fail. What we know for sure is that they’ll give you the best odds!

Be the Sherlock Holmes of the Industry with Your Research


We’re not kidding fam. If you’re new to the industry, it’s crucial that you actually do your research. Not just to know how to bot, but also to know what to bot! Not all kicks have the same value, and that’s a lesson we all learned the hard way! Unless you’re copping for personal use, then sneaker research is totally your best bet! So make sure you do that before every drop. 

And to stay on top of things, joining a cook group doesn’t sound like a bad idea! Another way you can keep up with all the shit going down in the industry is by following sneaker blogs. This is a list of the best sneaker blogs out there, but the shittiest blog is right here!

Social Media Can Help You Learn How to Cop Sneakers!

Do we honestly need to say it? We all know all the shit that goes down on social media. Whether you’re on Twitter, Instagram, Discord, Reddit, or even Facebook, you’ll find something to do. From discussion groups to sales groups to release news, there’s something for everyone. So if you wanna stay on top of shit, you need to be social-media savvy, especially if you wanna flex. Who knows? You might even build a following that can come in handy!

Bonus Point: Know Where to Sell and Buy Your Kicks

Be it retail or resale; you should know where to buy and sell. We already compiled a list of retailers and resale platforms that you can check out here. That way, if you ever decide to go into the sneaker resale market, you’ll know your basic shit! And if you ever find yourself in a pickle or wanna find a rare pair of kicks, resale platforms can come in handy!

How to Cop Sneakers? Fast and Steady!

Whether you’re using a bot or not (that rhymes), you’re gonna need to be fast. Good sneakers are usually the ones that sell out first! So if you’re really in a fighting spirit, we totally recommend going the botting route. But then again, to each their own fam! You can always go manually and maybe still cop, but why not have the best odds?


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