Sneaker Bot Copping or Manual Shopping? That’s the Question!

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The 2010s, fam, they were wild! That’s when the sneaker game hit new heights, and sneakerheads were living their best lives. It was a great time for grabbing the freshest releases and kickstarting a sneaker resale business. Don’t worry though, you didn’t miss the train just yet because that shit is only growing harder, better, faster, & stronger!  With all those coveted Jordans in demand and sizzling Nike collabs, the sneaker world is on fire right now! However, to make it in this scene, you gotta have your act together, and you definitely need a sneaker bot for copping by your side.

See, the sneaker market exploded for a bunch of reasons. You got folks looking to build a one-of-a-kind collection and resellers trying to stack serious cash. But whether you’re a die-hard sneakerhead or just chasing money, you gotta get the lowdown on this world. So, if you’re wondering what is sneaker botting and why you absolutely need it to snag those kicks you thought were out of reach? Well, let’s start a very interesting talk then!copping sneakers

Why Sneakers?

The real question is: why not sneakers? It’s hella amazing to see how the industry became what it is today. From just a pair of performance shoes to collectibles and lifestyle items, they made a cool leap. Not to mention the jaw-dropping $10.6 Billion in revenue from sneaker resellers, and that number’s still on the upswing! So getting into sneakers isn’t this insane idea, simply because so many people normalized that shit! So let’s get into the politics of it and how to make it in there!

What’s Sneaker Copping?

First, if you really wanna know how deep this rabbit hole goes, make sure you know your sneaker terms. But if you know your sneaker ABCs, you should know that copping is one of the terms you’ll hear a lot. Whether you’re doing it manually or using a powerful sneaker bot, copping is the endgame for you. 

So, sneaker retailers, just like everybody else, moved most of their releases to online sites in the last few years. In other words, you can technically buy your heart’s desire for kicks wherever you are! But that’s all fun and games until a real hype pair of sneakers drops. In that case, tons of sneakerheads will be coming after the same kicks, and some could have better odds. When that shit happens, you know you gotta play your sneaker bot card to get what you want & secure your W!!

When Should You Go for Manual Copping?

The meaning when we say that a pair of kicks is limited is kinda vague. This could range from an F&F pair to a once-in-a-lifetime colorway. But even if it’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing, it could still be easier to catch than other sneakers. What limited means: is it’s not gonna stay in stock forever like classic kicks that are always there. 

However, they can still be manually accessible for you on retail sites. So it really depends on the pair if you ask us.

Many Jordans, Dunks, and more drop on a regular basis. Not to forget the buzz ongoing with the Ye’s restock waves! So if you miss a certain colorway, odds are you can catch it later, or at least something similar. But when we wanna discuss them money-makers, you know that manual copping ain’t it. You can’t just strut in with hopes of catching a pair while others prepared for that drop for ages. Obviously, the stock on these joints will probably be low, so that’s where a sneaker bot comes in to save the day! 

The other reason that could lead to manual copping is not having enough money to invest in a sneaker bot. It’s okay though because sometimes it takes one pair to give you enough profit to start that flywheel fam! So it’s fine if you stick to manual copping fam cause you never when a miracle happens and you could hit the sneaker jackpot! 

When Do You Need a Sneaker Bot?

Short answer: On any sneaker release you’re serious about buying!

Long answer: If you wanna make an investment in the sneaker resale business, a sneaker bot is a must. If you wanna start a sneaker collection, it also is a must! And if you wanna do both, then you really need that bot! You see, the sneaker resale industry is now a billion-dollar industry! And if different studies are right, we can expect the market’s value to go up in the coming years. So there’s no shame in wanting in on the fun and profit!

But to actually see the difference, you need to know what kicks to flip! Not all sneakers are worth the effort, especially if you’re planning on flipping them. And when these babies are worth the effort, they’ll be pretty hard to get. So make sure you always boost your chances with the right sneaker bot. 

In this realm,

The Shit Bot consistently reigns supreme as the ultimate Nike Bot to snag those highly-coveted SNKRS releases! No doubt, Nike is a major player in the game, especially with its exclusive collabs dropping on SNKRS.  But, let’s face it, SNKRS has a knack for crushing our hopes of scoring those coveted pairs. So why endure the torture? At an affordable $300/YEAR, TSB stands out as one of the as one of the most reliable and cost-effective bots. Consistently securing those hard-to-get drops with a high success rate! However, if you’re not ready for a full-year commitment just yet, no sweat, TSB Monthly is here to give you a taste of the Ws for one whole month! What are you waiting for? 

Finally, with a great sneaker bot, come great responsibilities! You gotta know how to choose your proxies, accounts, and servers. A bot on its own can’t do all the work, and the right add-ons can always make or break your setup!

Pros & Cons of Using a Sneaker Bot

Any venture you go on has its pros and cons, including sneaker bots. But before you go headfirst into sneaker bots, you gotta know what to expect out of them. Once you do, it’s up to you to decide if you really need the joints that drop soon!

But no matter the cons, a high-performing bot can offer so much that you’ll wanna hop in! 

P.S. If you’re still hungry for more intel on sneaker copping & how to buy a sneaker bot, dive into this on-the-go guide right here! Best of luck, fam! sneaker-bot-copping

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