Kobe 4 Bicoastal 2024: A “Girl Dad” Gift That Will Last Forever!

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Still soaking in the vibes from the recent reverse Grinch Kobe 6? Guess what, a new surprise just rolled in! Besides the HOT Black Mamba 4s dropping in a few days; there’s another bombshell in the mix! Beyond the mind-blowing rumor of the Kobe 9 Elite Christmas making a BIG resale comeback from 2015, more 2024 heat is on the horizon. Unlike our previous sneaker talks about pairs like the “Philly” Kobe 4, and the “Gold Medal” 4s, get ready for the Kobe 4 Bicoastal, a.k.a. the “girl dad”! One of the freshest colorways to hit the sneaker scene in the coming months.

Nike isn’t slowing down on the relaunch of the Kobe Bryant signature line. And major props to Vanessa Bryant for keeping us blessed with these iconic kicks! Now, let’s dive into what this new Kobe 4 Girl Dad is bringing to the table!

Kobe 4 Bicoastal: For All The Girl Dads

The sentimental value of this sneaker is out of this world! The Kobe 4 Bicoastal rocks a sleek green makeover! Breaking away from the usual Lakers vibes and giving a nod to the Boston Celtics, the archrivals.

The upper for the Kobe 4 Girl Dad is all about that suede luxurious feel – green at the base, black on the Swooshes. A pop of metallic silver brings the heat to the heel. Along with a slick “24” debossed at the back. More silver action goes down at the logo on the tongue and the “Girl Dad” embroidery inside. Holding it all together, an icy outsole meets a green midsole, sealing the deal. So, if you’re looking to cop a pair or two of these Kobe 4s, you better check out how they fit for the perfect flex! Kobe 4 Girl Dad 

How to Get All The 2024 Kobe Goldmines? Let’s Plot The Move!

Obviously, the 2024 Kobe sneaker game is heating up! In fact, the resale game is showing super promising profits, with 2024 Kobe drops already soaring in value. Alongside the vibrant Kobe 4 Bicoastal hitting on June 7th, 2024, for $215, there’s a hot lineup of Kobes making major comebacks! And the best part? This Kobe 4 Girl Dad is going for a sweet $381 in resale! Well, that’s one you absolutely can’t sleep on!

First things first, gotta up your copping skills. So, keep your eyes on the best sneaker news sites. And follow those killing sneaker Twitter accounts to stay in the loop. Then, check out this helpful blog on maxing out your sneaker resale game. But here’s the real game-changer – ditch the old-school manual cop and step into the winning world of sneaker botting. Basically, that’s where the most coveted kicks in the industry are snatched up without breaking a sweat! Good luck fam!

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