Adidas Taking Kanye Back? Burning Yeezys? Or Neither?

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You know what they say? The more people you know, the more problems you’ll have. And that’s exactly the case with the sneaker industry fam! You think the consistent rise of the sneaker culture only brings cool collabs and hot drops? Well, y’all couldn’t be more wrong! Nike’s lawsuit ritual should be enough proof. But sadly, it ain’t the only proof. Because if you take a look back at last year’s news list, you’d notice Yeezys stole the shit limelight starting in September and all throughout the rest of the year.


Now, we can’t deny the fact that although many saw the Adidas x Yeezy partnership coming to an end sometime in the future, they didn’t think it’d be THAT soon. Anyway, Ye did take a real blow. Thing is, by terminating Kanye’s partnership, Adidas basically tightened the noose on its neck with its own hands. Because now the Three Stripes’ share prices came crashing down like one heck of a wrecking ball, and that’s all due to its Yeezy stocks piling up.

But, you know where the irony is? Adidas can’t sell ‘em on its own, as the brand needs Kanye to do that. And this elicited rumors of the probability of Adidas bringing Ye back… for the sole purpose of selling its Yeezy stock, that is! At the end of the day, Adidas gotta pick one of the two options. Either bring Ye back, sell out Yeezy’s remaining stock, then say their farewells on a good note this time. Or the Three Stripes would be forced to burn Yeezys.. literally! Let’s elaborate on this messed-up situation more, shall we? 

Taking Ye Back Or Burning Yeezys? No Third Option?

will-adidas-burn-yeezy-stockOkay, so Kanye’s break-up with Adidas left the industry in literal ruins. The Nike x Kyrie situation is very lowkey compared to it. But truth be told, no one should ever overestimate their influence and worth in others’ lives. And that’s a point Adidas proved multiple times. Especially after Kanye’s final outbursts and him thinking he’s so invincible, Adidas can’t give him up. But giving him up, it did. However, we gotta know that stories always got other perspectives. Bias ain’t ever the way to go peeps! 

Anyway, what are these Adidas Yeezy rumors all about? So, you must know Adidas been struggling financially, and numbers ain’t looking good one bit. In one of its recent financial statements, Adidas declared, “Should the company irrevocably decide not to repurpose any of the existing Yeezy product going forward, this would result in the write-off of the existing Yeezy inventory and would lower the company’s operating profit by an additional €500 million this year. In addition, adidas expects one-off costs of up to €200 million in 2023.”

So, in simple words, if Adidas doesn’t find a way outta this shitty situation, the company would be forced to literally burn $500 Million worth of Yeezy apparel! Which means losing more than $1 Billion in revenues. This leaves the brand with picking one of two options: either take Ye back, launch its Yeezy stock, or begin burning Yeezys! And let’s just say, the latter could lead to the Three Stripes’ doom!

Annnd Mystery Ain’t Solved!

What can we say? That’s the thing with rumors. They stay a mystery until someone confirms them. 

Question is, are these rumors not rumors? Because Adidas might be testing the waters to see the majority’s reaction to such a reconciliation? Or is Adidas easing up its way through some plans to make up with the rapper once and for all? Because ya’ll must know, the Swoosh would raise hell if it hit the world with a renewed Adidas x Yeezy partnership all at once. People are still mad as heck about ‘em offensive comments. 

Thing is, no matter what the answers to the above questions are, the Adidas Yeezy relationship would still be very much shaky for a long time. And y’all know, you can’t build a reselling empire on shaky grounds! So, it’s always better to stay in more stable zones, especially if you’re still new to the whole shoe reselling business. Reselling Yeezys might not be the wisest choice at the moment, but reselling Nike and Jordans might make you the fortune you been looking for! And to make copping sneakers worth your time, you gotta target new highly-hyped drops. You can start with this list!

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On a final note, always remember the power great proxies and Nike accounts got on your winning chances! Ciao shitfam!

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