Kobe 5 X-Ray: Ghostin’ Vibes From the Iconic 5-Rings Tee!

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You know how it goes, the dopest stuff always drops at the end of the show. This year’s ending is about to blow up with insane kicks, especially those Kobe classics!  From the new Kobe 8 colorways to the OG Olympic Kobe 4s, get ready to hustle hard. But hold up, a new Kobe 5 just surfaced and shook the scene bringin’ those spooky vibes. Vanessa Bryant teased the epic Kobe 5 X-Ray lately as a possible PE. Now, the madness is off the charts with these kicks confirmed for a general release soon! With a backstory straight from the Black Mamba’s legend, there’s no way we’re sleeping on this one. Let’s dive into all the deets and gear up with a killer copping plan to secure that W!nike kobe 5 x-ray

New Kobe 5: Black Mamba’s ‘Broken Not Beaten’ Returns

In 2010, Bryant had a year to remember! The Black Mamba shattered records and clinched his fifth NBA championship with the Los Angeles Lakers. Shortly after, Nike dropped the iconic ‘5 Rings’ T-shirt. Not only did it celebrate his victories, but it also honored Kobe’s resilience through countless injuries over his 20-year career. Now, that deep yet effortlessly cool design gets to shine on our feet with the Kobe 5 X-Ray dropping soon. Let’s dive into these sleek Kobe 5s together! So let’s check these sleek Kobe 5s together!Kobe T shirt 5 rings

The Kobe 5 X-Ray Glows In the Dark!

After a quiet spell, the Kobe 5 silhouette is back and making serious noise. Not just this year, but launching into 2025 as the Year of the Mamba Kobe 5, coinciding with the Chinese zodiac’s Year of the Snake!

Now, onto today’s standout: You might mistake these new Kobe 5s for Nike’s purple Air Force 1 Low ‘Halloween’ sneaker. But they’re actually the fresh Nike Kobe 5 X-Ray. This Kobe 5 features an X-ray graphic on a blue-based upper and a glow-in-the-dark outsole underneath!

So, if you’re eyeing a pair of these awesome yet eerie Kobes, make sure to check how they fit just right. Now, the burning question as everyone goes crazy for a pair: How do we cop them without taking those painful Ls? kobe 5 protro x-ray

glow in dark sneakersWhen & How To Cop the Kobe 5 X-Ray?

Good news for us sneakerheads, these Kobe 5s are dropping sooner than expected! The Kobe 5 X-Ray will drop this Halloween season, likely in October, for a cool $190 on SNKRS. And if you’re seasoned in the game, you know these unique Kobe 5s will fetch many more on resale platforms. Making them a dream for every reseller looking to score that big easy cash.

But let’s be real, copping such hyped releases on SNKRS is no walk in the park. Only a powerful SNKRS bot can turn the tables and secure those coveted Ws effortlessly. Check out the best Nike bots in the market and play your cards just right! And if you’re new to the game, learn more about sneaker bots’ costs, and how they work right here! Catch ya later, fam!

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