How to Jig Address For More & More Sneakers–Limitless Heat!

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Oh, the thrill of snagging multiple pairs of that mega sneaker drop you’ve been wanting forever! Rocking one pair to flex and flipping the others for some serious cash! But, let’s be real, getting a W on Nike SNKRS is pretty hard. You totally need a powerful bot by your side, the right account providers, proxies, and of course, the ace up your sleeve – address jigging. So today, we’re gonna get to know how to jig address and get as many pairs delivered to your doorstep as possible!how-to-jig-address

Can’t I Just Use Proxies and Get on with It?

Well, life would be pretty cool if copping was that easy. For instance, you can hook your bot up with super-strong proxies and look like you’re anywhere in the world. simple, clean, gets the job done, right? Wrong. What’s gonna happen when you gotta fill that shipping and billing info? Seems like you’d be in a bit of a pickle when you ship multiple pairs to the same address. So, you need to appear like you’re different people, ordering from different locations and shipping your orders to different addresses. So, how do you manage that?

Learn How to Jig Address Easily!

The first thing you should learn to do is jig your home address. Sure, you can use your friend’s address, grandma’s, extended family, etc… But fam, that’ll barely get you a dozen extra slots. So if you wanna go all-in with your botting, that ain’t gonna cover the number of pairs you want. That’s when address jigging comes in handy, but how do you do it?

Well, say you live at 1234 Poo Street. You can jig that shit up by adding an apartment number. That comes in handy if you don’t live in an apartment complex, so the address becomes 1234 Poo Street Apartment 2. You could also throw in random letters before (or after) the address: WXYZ 1234 Poo Street.

The last trick that could help you so, so, so much, is abbreviations! So let’s say you wanna jig the address we already mentioned. So, you can simply replace “Street” or “Apartment” with abbreviations like ST, STR, STRT, APT, and more. Fun fact: You can check for acceptable abbreviations on the official USPS site, and voilà!

LPT: The billing and shipping addresses should match. I mean, you could let a couple of them slide, but matching addresses look more legit. And another thing: Test the address jig on a simple item before drop day. Since, we don’t wanna end up with an L after getting the right sneaker bot, proxies, Nike accounts, and all.Jigging Address

Jig Them Mail Addresses and Phone Numbers

So, really, if you put in the effort and changed the billing profile, might as well jig your email address. Having 20 different orders confirmed through the same email is kinda sus, won’t you say? And you’re likely gonna have most orders canceled. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to create random emails, just go to Gmail and create legit-looking accounts!

Okay, now we get to the easy part: phone numbers. You don’t wanna use the same phone number on all of your billing profiles. And that could feel like lots of work, but it really isn’t. All you gotta do is to put your area code and any random sequence of numbers! So, if you live in the US, it’s usually a 7-digit number after the 3-digit area code. Do that, and you’re good to go!

Where to Jig for Different Retailers



  • Opt for Privacy or Revolut Virtual Cards.
  • Random phone numbers (no calls).
  • Stick with Gmail.
  • Apply the 4-Letter Address Trick at home.
  • DC and ISP proxies work.
  • Discover top Adidas bots.


  • Any Virtual Cards work.
  • Use random phone numbers (no calls).
  • Go with Gmail.
  • Try the 4-Letter Address Trick for your home.
  • Use ISP proxies.
  • Find the best Shopify bots.


  • Any Virtual Cards work.
  • Use a random phone number with the right area code.
  • Mix up your email providers.
  • No need to change your home address.
  • Go with ISP or Residential proxies.
  • Find the best Footsites bot.


  • Any Virtual Cards are good.
  • Use random phone numbers with matching area codes.
  • Mix up your email providers.
  • Try the 4-Letter Address and Apartment Tricks at home.
  • Use DC and ISP proxies.
  • Find the best Supreme to jig address for snkrs

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