How To Resell Sneakers In This Fast-Pacing Industry

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Figuring out exactly how to resell sneakers can be a drag if you’re new to this ever-changing industry. If you’ve been up-to-date with the sneaker community, you know it’s getting more difficult by the day to catch up with the drama and the obstacles therein. In reality, building any sort of business takes time, effort, and decent capital to start with. But in the case of sneakers, a big part of the work can be automated. Which, if you think about it, is the reason so many people join this game in the first place. But one thing’s for sure, hype sneakers still exist to keep the resale market going.

How To Resell Sneakers 2How to Resell Sneakers: The Big Dive In

We’ll go into each of these points in detail later. But if you’re in a rush, here are the basics of how to resell sneakers once you’re all ready:

Have Enough Money to Cop

TSB moneyFirst things first: breaking the piggy bank. You’ll need to start with some money that’ll at least get you a couple of pairs. Let’s say something between $500 and $1,000 to begin with, depending on which sneakers you’re hunting, and which bot you’ll be buying. But if you already own a sneaker bot, you can start with as little as $200 – $400. That would be enough for you to cop a Jordan 1 High or a new pair of Dunks for starters. Here’s a guide on the prices of Jordans.

“But I don’t have that much money to spare”. That’s totally fine. You could opt for a smaller investment at your local sneaker shop. A lot of times you could find some hidden gems or kicks on discounts. Inspect how they’re doing online on the aftermarket by checking their code. If you find something you can use, build up your capital from there.

Get Yourself a Good Sneaker Bot

We already mentioned it, but we’d like to stress how important that is, especially in today’s industry. Everyone is looking for the next big catch to kick off their reselling business with. And when they do find it, the demand outweighs supply by miles. This would lead to lower chances of scoring hot kicks. So how can you even the odds, or maybe tip them a bit in your favor?

Equip yourself with a sneaker bot like TSB. Not only will it give you better odds at copping sneakers for retail, but it’ll also give you the chance to cop in bulk! Check out this guide on sneaker bots for sale. And if you’re using a Mac, this one’s for you.

Be Patient

You don’t become a reselling sensation overnight unless the stars have aligned just for you. You’ll probably start off with kicks that give you average profits. And then slowly but surely, this profit will increase. And if you manage to snatch a really valuable sneaker, then good on you! But, once again, you’ll probably need a sneaker bot for a W like that. You’ll also wanna be sure you have what it takes to become a sneaker reseller! Which brings us to our next point.

Know the Sneaker Culture

You really need to know your way around the industry before you decide to go into the reselling game. The process is pretty simple once you’ve been around for a while. You’ll be part of communities on Reddit, Discord, X, and even Facebook. You’ll learn what’s in and what’s not, and with time you’ll automatically know the difference! There are also very important cook groups that you can join which can be a great help to you.


Do Your Research and Stay Ahead of the Game

This could be the most essential point of them all. It’s crucial that you do your research before any sneaker drop. Today, there are so many sneaker blogs that make it very easy to keep up with the up-and-coming releases. If you’re into reading the news, check out the TSB blog!

If you’re not into blogs, there are many YouTube channels that could hook you up with all the latest news. NiceKicks and Jacques Slade are probably the most prominent. Instagram has also become an important part of the industry, especially if you like flexing kicks. Finally, keep an eye on comments everywhere and you’ll get an insight on what the community thinks is hot, and what’s not worth the hype.

Study Your Resale Options

So, let’s say you already copped a pair and you decided to flip, where should you do it? That might look hard, but you’ll easily get the hang of it pair by pair. You’ve got some pretty authentic websites, shadier ones, and free markets. We’ll get into those in detail if you keep on scrolling! So hop on with us to discuss where and how to resell sneakers on the aftermarket.

Where to Resell Sneakers

So where should you resell your sneakers? Today, the most authentic resale websites you’ll find are GOAT, StockX, Flight Club, Grailed, and Stadium Goods. Here’s a list of seller fees you should know for each of these platforms to help you choose.

GOAT: Seller fees range between 5% and 30% depending on where you are in the world. There’s also a commission fee of 9.5% that could go up to 25% if you get many cancellations. These are deducted from the value the kicks sold for. If you’re undecisive about whether to go for StockX or GOAT, read this.

StockX: First, you have a 3% processing fee. Moreover, there’s a transaction fee that starts at 10% and decreases as you level up as a reseller. Here’s the full guide on selling on StockX. And the platform has had its share of controversy lately, and you can read all about it here.

Flight Club: 9.5% commission fee plus a $5 seller fee, in addition to a 2.9% cash-out fee.

Grailed: There’s a 9% commission fee, so if you’re a beginner and want the lowest deal, it’s Grailed for you! However, there’s a PayPal payment processing fee of 3.49% or 4.99%. That depends on whether you’re doing a deal inside the US or outside.

Want more options? Of course we got you! Check out more sites like StockX here.

More Platforms To Resell Sneakers

We got the most authentic websites out of the way, so let’s move on to others. One of the most renowned reselling platforms is eBay. With their “better” authentication and streamlined shipping comes a higher seller fee. If you flip a pair for under $150, the fee will be 12.9%. Now whether that’s good or bad remains to be seen in the long run!

Other places you can flip your kicks on are Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Discord. Of course, you need to have a strong trusty community there, so take your time building a strong rep. Another way of reselling your kicks is Reddit. r/Sneakermarket is a subreddit that hosts the reselling community. The sub is pretty straightforward: no fakes, no scams, or else you’ll get banned.

You can always check the community guidelines there for pointers! And since you know all the interesting bits, you’re ready to go on the path of resale. But make sure you get a sneaker bot willing to give you what you need. Good luck fam!

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