How to Start a Sneaker Collection and Flex That Shit!

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The sneaker industry is an awesome place to be. And once you get the hang of how to cop kicks, you might start thinking about starting your own sneaker collection. You know? A collection that looks like those we see on the internet? The right collection can make you something like a local celebrity among your fellow sneaker junkies! But now you gotta ask yourself how to start a sneaker collection. Chill fam, because we’re gonna get that shit covered in no time!


How to Start a Sneaker Collection: The Basics

So before we start, you gotta have a goal in mind. Do you want to flex all the kicks you bought and develop a rep for being drippy as heck? Well, you gotta buy the right fit, so here’s how to find the right shoe size for you! And if your goals are bigger than just drip, we get it. But you still gotta find out what the best resale platforms are if you’re on a journey to profit! Whatever your reasons are, you’ll need to know how to start a sneaker collection, and you will do it now.

Know the Industry Inside and Out

There are many layers under this simple tip. In what way should you know the industry? Well, let’s make shit clearer. First off, you gotta be part of the culture, which means you gotta legit love sneakers. Second, to be part of the sneaker culture, you gotta be familiar with sneaker slang. This brings us to number three, which is knowing your sneaker history. This shit will come in handy when you’re cherry-pickin’ your future cops.

Have the Cash and Learn How to Start a Sneaker Collection

Look at it this way: sneakers are an investment. And you have to be willing to invest a lot of money to start a fire collection. If you’re thinking of doubling up on pairs for keeps and to flex, you sure need the cash! Another reason you need the money is the case where you have to buy off the resale market. You know, some prices are insane, and if you’re a die-hard collector, you’re gonna be paying for that shit, fam. So yes, you can’t really get into the collecting field unless you have the money for it.


Stay Up-to-Date on What Drops Where

This should go without saying peeps. If you wanna catch the drops for their retail price, you’ll have to stay in the loop. And to do that, you gotta have all the coolest sneaker apps and follow the best sneaker blogs. And if you want to keep it simple and follow both botting and sneaker news, the shittiest blog is there for you!

To Wear or Not to Wear: That Is the Question

So here is where the conversation heats up. Should you wear all the kicks in your collection? Should you sleep on them in hopes of flipping them for good cash? Both sides can expertly argue their case, and we get it fam. But why not hit that sweet spot in the middle? Storing kicks for long amounts of time will ruin them, and wearing everything will make them lose their value.

The solution here is to do both! When a pair is looking up, you can sleep on that. But when a really cool colorway feels like it’s not gonna bring much profit, then rock that shit! But in the end, to each their own homies. And not everyone has the same opinion, no biggie!

Now That You Know How to Start a Sneaker Collection…

You gotta start looking at ways to get the kicks of your dreams. And the only way in today’s industry is by owning a sneaker bot. But if your focus is all about Nike, then you’re gonna need a Nike SNKRS bot like TSB! It supports 40+ regions, so you can cop wherever you are. Not only that, but you can find it in stock for only $300 per year. And you know what that means, fam; you can get proxies and Nike accounts now! So go on and get your copy to start living the collector life!

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