The Complete Guide On Using a VCC For Botting Sneakers

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So you’re finally looking into obtaining a VCC for botting to complete your research on sneaker reselling, huh? In addition to TSB, your favorite Nike Bot, you’ll need several tools to build an ironclad plan. Read on for the full drill on VCCs for botting, and all the extras you’ll need on the side.

What is a VCC?VCC for sneaker botting

A VCC or a virtual credit card is a payment method that is virtual rather than physical. It functions similarly to a traditional credit card and connects to your existing funds. But, it takes the form of a single-use 16-digit number and three-digit CVV code generated online, instead of a plastic or metal card. So, instead of relying on your bank, you’re in control. Virtual cards are streamlining the way both buyers and sellers are making payments.
As well as offering extra benefits that traditional cards usually don’t.

Benefits of VCCs


First and foremost, users utilize their VCCs for the security that comes with them. Virtual payment cards are ideal for making safe, secure online payments. As virtual payment cards aren’t physical things, this makes cloning them practically impossible. There’s no physical item to be stolen. They can even be set as single-use cards, so they expire directly after use, and there’s no issue with future fraudulent payments from your card.
Although the virtual vs physical card can feel considerably different, it is still real money. So the appropriate security measures should be taken just as if it was a physical payment card.

Ease of Use

Going back and forth from your bank for non-ending applications and paperwork can be a pain, especially in today’s fast-paced world. Most financial institutions allow you to set up your VCC within seconds of signing up. After that, you can instantly use your card online instead of waiting around for the physical card to come in the mail.

Why do I need a VCC for botting sneakers?

When you are botting sneakers across a range of sites, there is often a security measure that these sites enforce that only allows “one item per customer”. This means that the card you are using can only purchase one of each item they release which makes the idea of purchasing multiple items a lot more difficult. However, with the use of virtual credit cards, you can create multiple cards that take funding from one source and this will allow you to purchase multiple items on the sites that enforce a “one item per customer” type of rule.

Where to Obtain a VCC for Botting

I know what you’re thinking, “Where can I get one of those VCCs you’re talking about?” here are our favorite picks:



Privacy is currently available to US citizens or legal residents with a checking account at a US bank or credit union, and who are 18+ years of age. With Privacy Cards, you can set maximum spending limits on virtual cards to prevent overcharging. Privacy Cards will also lock to a merchant to prevent the card from being used elsewhere if the merchant is breached. Lastly, you can pause or close Privacy’s virtual cards at any time, with just a few clicks.


Revolut supports botters both in the US and EU regions. The Revolut app is very user-friendly and offers excellent exchange rates. This makes it a staple among international botters! Also, it supports users who are under 18 to have their own VCCs under adult supervision.


Consider Slash as the bougie Privacy. Slash is also only available for US citizens, but gives users a larger spending margin. So if you’re going all-in, Slash is your go-to option. And by the way, it has recently become an open sign-up app to the public, so you’re in luck.

Closing on our VCC for Botting Fiasco

To sum things up, VCCs can be an essential part of your sneaker botting game. That’s mainly due to the ease of use and the multiplicity they offer. But in addition to virtual cards, you’ll need to acquaint yourself with proxies, Nike accounts, and copping in bulk. Good luck, fam!

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