1 Pair Ain’t Doing It For Ya? Here’s How To Buy Sneakers In Bulk!

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how-to-buy-sneakers-in-bulkWith the rise of the sneaker culture, recession, and inflation hitting hard across the globe, more people started joining the shoe reselling business. If not for the love of sneakers, it’s in the hopes of finding a good side hustle to help them through tough times. However, them highly-coveted sneakers don’t come easy, you know? And that’s all due to the “one pair per customer” policy official sneaker sites and retailers got. So, that’s all? We sit still, lose hope, and look for other side hustles? Well, y’all definitely don’t do that! Sneaker copping wouldn’t be the hyped thing it is today if things were that lame. Because fam, buying sneakers in bulk does exist, and sneakerheads been making shitloads of money outta it. And the best thing about sneakerheads is that they ain’t the ones to keep all secrets on how to buy sneakers in bulk for themselves! 

In fact, sneakerheads created what is called a cook group to help botters and other sneakerheads connect together, keep them up-to-date with sneaker news and new drops, as well as, help them cop hyped kicks when needed! 

So, today it’s all about learning the way to buy sneakers in bulk. Dope drops like the upcoming March releases don’t buy themselves, after all! So, let’s learn the ropes together! Note that, this guide’s purpose is to help you learn how to buy the same shoe in bulk, from the same websites. Well, duh? 

How To Buy Sneakers In Bulk?

Y’all gotta know, there are several ways to buy sneakers in bulk. Or rather yet, you can try your luck in a couple of ways. If they don’t work for you, or you wanna cut to the chase, jigging addresses is the way to go!

Local Sellers, Individual Sellers… Or Connections 

As we mentioned above, the shoe business is expanding, and shit ain’t only about sneaker reselling. Retailers gotta exist first for reselling to make sense. This way we can say that there are local and individual sellers out there that can help you buy in bulk. However, you gotta know that them kicks might not be the latest drops, but they can still make you some good cash. However, authenticity is the main issue here. This kinda way of buying sneakers in bulk can make you get ripped off with fakes. So, if you’re not of the authenticity of what you’re buying, better avoid this approach. 

Okay, so you also gotta know that there’s a thing called backdooring. Although, getting authentic kicks is guaranteed here, having access to it, is what’s not guaranteed. You’ll need to be high up the sneaker social ladder to have such a privilege. You’ll have to be that kinda person that knows the store manager, who’s friends with the stock manager, and whose brother you’re best friends with… Okay, ignore this crappy example, but you got the memo? Because, backdooring sneakers doesn’t only mean getting as many pairs of a hyped shoe as you want directly from Nike, Adidas, or any other store. It means that you also get early access to them kicks!


How to buy sneakers in bulk? Well, here’s another way! You buy them off Footsites! Why Footistes? Y’all must know that Footsites owns numerous other sites, however, each one functions separately. So, what you can do is buy a pair of sneakers from Footlocker, for example, while scoring the other from Footaction. However, you gotta know that you can’t use the same billing info on multiple websites!

Now, if your aim is to cop Nike and Jordans, you gotta know that your chances at buying sneakers in bulk off Footsites or other sites are very slim. And that’s all ‘cause of Nike’s DTC strategy. Which allows it to have control over most of the stock. In other words, Nike distributes most of its stock among Nike SNKRS and its stores, leaving other retailers with much less stock than ever before.  Actually, did you know that this same strategy is one of the main reasons Eastbay shut down? Well, now you do. 

Jigging Method

What is jigging? Well, jigging basically means switching up your billing profile in a way that fools the website. This way, it appears as if each profile belongs to a different user. And as long as the “one pair per customer” policy exists, this will always be the greatest way to cop sneakers in bulk! Question is, how exactly do you do this jigging addresses thing? Well, you can work on several categories to achieve that, starting with phone and card numbers, till you reach email and billing addresses.


Phone And Card Numbers 

So, if you weren’t following with all that was mentioned above, that’s kinda okay, ‘cause here is where the real deal comes in. The jigging method is your answer to how to buy sneakers in bulk. As we don’t want you getting caught and eventually banned from websites, you gotta start with jigging card and phone numbers. Of course, you could always use your siblings’, parents’, and friends’ card numbers. But that might also not be enough for ya. You might need more variations. How exactly can you get such variations? Well, you can create virtual credit cards yourself!

However, you need to know that you can only create up to a dozen VCCs a day. And that definitely ain’t a bad number, considering that each and every card is unique and can’t be traced back to the same person. 

What’s up with them phone numbers, though? Well, ya’ll need to jig these as well. Don’t worry, it’s easy shit. All you need to do is include your local area’s code, and the right number of digits, then let your imagination work on the rest. Meaning that, you don’t have to use numbers you own or know. You can use random phone numbers!

Email And Billing Addresses

Using the same email address is just a recipe for getting banned. That’s why you gotta create different email addresses for different billing profiles. One way to do this is through using official and legit email addresses, like edu., or by creating Gmail addresses. 

Last but not least, you gotta jig your billing address- as in your actual address. You could use your relative’s legit addresses, or you can jig your own. You achieve that by adding and removing info. For example, you can add or remove apartment numbers, and use abbreviations. 

Learn more about jigging addresses here

Keep in mind that learning how to buy sneakers in bulk off sneaker websites takes more than knowing how to jig addresses. You’ll need a great sneaker bot. But in case you’re only aiming to cop Nike and Jordans, then a kick-ass Nike bot, like TSB, is what you need. Not only does The Shit Bot supports over 50 regions worldwide, but it’s been slaying that sneaker copping in bulk game, all while scoring high success rates! Users been scoring 10+ and 20+ pairs in one go! That’s an average of 10 pairs/ user for one drop! Insane, ain’t it? Well, that’s the power of kick-ass sneaker bots fam! Learn more about TSB below! 


Oh and don’t forget the power proxies and Nike accounts got on catching Ws! More on everything sneaker-related? Here’s our blog! Adios shitfam! 

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