Best Reshipping Service to Drop Sneakers at Your Door!

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If you live in the US or EU, it’s much easier to get them kicks than other people. But for the unfortunate sneakerhead souls who live in different areas, the shipping is a struggle of its own! Or you might be unlucky enough to fall in love with a regional release, and shit hurts more than breakups. So the only solution to that is to use reshipping services and buy your heart’s desires away! But how does this all work? And what’s the best reshipping service that you can get for your location? Let’s check all this out!


Why Does Reshipping Exist?

So this applies to everything, but we’re gonna be sneaker-specific because that’s what we care about, no cap. Imagine this: a very cool pair of sneakers is dropping, but the kicks are region-exclusive and not dropping in your country. Heartbreaking right? Naturally, desperate times call for desperate measures, aka reshipping services.

Another annoying thing is Nike’s ban on international shipping for retailers since 2020. That ban means that retailers that will stock Nike shoes can’t internationally ship the kicks. You can read more about all of this here. That kinda means that unless you live in the countries where Nike SNKRS is available, you’re out. So, in addition to making it hard with Nike drops and having to use a Nike bot, you’ll have to re-ship!

nike-snkrs-app-50-regionsWhat’s the Best Reshipping Service Out There?

Life would be much easier if the same company was the best reshipping service out there. But well, we don’t always get what we wish for. So, what you have to do is look up the best services that deliver from the original location to where you are. But we did our best to round up some of the best out there! Here are some of the good reshippers if you’re reshipping from:


And If You Don’t Need Reshipping Services…

Well, then, you’ll still need a sneaker bot, so here’s how to find them. And you’re in luck because TSB is one of the best in-store Nike SNKRS bots out there. For only $300 per year, you can start flushing them releases like there’s no tomorrow. Covering over 50 countries globally, TSB can help you buy multiples so easily. TSB utilizes the latest technologies in shopping automation to create an unbeatable user experience. And as a result, you get to buy any limited edition Nike kicks the minute they drop, at retail. You can even give TSB monthly a try.

And with a price like that, you can save some cash to get proxies and Nike accounts. You know, you can never have too many, especially if you’re buying in bulk. And don’t you forget about your VCCs, fam.

But now that you scored multiples or a really hype pair of kicks, it’s time to resell them. Check this out for the hottest sites to flip kicks for the best money! Not sure how to get started? We got you in this guide and some extra tips here. Good luck!

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