Jordan 1 Bio Hack Comin’ in with Some Hands-free Treatment!

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We love them colorful kicks. They just go with everything with little to no effort! Also, they’re pretty cool to look at if you’re a sneaker collector. And today’s pair is lit on so many levels! From how easy to wear to how cool it looks, we can’t choose what we like more about it. The new Jordan 1 Bio Hack Low is just the pair you’ll need on the go during hot summer days! So let’s take a look at the kicks before drop day. And it seems like 2022 is the year of sick AJ1 lows. You know, because Travis Scott’s AJ1 Low Reverse Mocha is coming soon!


A Short but Lit Colorway History!

So our colorway actually dates back to 2005, aka 17 years ago. Nike went on and partnered up with UNDFTD, which became a regular collaborator mind you! Anyway, the point of what we’re saying is that these joints ended up becoming very popular. As it should, considering only 5,000 pairs of the Dunks exist. Now, the colorway is also pretty epic with its mix of brown, black, blue, and the popping neon green midsole. Today, the kicks are worth $1,340 in resale on average.


Fast forward to 2020. So we gotta admit, it wasn’t a very fun year with all the quarantines and restrictions. However, many many amazing kicks dropped that year, including the awesome Jordan 1 Bio Hack High! The kicks featured a very very similar colorway to the UNDFTD collaboration and we were lovin’ it. The kicks dropped in September 2020 for $170, and they’re worth around $270+ on average in resale. That means flipping a pair will get you an easy $100+ in profit!

Jordan 1 Bio Hack Low FlyEase

What’s FlyEase?

The FlyEasy tech has been around for a while now. Nike developed it as a means to make life a bit easier for those who need it. FlyEase kicks provide three main benefits:

  • They’re easy to put on and take off
  • Easy to open and close
  • They accommodate different foot shapes

The main goal of this technology was to make kicks easier to wear for athletes with disabilities. However, it grew beyond that and proved to be pretty successful for everybody looking for an easy way in and out of their kicks! If you wanna read more about the tech, take a look at it here.


Jordan 1 Bio Hack Low Making FlyEase Stand Out A Lil More!

So we already talked about why FlyEase is awesome. But back that shit up with an awesome colorway, and you got a winner fam! If you didn’t get a chance to cop the highs, well, now’s the time to go sneaker shopping. Jordan 1 Bio Hack Low FlyEase will drop on June 14, 2022, for $130. And if it’s as successful as the previous iteration, you gonna be making easy cash in no time!

How to Cop Jordan 1 Bio Hack

So these babies are, of course, dropping on Nike SNKRS. And SNKRS drops aren’t a trip to the park, and you’d know that if you’re familiar with the sneaker app. So, the solution is to run a Nike bot to do your bidding and boost your chances of getting Ws. And if you get a bot like TSB, you’ll save some money to buy proxies and Nike accounts! Make sure you check it out here before you start your botting game. See ya when we see ya!

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