Getting Cold Feet? Here’s How To Cancel GOAT Order!

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We know how real the struggle is when it comes to messing up your order on resale websites. Whether you’re the seller, or the buyer at the other end of the deal, shit sucks no less. This is why we decided to make your situation less crappy and give you a guide on how to cancel GOAT order. Why GOAT? Well, we already went over how to cancel a StockX order, so now it’s the other sneaker resale giant’s time to shine!


How To Cancel GOAT Order? Your Shittiest Guide Is Here

Before we get into all the dos and don’ts, you gotta know that you can’t leap to the reselling level without having worthy shit to resell in the first place. And with the rise of the sneaker culture, one of the most worthy items to resell these days are sneakers. You can literally buy a pair for $150, then resell them for more than triple that price. That’s how the shoe reselling business works peeps! You just gotta know your kicks really well. And know that Jordan and Nike kicks are among the sneakers that got sky-high resale values

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Cancel GOAT Order Within 3 Hours 

How to cancel GOAT order? Well, if three hours haven’t yet passed on your GOAT order and regret starts kicking in, consider yourself on the safe side. You can still cancel it by following a few easy-as-heck steps!

  • Log in to your account using the app or the website
  • Locate the order you wanna cancel
  • The third and final step requires you to click on the Cancel button.  

This way, your GOAT order would be put to a halt, then canceled as if it’s never been there. And this is a perk, StockX buyers don’t have. 


Cancel GOAT Order After It’s Confirmed By The Seller

You order a hyped pair of kicks. Two minutes later you come to regret your decision. Anxiety kicks in, and you’re now a jumbled mess. Well, you gotta take a deep breath and chill out in this case, because it ain’t the end of the world, as you still can cancel your GOAT order in a matter of seconds as we mentioned above!

However, what if you get cold feet, not 2 minutes, not 2 hours, but more than 3 hours later? Well, you got some work to do in this case! But it ain’t an impossible task!

One option is to email GOAT, reach them through their customer service, or directly contact your seller. If none of these options work, the best thing y’all can do is wait till you receive the order, then request a return. You can do that? Well, definitely! All you need to do is: 

  • Log in to your account
  • Locate your order
  • Click on Request Return

After that, you have to send your parcel back. And once it’s received, you’d receive your refund. But you gotta know that the process of sending your money back takes around 5 business days. But again, make sure you make up your mind about your purchase within three days because they don’t accept returning your package after this duration. One more thing y’all need to know about this return process is that GOAT will include to and from shipping costs as well as any priority processing fee paid. Fair enough! 

Gotta say it. This reselling platform is real good at what it does. Because at the end of the day, good business is where you find happy and satisfied customers.


How To Cancel You Order… As A Reseller?

Okay, so to build customer loyalty and all that, it’s better that you don’t cancel any orders. As a reseller, you need to go up in levels on resale platforms, not the other way around. But if you do mess up an order or offer up the wrong item by mistake, you do have the option to backtrack that. If the buyer got that privilege, why can’t the seller get similar treatment as well? Well, the Greatest Of All Time reselling platform got similar thoughts when it allowed sellers to cancel their sales within 24 hours after buyers place their orders. Find out more about GOAT’s seller policy here

In addition, if a seller doesn’t confirm an order within 24 hours of its placement, or doesn’t ship the parcel within 3 business days after the order been placed, the platform automatically cancels it, anyway! But you gotta know that the more you cancel orders, the higher your commission fee gets! Till next time, sneakerheads! 

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