Best Sneakers 2022: Shit’s Going Down Hard This Year!

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What’s up fam? Today we’re taking things up a notch and we’re gonna do some sneaker ranking! We’re gonna take a look at the best sneakers 2022 offered so far! If you’re a sneakerhead looking for some popular shit to wear, we gotchu! But if you’re looking for some profit and kicks worth flipping… we also got you! So y’all can pick and choose your favorite kicks easily. And if you’re looking for new sneakers to cop, Jordan 1 Biohack is definitely worth keepin’ an eye on.


Best Sneakers 2022: Shit That Looks Dope, Sells

First things first, we gotta say that the number we got here can change at any time. But we want you to get the idea, and some sneaker inspiration! And obviously, on top of our sneaker chain, we got an Air Jordan, but not the silhouette you’re expecting. Jordan 4 is taking the lead over all silhouettes, including the AJ1! So, if you wanna ride the wave of popular kicks, Jordan 4 Red Thunder is the pair for you. And then, right behind it, we got the black Yeezy Slide Onyx for comfort.


In third position, we got another Yeezy that reminded sneakerheads of the good ol’ days. Yeezy 350 V2 Dazzling Blue with its nostalgic side stripe! And in fourth and fifth position, Jordans take the cake… again. Jordan 12 Playoffs in its 2022 edition, along with Jordan 3 Cardinal red are both worth owning. And obviously, kicks with stories like these two always become very popular.

Wanna Make Money? These Were Your Best Bets!

Okay, we ain’t including PEs and F&Fs, because we wish we got either. So we’ll just be bitter and go for public releases that can make you a whole lotta cash! The top pair on the list is the Kobe 6 Protro Mambacita Sweet 16, no surprise there. People got to celebrate Gigi’s birthday with a very special sneaker tribute! Next up, Cactus Jack’s Air Max 1 is an obvious one because well… it’s Travis Scott. The kicks were a hit, and so were the other colorways that dropped with it.


Now, the third position is kinda surprising. But the silhouette can actually make you around $100 in profit no matter the colorway. But the Nike Air Zoom GT Cut Think Pink was a shoe for a cause and profit on the aftermarket! Check out the silhouette’s story here. Nike also keeps the money coming with the Sacai Vaporwaffle collab! And finally, the last shoe on our list is a cool New Balance JJJJound collab that took us by surprise.

How to Catch the Best Sneakers 2022 Has to Offer Soon!

Okay, if you want the slightest chance at copping any of that shit, you’ll need a powerful sneaker bot. But you can find lots of potential money with Nike SNKRS drops, so a Nike bot can be exactly what you need. You know, a Nike bot like TSB can push your luck at success with only $300. It’s a cool deal, especially if you wanna save money to get them proxies and Nike accounts. And when you have the best setup, you can run that bot and get your shit going! Who knows? You might score lots of Ws and start your journey in the sneaker resale market!

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