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where to resell sneakersSo you finally decided you’re starting your reselling business, but haven’t made up your mind on where to resell sneakers? Say no more. The sneaker-flipping business attracts hustlers of all ages. You’ve seen them begin their careers on the schoolyard and the streets before upgrading to online marketplaces. Today, the sneaker reselling industry is very profitable and is currently worth $1 billion. How much could you actually make doing this? The sky’s your limit, my friend. It all depends on your game, but we’re spilling our sneaker-reselling secrets today.

Before Choosing a Platform..

Before we plunge into exactly where to resell sneakers, there are a few basics you need to set up. First of all, don’t invest more money than you can afford to lose. If you don’t have a large capital, it’s always okay to start small and work your way up.
Secondly, invest in a kickass sneaker bot that’ll cop you fresh kicks for retail. Here’s a list of the best Nike bots on the market if Nikes are what you’re after. And if so, TSB will have you covered! A good sneaker bot improves your chances of purchasing limited-edition sneakers at retail prices. A sneaker bot can also allow you to buy in bulk, increasing your potential profits.
Something very important familiarizing yourself with sneaker culture. Join communities on platforms like Reddit, Discord, Twitter, and Facebook. Engage with these communities to learn about trends and develop a sense of what is popular. Cook groups can also offer additional reselling insights.
Also, I cannot emphasize enough on the importance of keeping up with release dates. Always thoroughly research upcoming sneaker releases to stay ahead of the game. And then do it again. Sneaker release dates are always changing and you definitely don’t wanna miss out on big bucks because of timing.
Lastly, we have the where. Determining your marketplace is a crucial step in customizing your business experience. So let’s dive right in.

Where to Resell Sneakers Physically and Virtually

Here, you have two main options. You can either visit a physical store like Flight Club and Stadium Goods, or go for the virtual world of Stockx, Goat, and eBay. Which one caters to your specific needs? Here’s everything you need to know about each option.

Flight Club

Flight Club is an O.G. in the game and a trusted site to sell your sneakers. operates stores in NYC, LA, and Miami. If you choose to work with them, you’ll have to drop the sneakers off at one of their locations. You can also ship the shoes to them. You work with the staff to find an agreed-upon price that’s based on the store’s selling history of a certain sneaker. The shoes will then be sold in-store at that location, but will also be listed on the store’s website. Once someone buys your shoes, Flight Club pays you. They charge a 9.5 percent fee for each sale, as well as a $5 seller fee and a 2.9 percent cash-out fee.
Nevertheless, they have the right to refuse any sneaker, whether the store is overstocked or it’s having a hard time selling a certain product.

Stadium Goods

Having only been around since 2015, Stadium Goods may be a newer player in the game but definitely one of the biggest and most reputable secondary sneaker marketplaces out there. They have a similar process as Flight Club, except they only operate a store in NYC, and charge a 20% fee. Stadium Goods is becoming the industry benchmark in reselling, working deals with Nike, Alibaba, eBay, and Nordstrom—the company is to be trusted.

Where to Resell Sneakers— StockX

StockX is based on a bid/ask process. You can list your sneakers for however much you want on the site and potential buyers can choose to accept your price or not. Buyers can also list their own bids, and if that amount is acceptable to a seller, they can make the deal. After agreement, StockX will email a shipping label to receive the sneakers for verification. The service typically gives you two business days to ship your sneakers, or else there will be a fee taken out of your price. They must be in the original box and unworn.
Seller fees are 10 percent when you start, but the more you use their service, the better rates you get. Sellers are charged a $4 shipping fee for single-item shipments.  Here’s a detailed guide on how to sell your sneakers on StockX.
As for the downsides of StockX, people have had issues on the buying end, with the quality of some of the sneakers in the past. The platform has also experienced a major data breach, exposing 6 million customers’ personal information including their name, email address, shipping address, username, hashed passwords, and purchase history. This information was then reportedly being sold on the dark web for $300. Despite StockX acknowledging this and making system updates, it is still something to consider and be aware of as a threat to both buyers and sellers.


To sell on GOAT, you need to apply to become an authorized seller, so this may not be the fastest way to sell your sneakers. Once you become an authorized seller, you can list your shoes online. If you make a sale, you will ship the shoes to GOAT for them to authenticate it. Once everything checks out, they will deposit the money to you. GOAT charges fees between $5 and $30 depending on where you are in the world. Plus, there’s a 9.5 percent commission fee. This fee can increase to 15 percent and as high as 25 percent for canceled orders due to “replicas, wrong size, wrong shoe, wrong condition, etc.”eBay


Last but not least, our old pal, eBay. To sell on eBay, you must take images of your sneakers and create a listing. You can either have people bid on your sneakers or allow them to buy instantly at a set asking price. Once there’s an agreement, the seller comes in contact with the buyer and completes the payment. It’s not an automatic process and buyers can flake. You ship the sneakers yourself, so you add the shipping to the cost.
Sellers without stores who sell sneakers for over $100 are charged an 8 percent fee while those with stores are charged a 7 percent fee. Beginning October 10, 2022, sales between $100 and $150 will be charged an increased fee of 12.9 percent.

Conclusion on Where to Resell Sneakers

So, there you have it, a full guide on our favorite sneaker reselling sites. But before you get too excited, always remember to practice safe measures. Selling anything online can involve encounters with shady individuals, so it’s important to exercise caution and be careful when sharing personal information. Also, keep your goals simple and achievable. As you make more money, you advance to higher-priced items, and your income potential grows exponentially. And lastly, buy in bulk to further increase your earnings. Good luck fam!

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