What Are The Best Sneakers To Resell In 2024 To Make You Rich?

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With the sneaker industry’s ups and downs, one market stands tall: sneaker reselling. Rocketing to a staggering $13 billion in 2024, it’s a top choice among the successful online businesses worldwide! Luck for us, this year’s bursting with HOT collabs & fresh releases, making it the perfect time to jump in. But remember, getting that BIG cash in the resale game is all about snagging the right cards to play with. So, let’s check out the best sneakers to resell in 2024 together and make it happen!best-shoes-to-resell              

Best Sneakers To Resell:  Top 7 Upcoming Goldmines 

With the year at its beginning, we’ve compiled a list of the most lucrative upcoming releases to resell! So, make sure not to miss out on these opportunities! After all, flipping one of these pairs could be as profitable as reselling 10 regular ones!

Kobe 4 Philly: The Return We Craved For Ages

Vanessa Bryant’s revival of the Kobe line is a game-changer for Nike this year. Indeed, epic Kobe kicks are on their way, whether they’re big comebacks or fresh colorways. Among these releases, the Kobe 4 Philly from 2011 stands out as one of the best sneakers to resell in 2024. You can check out all the deets on the Kobe 4 Philly 2024 right here.kobe-4-protro-philly

Release Date: April 13, 2024
Retail Price: $190
Avg Resale: $1,250

Travis Scott Jordan Jumpman Jack: La Flame’s 1st Signature Shoe

Apparently, Travis Scott will once again take over sneaker headlines in 2024 with his first-ever signature shoe! The Jordan Jumpman Jack became one of the top kicks to flip since launched in February. With a super-limited release, the pairs vanished out in seconds. Leaving us eagerly awaiting wider releases for all the Jumpman Jack colorways. For now, we have two hot colorways with exact release dates! You can dive into more details right here!

Jumpman Jack Sailbest sneakers to resell Jumpman Jack TR

Release Date: April 30, 2024
Retail Price: $200
Avg Resale: $2,800

Jumpman Jack University RedBest Shoes To resell Jumpman Jack University Red

Release Date: Summer, 2024
Retail Price: $200
Avg Resale: $1,900

Jordan 4 Military Blue: A Blast From the Past

Next up, we have the hottest shoes that took the crown of 2023’s best sneakers! Indeed, the 4s might be taking the classic Air Jordan 1’s status soon! Not only are they awesome to flex, but the upcoming Military blue AJ4s, last seen in 2012, are a gold rush for flipping! Get more info on this Jordan 4 right here.jordan 4 military blue

Release Date: May 4, 2024
Retail Price: $215
Avg Resale: $999

Futura Nike Dunks Bleached Aqua: A New Era Of Creativity

Nike Dunks are always good collectibles. But when a great name like the graffiti sneaker designer Futura enters their value skyrockets. Indeed, this collab always results in highly coveted kicks. Ending up at premier auctions and falling under the umbrella of the rarest sneakers ever! For 2024, Futura is putting his touches once again on the dunks with a stunning design!  Making them one of the smartest kicks to resell!

Nike Futura Dunks 2024

Release Date: May 18, 2024
Retail Price: $135
Avg Resale: $1,700

Jordan 3 J Balvin Rio: A Timeless Must-Have Jordan Collab

Ranked among the most expensive Jordans in 2023, the J Balvin Jordans are just so hard to miss out on. Inspired by his newborn son Rio, this is the Colombian singer’s second spin on the Jordan 3. Get all the deets on this fiery Jordan right here.Jordan 3 J Balvin Rio

Release Date: May 22, 2024
Retail Price: $250
Avg Resale: $734

Jordan 1 Black Toe Reimagined: Holiday’s Best Sneaker To Resell

No list would be complete without a classic Jordan 1! Ending on a high note, we have the Jordan 1, which always takes the resale game by storm. A timeless classic, the Jordan 1 “Black Toe” is set to be one of 2024’s holiday releases. With a history of high resale value, this Jordan 1 is ultimately one of the best Nike sneakers to resell in 2024!Jordan 1 Black Toe Reimagined

Release Date: October 18, 2024
Retail Price: $180
Avg Resale: $680

Travis Scott’s Jordan 1s: Reigning Sneaker Reselling Royalty

Just when we assumed Travis Scott had bid farewell to the Air Jordan 1, surprise! Confirmed news suggests not one, but three extraordinary Travis Jordans 1s are on the way this year. Basically, from Black Olives to Canary to Pale Vanilla, these are shaping up to be 2024’s biggest hits! Indeed, the Canary Jordan 1 low Travis is dropping on May 25th and reselling now for a massive $2,000 on the aftermarket! While resale prices for the rest are yet to be revealed, expect them naturally to soar to triple or more their retail price. Just look at the 2023 Travis AJ1s on the aftermarket for a taste of what’s to come!Travis Scott Jordan 1 2024                                                                                                                                        

Now That You Know the Best Shoes to Resell Best shoes to resell 20242024…

Now that you know the best sneakers to resell in 2024 for some pretty serious profit, let’s move to the next step. How exactly can you secure these Nike gems at retail prices on drop day?

First, you should know that these kicks are exclusive and often come in limited releases. So definitely forget about manual copping. Indeed, it only means a bunch of losses! Basically, what you really need is the help of a powerful Nike SNKRS bot like TSB. In fact, with TSB2 killer features, you could be one of the lucky ones to snag these kicks from +50 regions globally. All easily and smoothly! So, what are you waiting for? Check out our success track record, master the basics of sneaker copping, and grab your copy of TSB TODAY

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