Nike Sales 2022: Shit Be Goin’ Sky-High!

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nike-sales-2022You’d think with all the inflation shit going on, Nike sales 2022 would take a nosedive or something. But that’s far from the truth. Being alive becomes more expensive with each passing day. That’s why people are getting a lil picky with the shit they’re buying. Some peeps are now focusing more on essentials. But who said Nike kicks ain’t among ‘em basics? 

Nike Sales 2022: Talkin’ Numbers Like The Shittiest Hotshots!

Footwear Segment Revenue 

Before diving into Nike sales 2022, let’s take a look at previous years to see how that trend been doing throughout. So, Nike’s innovative nature has had a great impact on the increasing revenue trend, ever since its formation back in 1964. But let’s not go back that far ‘cause shit would take more than a few days to go through. Anyway, starting with 2010, Nike’s footwear revenue was $11.52 billion. Since then the brand only witnessed constant increases in this value. Up until shit hit the fan in 2022. And being honest shit hit the fan for people all over the globe that year, not just for the Swoosh. That unforgettable period of the pandemic, man… Let’s not go there. But count on the Swoosh to recover from that faster than an athlete’s recovery after a hard-core training session!

So, from nearly a $1 billion decline to around $5 billion footwear revenue increase in ONE year. That’s the most kick-ass recovery one could ever witness. And since we’re talking numbers and sounding smart today, let’s be more specific. You only get the not-so-formal us once in a long-ass while after all… Anyway, In 2020 revenue hit $23.21 billion, which reached $24.22 the previous year. What happened after that? Sneakerheads took over the world! Kicks started to appeal to people more and more. It wasn’t about sneaker fascination and collecting anymore. Buying then reselling kicks became a major side hustle for all kinda people around the world. And that’s mainly why Nike hit $28.02 worth of revenues in 2021!

Worldwide Revenue

Now we ain’t tryna brag or anything, but Nike be outstanding itself each and every year. Why itself? Well, ‘cause ya know, you being the global leader of athletic footwear, apparel, and everything sport-related tends to put you way ahead of your competition. Look over your shoulders and your competitor is outta sight kinda ahead. So, after taking a hit in 2020, Nike’s worldwide revenue plunged from $39,117 to $37,403 billion. But this didn’t threaten its place in the industry’s hierarchy one bit. Luckily, that shitty situation didn’t last more than a year as Nike took the recovery road. Now, Nike sales 2022 reached $46,710 billion. Which amounts to around a two billion dollar increase compared to the previous year!

Best Nike Collabs ’22: What Even Is A Successful Brand Without Dope Collabs?

Nike’s been more than going outta its comfort zone to meet fans’ demands and tastes. That sky-high Nike sales 2022 doesn’t come outta the blue. From collaborating with high-top brands like Louis Vuitton, Off-White, and Supreme, to joining forces with celebrities, such as Travis Scott and DJ Khaled, the Swoosh’s been more than outdoing itself this year. Let’s not forget about that good-ass money these partnerships make resellers on the aftermarket. Take Off-White’s Air Force 1s, for example. They’re making resellers $1,691 now. Travis Scott Phantoms and Off-Whites’ Air Terra Forma are also rocking resale platforms. And the best part is that these two didn’t hit the shelves yet. This means y’all still got the opportunity to cop the shit outta them, for retail! 

Why catch’em for retail? Well, if there comes a time when you really wanna flex such kicks, you wouldn’t have to sell part of your house for that. And if that shit doesn’t appeal to you, making easy money would definitely do. ‘Cause why not? You just gotta have a great Nike sneaker bot by your side and y’all will be set for a sneaker adventure. But a Nike bot, like TSB, will deliver you the best part of the adventure and save you all the trouble it takes to accomplish it!

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