What’s Best for You, Copping Manually or With a Sneaker Bot?

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Sneakers are modern life’s most coveted and valued commodities. They’re so in they have their own “Industry” and “Community” now, with real fanatics called “Sneakerheads”.
The are several reasons as to why sneakers have become so valuable nowadays. Comfort, style, and resembling your favorite athlete or artist are all legit reasons. But it’s money that drives most subcategories of the retail industry, and the same applies to sneakers. However, with sneakers, it goes as far as using a “Sneaker Bot” to get a hold of the pair you want to own, or flip.


What’s copping sneakers?

We’re not here to teach you sneaker terminology 101, but copping is one of the basic terms you need to know. Copping is the act of successfully purchasing a pair of sneakers. Regardless of HOW they do it, copping is the ultimate goal of any sneakerhead in this game. Especially when we’re talking about limited edition sneakers.

Much like most retail businesses, sneaker retailers have taken most of their work online. So, you don’t need to physically be present to get the sneakers you want, you can buy them online. All sounds easy and simple, until of course a highly desired sneaker releases. That’s when you need to think of a hack, a workaround, possibly a sneaker bot to get what you want.

When Should you cop manually?sneaker-bot-pros-cons

Before you start panicking and searching for the best sneaker bot out there, not all sneaker releases require a sneaker bot. Some sneaker releases, though “Limited”, are easier to cop than others. The definition of limited sneakers is a bit vague, but it’s used to describe sneakers that will drop once. Meaning, you can’t just go pick a pair up whenever you feel like it. But this also means some sneakers are abundant enough for you to buy them online, manually.

Some Yeezys, Jordans, and Nike sneakers release more often than other designs, and in a variety of color options. So in case, you missed one drop, there’s a high chance you can catch the next. However, this doesn’t apply on very limited and coveted pairs, the pairs that hold the cash. Those highly valuable and profitable pairs on the reselling market, aren’t made for manual users. You just can’t expect copping them to be easy, you also can’t expect the stock to be high. In those cases, you need a bot.

Another time you will cop manually is when you’re broke. Sneaker bots aren’t all affordable, and when you’re taking your first steps into this world, spending money sounds scary. In that case, you’ll probably refrain from paying, so you’ll stick to manual copping for a while.

When Do You Need a Sneaker Bot?

When you’re serious, when you get hooked, or when you flip a pair and make that first $100.

Sneaker copping may be just a hobby for you, now, but the Billion dollar sneaker reselling industry is home for thousands of professional money-making sneakerheads. So if you’re willing to grow this hobby into a business, or just side hustle for some extra cash, you will need a sneaker bot.

Sneakers that are worth reselling are ones that are more limited and harder to cop manually. They’re the target of every sneakerhead in the industry, raising the competition to a level you can’t reach on your own.

Sneaker bots aren’t very affordable, that’s a sure thing! But using one you gain access to thousands of exclusive and highly profitable sneakers which would never be accessible otherwise. Therefore, money spent on a good bot is never gone to waste. Actually, if you get the right bot, it will pay you back in no time.

Pros & Cons of Using a Sneaker Bot

Using sneaker bots has its pros and cons, but it’s really up to you to decide how badly you want those limited Air Jordans or Adidas Yeezy Boost dropping soon.



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