The Kobe 4 Black and Gold Will Make You Feeling Heat this December

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Hey Hey, shit fam! Made any holiday resolutions yet? Well, if you’re a sneakerhead then them resolutions should definitely include copping dope kicks! And 2023 seems to be holding a lot of those!kobe-4-gold-and-black Nike is set to make a highly anticipated comeback. Releasing Kobe Bryant’s popular fourth signature shoe. There’s no surprise that Kobe’s sneakers are in the same discussion as MJ’s shoes, the top options in basketball history. Well, the new Kobe 4 Black and goldwill absolutely go viral among Bryant’s impressive Nike catalog.

So, here’s what you gotta know about them hot kicks. Now they might not be your cup of tea- no judgment- so you can check out the upcoming Born and Raised Dunks!

A Lil Flashback on Kobe Nike Sneakers

Before we get into the details of Kobe 4 Gold and Black, we’d like to go down memory lane and remember Kobe’s beginnings in the sneaker culture, his rich-ass history of collabs, and interesting memorable moments. We can’t argue that Kobe was a pretty influential athlete to millions of people around the world. His first step was a $48 million endorsement deal with Adidas for six years. This is how a wild ride for a legend begins! And honestly, his sneakers made history, at lightning speed. The very first Kobe 1 was accompanying Bryant while dropping his devastating 81-point game against Toronto. Is it obvious now why Kobe’s shoes are even more desirable? They come hand in hand with some shit achievements on-court.

After ending the contract with Adidas, Nike secured a deal for $40 million with the Black Mamba in 2003. This collaboration resulted in 13 new silhouettes of basketball sneakers. The Mamba shoe editions always shredded the list of the best sneakers throughout the years.

If you’re a total Nike Kobe fan you should learn what the new Kobe 4 gold and black is about. And how it will keep Kobe’s memory alive!

A closer look at the Kobe 4 Black and Gold

nike-kobe-4-black-and-goldAs part of Nike’s holiday lineup, they will introduce an exciting new Black and University Gold colorway. This highly sought-after sneaker is sure to make waves among basketball enthusiasts and sneakerheads alike.

The Kobe 4 Black and Gold will be in an all-black pair, with hints of gold on the tongue and swoosh. It will feature updated tooling for enhanced performance. But if you ain’t here for all the performance talk, hear this – Those Kobe 4s are going for a massive $925 on Stock X. As it should go with the sneakers of a legend!

For everyone impatiently waiting to get their hands on this timeless sneaker, we won’t have to wait long. Mark your calendars, December 26th, 2023, is the day. The pair is set to launch on Nike SNKRS and various retailers for $180.

How to Cop the Kobe 4 Black and Gold for Retail?

Okay, if you want the slightest chance at copping this shit, you’ll need a powerful sneaker bot. The resell price of the Kobe 7 Elite, which shares the same color scheme as this Kobe 4 gold and black, is $701. You see where this is going, Right?

This release will score similar if not higher profit! But keep in mind that high-profit kicks are ONLY accessible using the king of this game, TSB. Only a fool would assume that copping manually could work. So make sure you get your own copy for only $300 a year and start cooking all that good shit! Never forget to hook yourself up with proxies and a Nike account. Who knows? You might score lots of Ws and start your journey in the sneaker resale market! Good luck fam!

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