Jordan 4 Red Thunder: A Shock Wave of Drip in 2022!

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Yooo this year is almost at its end! And y’all know what that means. It means we’re gonna check out the sneakers we’ll get in 2022! The new Jordan 4 Red Thunder is totally up high on that list of awesome 2022 releases. But if you’re still stuck on 2021 releases, then keep an eye on the Jordan 1 Bred Patent. It’s probably one of 2021’s holiday highlights, no cap. Anyway, let’s check out what kind of drip 2022 will come with.


Jordan 4 Red Thunder Rocks Bred Vibes

Don’t tell us that you don’t see it, because you’re bluffing if so. The kicks feature a black Durabuck upper. And if you’re not familiar with it, Durabuck is a type of synthetic leather that should be pretty sturdy. The black upper would be boring on its own, that’s why the red detailing is worth the time of our day. You can find the red under the mesh cage, on the lace wings, the inner of the tongue, and the midsole! The rest of the soles’ color is black, so it’s a pretty straightforward colorway fam.

Release Deets

Rumors had it that Jordan 4 Red Thunder was gonna drop in October 2021. But October came and went and we ain’t seen shit! So now, sneaker leaks are saying that the pair’s release will happen on January 15, 2022. It will retail for $190 just like all Air Jordan 4s, but that’s not what we’re here for. We’re here for sick looks and flexes of course… and good side cash!

You can flip the Red Thunders for about $546 on the resale market. And if that ain’t some easy dough, we don’t know what is. Now imagine copping multiple pairs and flipping them. Ka-Ching baby! But copping multiple pairs ain’t easy, especially when they’re dropping on Nike SNKRS. Read on to find out how to boost your chance at securing multiples!


How to Score the Jordan 4 Red Thunder

So before you panic, you gotta know why Nike SNKRS drops are interesting. So check out the different types of drops here! And when you know what’s what, you can choose a good Nike bot to go through drop day with you. Besides, make sure you take part in cook groups because they always come in handy. But one thing everyone in the industry will tell you is that proxies and Nike accounts can make or break your setup! And if you wanna stay on top of the sneaker industry shit we gotchu. Keep checking out the shittiest blog around for the latest tea peeps!

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