GOAT Vs StockX: Conquest Game Of The Sneaker Resale Giants!

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goat-vs-stockxGOAT vs StockX is the new Nike vs Adidas dilemma! However, today’s comparison is all about the resale, not retail, market peeps!

Again, Nike vs Adidas has, and still is, the most debatable topic in the sneaker world. Which is only natural. Two sneaker giants dominating the market for ages tend to develop their fan clubs over time. Just like the Messi vs Ronaldo dispute that’ll never ever settle. But when it comes to kicks, we can’t deny the fact that Nike is the first among them equals. And things look like they won’t be changing anytime soon! However, with the rise of sneakerheads and the resale market, this controversy ain’t only about the retail part of the business anymore.

Online resale platforms now became as popular as shit could get. This brings us to today’s topic. StockX and GOAT being the most popular among them sneaker resale platforms, which one is better? And this way peeps, we fall into a GOAT vs StockX debate. So, shall we settle that shit once and for all? 

Is GOAT Legit?

Now that we’ve covered the legitimacy of StockX, it’s only fair that we give GOAT the same treatment. Right fam? Although you get most of the reassurance y’all are looking for just by knowing that GOAT is one of the largest online marketplaces today. We’ll add a lil to your knowledge so you be 100% certain of that fact. Just like StockX, GOAT offers a strict authentication service to make sure customers only receive authentic products. How? Again, like StockX, there’s a team of experts who examine products using digital authentication methods. And, according to the marketplace: 

“Our resale products and our trusted partners are verified or vetted by a variety of means, such as digital authentication, in-hand verification, and/or machine learning technology. By doing so, we seek to ensure the product you purchase is both authentic and as described.”

So, the resale marketplace’s team runs multiple operations to verify that every single detail meets customers’ expectations. This way they ensure that no fakes slip through! To read more about GOAT’s verification policy, click here.

GOAT Vs StockX: Which One Is Better? 

Why use resale platforms in the first place? Because for one, those who couldn’t score the latest hyped kicks for retail go scouring the internet for them. And two, them lucky peeps who did get ahold of a hyped pair, or multiples (most definitely by running a sneaker bot) head for resale platforms to make some cash. Which brings us to our next point! Which is better, GOAT or StockX? Well, let’s first see what both competitors have to offer and let numbers and facts talk! 

Site Visits And Revenues 

goat-vs-stockx-tsbAccording to SEMrush- an SEO audit tool- in January 2023, goat.com received around 11.5 million visits. While StockX received 27.4 million visits. Besides, according to Statista.com, StockX was among the most popular fashion retailer websites in the U.S. in 2020 and 2021. And as we got no current data on our hands, let’s work with what we have from 2021. As CNBC reported, StockX’s revenues jumped to $3.8 billion back then. Strangely surpassing the competition, GOAT, by only $1 billion! But, that’s still a BILLION more, ya know!


Let’s put it this way. Which one would attract customers more? A supermarket selling different kinds of groceries from meat, drinks, veggies, and fruits to dairy products. Or a much-limited supermarket that only got some basics, like canned food and drinks. It’s all ‘bout broad customer bases peeps! This way we can say that StockX outshines GOAT when it comes to broader selling categories. As GOAT got sneakers, apparel, and accessories as categories. StockX has sneakers, apparel, accessories, electronics, trading cards, and collectibles. 

It’s worth noting that StockX only sells brand-new products (Deadstock). Unlike GOAT which sells both new and used products. So, in case you ever buy any used shoes off the platform, keep in mind to clean ‘em perfectly well. Heaven only knows what kinda shit and germs be creeping on them. 

Purchase And Payments 

When it comes to buying sneakers or whatever form either platform, shit becomes a lil bit personal. Personal as in subjective. Some peeps prefer StockX over GOAT. Others say GOAT is much easier to buy from and navigate than StockX. But before we see how you make a purchase on both platforms, y’all must know that GOAT only accepts payments in US dollars. While StockX is more chill in that area, where it accepts four different currencies: $USD, $AUD, $CAD, and ЄEUR & £GBP. The latter accepts payments via Paypal, credit/debit cards, and various other ways. GOAT also accepts Apple Pay, Google Pay, and many more payment methods in addition to the above two. 

GOAT Vs StockX: How Does StockX Work? 

Let’s show you how StockX purchases go. It’s not rocket science, to be honest. Whether you’re buying from GOAT, StockX, or any other online marketplace, you just gotta navigate the right way. Get familiar with all the tactics, then consider yourself a partially-certified sneakerhead! 

Sign Up, then add a payment method as first step. Pretty simple ight? This way you’re free to start buying your way off the platform. Now, the part that most people find confusing is the bidding thing. As you know, StockX is a live market that promotes bidding and buying at real-time prices, which change hourly. That doesn’t mean you don’t have the option of buying instantly! So, let’s cut shit down to a simple list: 

How to Buy

1- Sign Up or Log In to your account 

2- Choose payment method and currency 

3- Pick the product you want

4- Select size 

5- Either Bid or Buy (Place a bid of your choice, or buy at the current lowest ask)

6- StockX ships your item to be verified

7- StockX ships the item to you once verified 

N.B. If y’all get cold feet and wanna cancel your order, here’s your guide

In case you want to sell, you can follow very similar step:

How To Sell

1- Sign Up or Log In to your account 

2- Choose payment method and currency

3- Pick the product you wanna sell

4- Select size 

5- Create smarter listings

6- Ship your item for verification

7- Get paid as soon as your product is verified by the X

If you’re interested in a 101-selling guide, you can check this one out here

GOAT Vs StockX: How Does GOAT Work? 

As we said before, some resellers and buyers prefer GOAT over StockX, since shit ain’t as “complicated.” So, let’s see how the platform works: 

How To Buy

1- Sign Up or Log In to your account

2- Pick the item you wanna get

3- Select your size

4- Click Buy

5- Enter all your contact info

6- Select payment method

7- Your item will be shipped to you once verified 

How To Sell

1- Sign Up or Log In to your account

2- Go to Homepage 

3- Click on Sell

4- Submit a request to sell your item

5- Fill out a form of personal info 

6- Follow instructions then Submit

7- Wait for GOAT to approve your request 

8- List products you wanna sell

9- Ship for verification

10- Receive payment once verified 

For a more detailed guide from the platform itself, click here

N.B. If you ever regret selling or buying on GOAT, here’s how to cancel your order!

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