Looking for Online Side Gigs? Here’s TSB’s Guide to Money!

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The digital world is already in motion. And in this economy? You bet your ass that we wanna find more sources of income. From the pandemic to world economies tanking, many are fighting financial instability. Job losses, lack of opportunities, and the need for more income made online side gigs a strong contender. More than just income, these gigs provide flexibility and an escape from that 9-to-5 grind. Oh and the opportunity to become an entrepreneur right from the comfort of your couch. Trust us, yesterday was the best time to embark on an online side gig. And the next best time is right now!

sneaker-reselling-online-side-gigsTop Online Side Gigs

  • Sneaker Reselling

 Yea, yea, yea, we know you knew we’d go there. But listen here, in the world of sneaker reselling, a reseller can make anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 per month. Well, that depends on the rarity of the shoes and the reseller’s understanding of the market. This gig involves buying exclusive and rare sneakers and flipping them at a higher price, often through online platforms.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing offers people the chance to make a commission by selling other companies’ products. From social media to a personal blog, an affiliate marketer with a solid following can earn a steady income stream. So, if you got a knack for sales and that sort of shit, affiliate marketing is the thing for you!

  • Freelance Writing

You know your way around a pen and paper and have a knack for writing? Well, businesses are always looking for ways to boost their online presence, hence an ongoing demand for talented writers. Furthermore, a freelance writer, producing quality content, can typically earn anywhere from $20 to $100 per hour. Sounds like a catch… And who knows? You might end up becoming the next Dr. Seuss!

  • eBook Publishing

Again, if writing is your forte and you like to share ideas or stories, self-publishing an eBook could be your ticket. Successful eBook authors can earn thousands of dollars monthly through sales and royalties. And these books could be so successful that they could go into hard-copy print, or even a Netflix series. Dream big peeps!

  • Online Tutoring

Online tutoring has taken off, particularly with school closures during the pandemic. (We know, yikes.) That’s why an online tutor in a demanded field can pull in $25 to $50 per hour, sometimes more. So, if you’re good at anything teachable, just go for it!

  • Virtual Assistant Services

Many businesses and professionals require reliable remote assistance for administrative tasks. A successful virtual assistant can earn anywhere between $15 and $75 per hour. The more complex the tasks and the better the experience, the better the money on payday.

  • Dropshipping

Through this business model, you sell products online without stocking inventory. That’s a very good idea if you’re short on storage space. Dropshippers earn money by selling products at a markup and can make good profit with the right product niche and marketing.

How Sneaker Botting Can Boost Your Gigs

You may be wondering, how do sneaker botting and reselling make sneakerheads money? Well, sit tight as we dig deeper into one of the most profitable online side gigs. Sneaker reselling emerged among millennials and Gen Z as a business that merges passion with profit.

Here’s how it works: Limited edition or exclusive drops of sneakers can sell out in minutes, thanks to their high demand.  Moreover, to score these kicks, sneakerheads use sneaker bots to automate the buying process. These bots can bypass the waiting time, manage multiple transactions simultaneously, and increase the chances of snagging these kicks before anyone else does. 

Once they scored these in-demand sneakers, sneakerheads then flip them on different platforms. Their customers are usually other sneaker enthusiasts who missed out on the initial drop but are willing to pay a bit more to own these pairs. Thus, the markup can be pretty steep – sometimes even double or triple the retail price. And if you’re lucky, you can flip kicks for thousands of dollars! That all depends on how rare they are.

Sneaker Reselling: One of the Profitable Online Side Gigs

On average, a sneaker reseller can make anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per month. This value changes according to the rarity and demand of the sneakers they manage to scoop up. But, with the right know-how and speed, sneaker reselling can turn into a lucrative side gig. (Do you hear the ka-ching? No? Just us?)

While the sneaker reselling business seems straightforward, it’s important to note that it requires some work. You know, you gotta research well, commit, and invest! To succeed, you gotta understand market trends and be up-to-date with release schedules. Oh and of course, you gotta be tech-savvy enough to know how to use bots effectively. As with any business venture, there are risks, but the rewards can also be impressive. So, for those who master it, sneaker reselling goes beyond just a money-making opportunity… it becomes a way of life.

How to Start Sneaker Reselling

Starting a sneaker reselling business is exciting, but it’s more than just buying low and selling high. There are steps involved, and you bet that they demand your attention. First, you’ll need initial capital to purchase your first batch of sneakers. Depending on the market and the type of sneakers, this could be anything from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. 

Next, you’ll need knowledge of the sneaker industry. This doesn’t just mean knowing which types of sneakers are trendy. While that’s a must, you need more shit to go on. You should also know the ins and outs of release dates, limited editions, and seasonal fluctuations in prices. A keen eye for detail and current fashion trends can give you an edge over competitors too. 

Lastly, consider investments in technology if you really wanna get ahead. So, this can include subscription services for market analysis, and bots for quick purchasing. It even includes a storage space to protect and ship your sneakers. Having a reliable, fast internet connection is also crucial for staying ahead during online releases and auctions

Your success in the sneaker reselling business depends largely on these factors. It’s a game of knowledge, strategy, and speed. And if you play it right, the returns can be very rewarding. So, the question here is: whatcha waiting for?

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