Kobe 6 Italian Camo Roars Back for a Majestic Return in 12 Years!

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kobe-6-italian-camoEven though 2024 hasn’t kicked off, we’re already getting a sneak peek of scorching restocks. First up, we hear about the highly anticipated return of the Plum Dunks. Then, we get news of the revival of the Jordan 4 Military Blue. But guess what? There’s a pair that’s been in hiding for over 12 years. Luckily, the Kobe 6 Italian Camo is making a hot comeback! It might seem far away, but it’s worth the wait! Keep an eye on our blog for the latest updates on these awesome sneakers!

And hey, if you’re already counting down to next year’s restocks, hold onto your excitement! Because this December, the iconic Kobe 4 Black and Gold, and Kobe 6 Reverse Grinch are hitting the scene. 

Kobe 6 Italian Camo Restock Sparks Excitement!

Just last month, during the Q4FY23 earnings call, Nike’s CEO John Donahoe dropped a bombshell! The Kobe 8 ‘Halo’ is returning on August 23rd. Since then, whispers of Kobe Bryant-related products making a return have been buzzing around. Among them is the Kobe 6 Italian Camo.

Curious about the story behind the name?

Well, despite Philly being Kobe Bryant’s hometown, he spent several years in Italy as a kid. He even played youth basketball there. So, Italy was like a second home to him. And of course, when you’re a famous player with a huge shoe deal, you get a chance to add up personal touch to merch and sneakers. That’s where the 2011 Kobe 6 Italian Camo comes in!

Basically, the 2024 version will have a slightly different color scheme. This means these shoes won’t be exactly the same as the 2011 ones. But that’s cool, especially if we can still make some serious money from reselling.

Adding a touch of cool style to Bryant’s sixth signature shoe. The OG version has a mix of Multi-Color, Crimson, Black, and White, inspired by Italian military uniforms. While the Kobe 6 had other references to his time in Italy, this one stands out as the first to return since he passed away. So, make sure to know how these kicks fit for a perfect flex!

Now, get ready because the Kobe 6 Italian Camo will drop on April 13, 2024, for $180 per pair. If you want these shoes, better be prepared! Who knows if we’ll ever see them again after this release!kobe-6-protro-italian-camo

Wanna Cop ‘em for retail?

Whether you’re in it for the flex or flip, these joints along with their resale price are looking pretty great! The 2011 Kobe 6 Italian Camo is now reselling for $700 on average! Know what that means? A couple of pairs could make you around $1k in profit! So, if you like the style, get yourself a pair to keep. But don’t forget to add a couple more to your cart for that flip! 

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