Best Sneaker Resale Websites to Get Your Gig Going Strong!

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It usually goes down this way: you got into the sneaker world out of love for the game. And then, you kinda lucked out on Nike SNKRS and took that W on a very hype pair. You slowly grew that sneaker collection and then needed some money. That’s when you got introduced to the sneaker resale industry, and the rest is history. But if you’re still wondering where you can make the most out of your sales, we gotchu. Here are the best sneaker resale websites to get you making side cash like there’s no tomorrow!


Best Sneaker Resale Websites to Get That $$$!

Okay, so you’re thinking of seriously taking the resale road, and that’s totally fine, but you’ll need some help. If you’re looking for a good way to snatch them SNKRS drops, you’ll need a Nike bot. Luckily, we got just the thing for you! TSB is one of the best Nike bots on the market today, and it covers 40+ regions around the world. 

The best thing about it is that it’s always available here, so you won’t have to pay resale to get kicks n shit. You’ll only have to pay a yearly $300, and you’re set! But get the right proxies and accounts to get the max out of your botting experience yo. And now, check out the best sneaker resale websites to flip your kicks on.

PS: These sites aren’t in any particular order.

Flight Clubbest-sneaker-resale-websites-flight-club

  • Launch Date: 2005
  • Fees: 9.5% commission + $5 seller fee + 2.9% cash-out fee
  • Store Type: Physical, Online
  • Items You Can Sell: Sneakers

We’re pretty sure you’re already familiar with what Flight Club is if you’ve been around for a while. It’s actually the first consignment store to offer rare kicks for sale. We can say that Flight Club is one of the sites/stores to get the resale shit going!



  • Launch Date: 2015
  • Fees: Seller fee per location + 9.5% to 25% commission fees
  • Store Type: Online
  • Items You Can Sell: Sneakers, Apparel, Accessories

Although relatively new if you compare it to other resale platforms, GOAT managed to gather lots of users in a short time. But the coolest thing about that shit is that GOAT was a second attempt at a new project after the failure of the first one by the founders. And in a few years, it became big enough to actually acquire Flight Club in 2018!

Stadium Goodsbest-sneaker-resale-websites-stadium-goods

  • Launch Date: 201
  • Fees: 20% commission + 1% processing fees
  • Store Type: Physical, Online
  • Items You Can Sell: Sneakers, Apparel, Accessories, Collectibles

If you like to keep up with what celebrities are wearing, then you probably came across Sneaker Shopping with Complex! That shit is pretty entertaining, and we lowkey judge the celebs’ sneaker taste. Anyway, all that shopping goes down at Stadium Goods stores! The store totally left a mark in every sneakerhead’s heart because of how cool it all looks. And, of course, all the sick items you can find in there. And for the fashion junkies, Farfetch is the parent company of Stadium Goods!



  • Launch Date: 2006
  • Fees: 15% commission
  • Store Type: Physical, Online
  • Items You Can Sell: New and Pre-Owned Sneakers & Apparel

Another site that doesn’t get the love and attention it deserves is RIF Los Angeles. You can find brand new and pre-owned items if you don’t have the cash to afford off-the-rack shit. So if you’re looking for the best sneaker resale websites and stores for a pair that you wore once or twice, that’s it!


  • Launch Date: 2016
  • Fees: 8%-10% (depending on seller level)
  • Store Type: Online
  • Items You Can Sell: Sneakers, Apparel, Accessories, Collectibles

StockX is another website that shot to popularity among sneakerheads, streetwear fans, and collectors. It’s a great place to sell your items or even find out how much they’re worth in real-time. In fact, the site works just like the stock market, where you can see the value fluctuation of different items. That’s a pretty cool idea that made StockX stand out from other resale sites.


  • Launch Date: 2013
  • Fees: 20 percent on top of payout, $11 shipping costs
  • Store Type: Online
  • Items You Can Sell: Sneakers, Apparel

Another platform that took the sneaker and streetwear world by storm is KLEKT. It’s another one of the best sneaker resale websites, and it’s legit for those wondering about it. The platform’s strong point is that it provided a place for EU sneakerheads to get them hype kicks. So if you’re living in Europe, Klekt is your best option to flip your shit. But of course, you do you fam.


  • Launch Date: 1995
  • Fees: 7%-8% for $100+ sneakers, 11.7%-12.55% for sneakers under $100
  • Store Type: Online
  • Items You Can Sell: Anything…

We don’t think eBay needs an introduction, but here goes nothing! eBay is one of the oldest e-commerce platforms, and naturally, sneakers were there since day 1. Before all the sites we mentioned became a thing, eBay was the go-to place for every reseller! Moreover, the fees are relatively a new addition to the sales, so before, it was a sure-fire way to flip.

urban-necessities-resale-kicksUrban Necessities

  • Launch Date: 2014
  • Fees: 15% fee or $30 (the greater value)
  • Store Type: Physical, Online
  • Items You Can Sell: Sneakers, Select Apparel

Another place you can resell your kicks at is Urban Necessities. The founders of the store are husband and wife, and they’ve expanded a lot since 2014. You can flip your deadstock kicks over there, especially if they’re vintage and hard to find. So if you’re looking to flip some of your most valuable kicks, UN is a good place to do it!



  • Launch Date: 2012
  • Fees: N/A
  • Store Type: Online 
  • Item You Can Sell: Sneakers, Apparel, Accessories, Collectibles

Last but not least, SoleStage is a resale platform that sneakerheads made for the other sneakerheads! You can literally find any exclusive kicks you want out there. The app is also pretty easy to use, and the sale process is straightforward. So it’s easy to get your resale shit going with it! And now that you know all this, make sure you buy your kicks for retail. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting your time and not getting the money you can make out of this gig. Good luck!

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