Here’s How to Start a Shoe Reselling Business 

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We’ve talked about sneaker reselling, sneaker botting, and all the hidden gems of the sneaker industry before. But what we haven’t shared yet is how you can mix all these to build an empire to last. In reality, building any sort of business takes time, effort, and decent capital to start with. But in the case of sneakers, a big part of the work can be automated. Which, if you think about it, is the reason so many people join this game in the first place. So here’s how to start a shoe reselling business!


5 Easy Steps on How to Start a Shoe Reselling Business 

  • Get a Sneaker Bot


You can go about sneaker reselling any way you want. You can try all the easy magic guides that promise you an overnight fortune. But as you get deeper into your research you’ll know that the only answer to “How to Start a Shoe Reselling Business“ is: sneaker bots.

There are a shit ton of sneaker bots handling the sneaker game now. And for every type of retailer, you can find multiple high-tier bots to choose from. But how you pick a sneaker bot to start cooking has to do with many factors. 

  • Set Your Budget

It’s true that shoe reselling is one of the side hustles that requires minimal capital, but you do have to pay some money to start. So, keep that in mind when picking a sneaker bot, and always try getting the best bang for your buck. An AIO bot is always a good and money-efficient option.  It allows you to buy sneakers and other items from as many retailers as possible. 

But the downside sometimes can be the lack of focus. Which is a valid argument. Not having your eyes set on one target can mess with your performance. That’s why site-specific bots became a thing. Like Nike bots for example. Using a Nike bot will give you access to all Nike releases like Dunks, Air maxes, and definitely Air Jordans. 

So although this means you can’t buy Yeezys with such a bot, your chances at copping Nike sneakers are much higher. After all, we all know all the shit that goes down on Nike SNKRS! So try finding that sweet spot between what you can pay and what your business is gonna be about. This takes us to the next point.

  • What Sneakers You Need

If you’re all about Yeezys, getting a Nike SNKRS bot would make absolutely NO SENSE! Similarly, if you’re into reselling Air Jordans, you don’t necessarily need a Yeezy bot. What you actually need is a Nike bot like TSB. 

The Shit Bot runs in more than 40 Nike regions globally. It offers some of the most advanced and powerful features in the industry. In addition, TSB holds the record for being the most consistent Nike bot in this field, ever since it launched. 

And since we did talk about the budget, TSB is piggy bank-friendly, retailing for only $300 and scoring just as well as bots worth thousands of dollars on the bots’ black market.
Learn all the ins and outs of TSB by clicking the button below.

  • How Many Sneakers You Want


Now, most sneaker bots offer you the chance to run a shitload of tasks. But not all bots function as well as they claim to do. The reason why running unlimited sneakers is important is because you can’t really run a shoe reselling business without enough stock. So, look for sneaker bots that offer unlimited tasks and deliver on this promise. The easiest way to know this is to go on any bot’s Twitter feed and check how many pairs are their users scoring per drop. If they’re buying in bulk, so should you!

  • Prepare a Storage Space

How to start a shoe reselling business? You prepare proper storage space.

Once you get the copping wheel rolling, there’s no going back. You’ll get tens of pairs shipped to your door every week. And depending on the demand you get for your sneakers, you might have to keep them for a while at your place.

So you need to prepare a decent, well-ventilated, and humid-free space to keep all your shoes, and their boxes, in a deadstock state. The more sneakers you cop, the more money you’ll make, but also, the more storage space you’ll need. So plan ahead and create an expandible space to fit your growing shoe reselling business. 

  • Create Your Accounts and Website

Everything we said before ain’t worth shit unless you execute this point. You gotta talk about your business to have a business! Presence, reach, audience and marketing are the main steps in learning how to start a shoe reselling business, or any online business for that matter.

So, you can either create your own website to showcase your collection or share it on social media platforms, mainly Instagram. Or you can always go for both. Creating your own eCommerce website is very easy, and costs a lot less than you might think. Check this guide to learn how to do it. And as long as you own a mobile phone, you probably know how to set up social media accounts for your shoe reselling pictures.

The next step would be to take really dope pictures of your sneakers. Don’t go cheap here! A picture is worth a thousand words, and the quality of your photos can make or break your business. Moreover, you have to be accurate with your sneakers’ descriptions and measurements. 

  • Sell on the Aftermarket

An easier approach on how to start a shoe reselling business would be to flip on well-established reselling platforms. Places like StockX, Goat, and Stadium Goods have a squeaky clean reputation. So, this takes the pressure of building a website off you. You don’t have to worry about reaching out to clients as these platforms are the go-to destination for anyone looking to buy sneakers. What you do need to know though, you’ll be charged transaction fees with every sale you make and those fees are different on every platform and change based on how many transactions you perform per month.

  • Repeathow-to-start-a-shoe-reselling-business-tsb-repeat

You heard that “consistency is key” sh!t so many times. You’ll hear it again here, cause it’s true!

It doesn’t matter what sneaker bot you run. And your accounts and proxies won’t do you any good if you give up too fast.

You’ll need time to get the hang of botting, and reselling. You’ll most likely flop a few times before you find that winning combo. So, set up your bot, buy sneaker proxies, cop, flip, and then repeat. Making a profit out of a pair of kicks is sweet. But making a successful reselling business that keeps cashing is much sweeter. 

So, How to Start a Shoe Reselling Business?

With patience, consistency, and the right sneaker bot, starting a sneaker reselling business is easy. Much easier than you might think. And when you do it right, the ROI is really worth the effort. Sneaker reselling is the main income of so many sneakerheads out there. and as hard as it is to believe you can be part of this money-making machine so easily. Just take the time to learn, research hard, and know exactly what tools to use, and what kicks to snatch. After all, not all sneakers were made equal, and they’re definitely not equally profitable.

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