The 9 Best Nike Dunks: Design AND Resale Value

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Finding the best Nike Dunks is trickier than you might think right now, whether you’re after head-turning style or good bucks on the reselling market. From collaborations with the dopest artists, shockingly colorful pairs, or more subtle ones, these Dunks are gonna leave us broke as shit, ya’ll! With the model widely considered one of the best sneakers around for the past 35 years, there have been almost too many great Dunk designs to choose from. In fact, the sneaker is so popular that it is still being made to this day. After all, it definitely is one of the community’s favorite shoes ever created.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites based on their price and designs, thus helping you figure out which pair to add to your collection.

favorite-nike-dunksFrom Design to Resale Value, Here Are The Best Nike Dunks :

1. Nike SB Dunk Low Supreme Stars Mean Green

As we’d all expect, first up is definitely a collab, and no ordinary one. The Nike Dunk Low Supreme Mean Green is inspired by one of the best SB Dunk Highs of all time, the 2003 Nike SB Dunk High Supreme. Supreme kicks are the shit. Always have been, and always will be. And this baby proves our point. In 2021, Supreme and Nike SB added a new SB Dunk Low to their catalog. And today, it’s still going strong on the grueling resale market.


Retail Price: $110
Resale Price: $1,581

2. Nike Dunk Low UNC

A UNC. You saw that one coming! The love for the “University Blue” is everlasting. They’re inspired by the University of North Carolina, which is the college that MJ attended during his NCAA career. A UNC colorway is always a good idea, especially when it’s a Dunk.

nike-dunk-low-university-blueRetail Price: $100
Resale Price: $510

3. Nike SB Dunk Low What the Paul

If you know your sneaker history, you’ll know that 2007’s Nike What the SB Dunks were the shit! Fast forward 14 years to 2021, we were blessed enough to get another one of this kick-ass pair— the signature of the one and only Paul Rodriguez aka P-Rod.

paul-rodriguez-what-the-dunkRetail Price: $150
Resale Price: $431

4. Nike Dunks Low Retro PRM Animal Pack Giraffe/Cheetah

This is no classic Dunk, ya’ll. If we got any safari lover x sneakerheads out there, this one is for you. The pair came dressed in a mix of leather and suede, with an animal print all over. These Dunks are Retro and are part of the PRM Animal Pack. Ain’t no Dunk wilder than this one, fam.

Animal-Pack-Nike-DunkRetail Price: $110
Resale Price: $320

5. Best Nike Dunks SB Jarritos

This year, the Swoosh label collaborated with the globally acclaimed beverage company Jarritos to give us a major hit.  The shoe’s upper comes constructed from a canvas and leather material. The color scheme replicates Jarritos’ brand colors, including beige, off-white, green, and orange. I don’t know about you guys, but I have a long list of drinks I’d like a shoe replica of.

Retail Price: $130
Resale Price: $320

6. Best Nike Dunks What The Clot

Another Dunk from the “What The” collection— a bittersweet one. It’s always hard to say goodbye, but this is how it goes in the sneaker world. Unfortunately, Nike and Clot‘s 2-decade-long partnership has come to a close. However, we’re grateful we got 1 last HOT drop out of this partnership.

Retail Price:
Resale Price: $313

7. Born X Raised Nike Dunk Low

We dedicate this very deserving mention to the Born x Raised Dunks. In the wake of co-founder Chris “Spanto” Printup’s passing, this pair has taken on an even more cherished position within the hearts of both the Los Angeles community and those in the realm of street culture. This deep royal blue colorway effortlessly mirrors LA’s vibrant and dynamic style with its many hints of luxury.


Retail Price: $130
Resale Price: $466

8. Off-White’s 50 Dunk Low 

Yup: A Virgil Abloh Dunk. You can dump this list in shit if it’s not gonna give you AT LEAST one pair of an Off-White collab. But in 2021, Virgil Abloh might’ve lost his mind and decided to drop not one, nor two, but 50 Dunks in collaboration with the Swoosh. The 50 pairs aren’t even that different from one another. The “50 collection” had 49 white/grey-based pairs and a 50/50 final pair that came in black. The only way you can tell between those 49 white pairs is through the cool secondary lace that has a different color on each pair. And that’s probably the coolest details about these Off-White Dunks.

Retail Price: $180
Resale Price: $778

9. Nike SB Dunk Low Travis Scott

All the way back from 2020, this Dunk is still shining. If you know your sneakers, you definitely know Travis Scott sneakers are never out of style. After so many different collaborations with Nike and Jordan, La Flame seems to always check the audience’s boxes.

This everlasting beauty flaunts a paisley-patterned overlay and presents a cement/elephant print underneath. Not to forget the signature Cactus Jack logo on the puffy tongues. A show-stopper indeed. From the Air Force 1’s of his early days to his upcoming Sharkidons, you know you’re never catching any Ws with his designs.

travis-scott-nike-dunkRetail Price: $150
Resale Price: $1,620

Still haven’t copped any Travis sneakers? Right now is your chance! This October 13th brings the long-awaited Travis Scott Jordan 1 Golf. How to guarantee yourself a pair is our field of expertise. Read on.

I Want My Own Pair for Retail!

Dunk colorways are not slowing down, at least not anytime soon. And as much as Nike has flooded us with Dunks over the years, they have left us thirsting for more. So, if you missed out on the Best Nike Dunks in this list, don’t worry ya’ll, there’s so much more to come. And if you’re well-prepared for a release, you won’t miss your desired drop. However, 1 expert tip would be, to never try buying a hot Nike release, manually!

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