Best Kobe Shoes [Top 7]: Kicks That Echoes Greatness & Money!

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“You can’t stop me, you can’t shake me, and you definitely can’t break me.” With these words, the late Kobe Bryant lived with us. From the NBA’s takeoff, sneaker giants chased the Black Mamba for a lifetime deal. Initially with Adidas, a massive hit. Yet, Nike, as usual, took the crown. Locking in Kobe’s legacy with game-changer drops. Eventually, Nike Kobe shoes became the go-to for global basketball stars, sneakerheads, and style icons. Indeed, their skyrocketing resale prices had sneaker resellers fighting for a pair. And here we’ve gathered the best Kobe shoes ever released so you get what all the hype is 

Best Kobe Shoes:  7 Marvels that Will Leave You Speechless!

If you happen to own any of these Nike Kobes, congrats, you own a priceless gem! In fact, snagging these was a real-life battle. However, sneaker-copping pros might’ve secured a bunch for the flex and a boatload of resale profit!

Now, let’s check, the best Kobe kicks ever released, ranked by their sweet resale prices.

Nike Kobe Protro 6 Think Pink

  • Release Date: December, 2021
  • AVG Resale: $1,644kobe-6-think-pink

The first pair on our list is a great example of stride with purpose. A great support for the cancer warriors, this Kobe is one of the best Kobe 6s ever! Big Nike x Kay Yow Cancer Fund collab, endorsed by WNBA stars like Cappie Pondexter & Becky Hammon, made waves. Basically, paying a tribute to the former NC State Wolfpack head coach.

Nike Kobe 11 Elite “Fade to Black”

  • Release Date: April, 2016
  • AVG Resale: $1,447best kobe shoes fade to black 11

In 2016, this Kobe 11 was a perfect closure to a remarkable career. So, with a stamped heel bearing the date of his final game, the Kobe ‘Fade to Black’ became an instant classic.

Kobe 6 Grinch

  • Release Date: December, 2010
  • AVG Resale: $1,426Bryant grinch 6

Nike Christmas sneakers are just mesmerizing! Yet, Kobe’s Christmas shoes were the next level of creativity and hype! Especially the iconic Grinches. These kicks, rooted in a memorable 2010 game, carry the Mamba’s influence and VIP charm. Moreover, get ready for another Kobe Christmas masterpiece making a grand return in Holiday 2024!

Nike Kobe 6 “Mambacita Sweet Sixteen”

  • Release Date: May 2022
  • AVG Resale: $689mambacita-sweet-sixteen

The everlasting bond of a girl-dad lives on through Kobe’s sneakers. So, the “Sweet Sixteens” pay tribute to the late Gigi, featuring heartfelt inscriptions. Among the best Kobe shoes, this special Kobe 6 stands out. Furthermore, anticipate the Kobe 4 Girl Dad, and the Kobe 8 Mambacita, continuing the legacy in 2024! 

Nike Kobe 5 ‘Chaos’

  • Release Date: January, 2019
  • AVG Resale: $579Bryant 5 chaos

This Nike Kobe 5 drew inspiration from the Joker, the DC Comics icon. Particularly influenced by Heath Ledger’s portrayal in The Dark Knight. Also, these HOT Kobe shoes had a “Chaos Alternate” colorway given to NBA 2K20 players completing an in-game challenge.

Nike Zoom Kobe 5 “Bruce Lee”

  • Release Date: November, 2020
  • AVG Resale: $566kobe-5-bruce-lee

Inspired by Bruce Lee, a key influence on Kobe’s Mamba Mentality, this shoe pays homage to Lee’s iconic jumpsuit from Enter The Dragon. Moreover, the influence extends to Kyrie Irving’s line! Drawing parallels between the competitive spirits of the Last Dragon and the Black Mamba.

Nike Kobe 1 “81 Points”

  • Release Date: January, 2017
  • AVG Resale: $525nike-kobe-1-81-points

Last but not least, this pair is one of the finest! Over 20 seasons, Bryant averaged 25 points per game, securing back-to-back scoring titles in 2006 and 2007. So, in 2014, the NBA titan surpassed Michael Jordan, becoming the NBA’s third-highest scorer. The pinnacle? His historic 81-point game in 2006, wearing this Nike Zoom Kobe 1s.

Here’s to More HOT Kobes! Get Ready To Haunt

We totally feel your excitement now! Yet, if you missed out on the best Kobe shoes we mentioned, fear not! No need to fall victim to the aftermarket. Basically, more mind-blowing releases are on the way, thanks to the amazing Vanessa Bryant. So, get ready for Kobe’s massive returns in 2024. 

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