Sneaker Storage: How to Store Shit & Keep It Squeaky Clean!

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sneaker-storage-and-organizationSo, you got a sneaker bot like TSB in hopes of cooking. You ran it and BAM you scored! Run by run, you started scoring more and more kicks. However, a problem that you didn’t consider just popped up. Where the heck are you gonna keep all these kicks? Just picture your coveted kicks, once fresh and fly, now crumpled, scuffed, and fading into oblivion because of inadequate storage! If this sounds all too familiar, you’re not alone. That’s where this sneaker storage guide will come in handy! We’re gonna give you some solutions that will make your sneaker storage place less messy. And well, even if you’re just starting out in the sneaker industry, it wouldn’t hurt to think ahead!

Tips to Make the Best Out of Your Sneaker Storage!

First things first, you’ll need to get your priorities straight. Are you in the game to start a sneaker collection and flex it? Or do you wanna crack into the sneaker resale industry? You see, we’re asking these questions because they affect the whys and the hows of sneaker storage! So make sure you keep your goal in mind when you continue reading.

Clean & Protect: What Comes Before Storaging!

Before diving into the best ways and ideas to perfect your sneaker storage, remember to wipe your shoes and clean ‘em of dirt so they don’t dry up and stain the material. Protecting your shoes plays a crucial role in applying the sneaker organization successfully! So, here are some useful hacks!

  • Gentle Cleaning for Freshness: Sneakers come in various materials, so choose cleaning methods wisely. Gentle cleaners, warm water, and a stain brush are your go-to tools for a quick refresh. Check out this guide on how to clean your Jordans.
  • On-the-Go Sneaker Savior: For those unexpected messes, grab ShoeRescue wipes. They’re your all-natural, portable solution for removing surface stains and keeping your kicks spick and span.
  • Smell Fresh, Stay Fresh: Banish odors with Mini Moso Charcoal Deodorizers. These fragrance-free, non-toxic sachets are sneaker essentials, absorbing unwanted smells and maintaining a pristine interior.
  • Preserve the Sneaker Shape: No more creases! Use adjustable shoe horns to maintain your sneakers’ form and potentially boost their resale value.adjustable-shoe-shape-horn

Where Should You Store Them Kicks?

Let’s get on to serious shit now. If you’re just starting out in the sneaker collecting game, you’ll wanna know that having multiple pairs needs space. But, as always, you can start small by storing your kicks in your room. But box by box, your collection will grow, and you’ll need more space for your kicks. So, there are multiple ways to start your sneaker storage right.

First, you can store the kicks in a walk-in closet and add a dehumidifier (for reasons we’ll discuss later fam). Second, you could rent a storage space! It doesn’t really have to be very big, some exist in 5’x5’ sizes. So make sure you know what size of storage you need to stack them kicks! There’s also the option of renting climate-controlled storage spaces, and we kinda recommend that shit, to be honest.climate-controlled-storage

However, if you’re looking for costless ideas check out the following solutions:

  • Elevate with Vertical Shoe Racks: When space is tight, think vertical! Wall-mounted shoe towers maximize storage in narrow spaces, turning your sneaker collection into a stunning visual display.
  • Floating Sneaker Shelf: You can boost your room’s aesthetics with a floating sneaker shelf that’s bound to impress even the most stone-faced Hypebeast. 
  • Double the Space with Shelf Risers: Shelf risers are the secret sauce for doubling your storage space. They work wonders, especially for those pint-sized kicks, allowing you to showcase more on a single shelf.

How Long Do You Need Sneaker Storage For?

Time is some tricky shit we ain’t gonna lie. Leave your kicks as they are for too long, and they’ll crumble. You know, have you seen these babies crumbling? *sobs internally*. Anyway, if you’re looking for a fast solution before you flip your kicks, it’s pretty easy. You can simply keep the sneakers in their box so they stay in their DS state! But if your joints are here for the long haul, then read on for some tips and tricks.

Extend the Life of Your Kicks by Storin’ Them Right!

Now we’re getting to probably the most important things. It’s a bummer when a pair of sneakers that you thought would last ends up crumbling in your hands. So, we’re gonna give you some suggestions to keep the kicks from getting moldy and oxidizing! Of course, that’s all in case you wanna store the kicks in your collection for a long time. But if you got them as beaters and wanna regularly wear them, just keep ‘em in that box!

  • silica-packsplastic-shoe-boxesRemove the paper from the box: That paper is a bit acidic, which means it can cause sole yellowing with time.
  • Silica gel packs: This here is a sword with double edges. Silica packs are good for short-term storage since they can suck oxygen from around the kicks and slow yellowing. But leave them in for too long, and their soles will crumble like baby powder!
  • Plastic shoe boxes: Your best bet for long-term storage. Plastic boxes are sturdy and will protect your kicks very well. However, make sure you take them out every month or two to air them out. That way you’ll ensure your kicks’ longevity peeps!

P.S. Clear plastic storage containers are a game-changer. They’re shielded from dust and damage. Plus, it’s like having your personal sneaker museum on display! 

Cardboard Boxes: Keep Or Ditch?

Well, not all storage methods are equally efficient. While cardboard shoeboxes may seem like a convenient and cost-effective option, they actually pose several risks to the health and longevity of your sneakers that you might not realize.

  • Cardboard Boxes Don’t Protect Your Sneakers: They offer limited protection against external elements such as dust, dirt, and in worst-case scenarios, pests.
  • Your Kicks Need To Breathe: Cardboard is not a breathable material, meaning it does not allow air to circulate through your shoes. 
  • Varying Sizes Make For Terrible Organization: Cardboard shoeboxes are not the most efficient storage method when it comes to organization. Because they come in different colors and sizes, the aesthetic you might be going for could get compromised.
  • It’s Impossible To Know Where Your Sneakers Are: Let’s be honest. As sneakerheads we have way more sneakers than we really need and one of the most frustrating parts of sneaker collecting is waking up in the morning with a specific pair in mind and not being able to find it. 
  • Cardboard Boxes Are Destined To Die: Simply, the original boxes from your sneakers will eventually wear out and crumble with time. So, make sure you store them properly to preserve their value. Especially if you’re reselling those kicks.

However, You can keep those original boxes in case you’re in for the reselling game! For sure, reselling your OG sneakers with their OG Boxes will boost the resale value, but store them smartly. Collapse and organize them labeled for easy identification.

Some Final Sneaker Storage Tips

We all wanna keep our kicks in their “new” state. But just like everything else, everything will get old eventually. What we mean is that your sneakers’ midsole will yellow with time no matter what you do to prevent it. So our tip for you? Wear your kicks (unless you wanna flip ‘em) and flex that shit hard!

Anyway, this whole thing applies in case you’re serious with your sneaker game. And if you are interested in awesome Js and Nike kicks, you’ll need a good Nike bot. After all, the Nike SNKRS app won’t give you that W easily! So here’s a list of the best Nike bots out there, including TSB. With more than 50 regions covered worldwide, TSB is bringing its users the success they need! So make sure you hop on before the next big release! Good luck!

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