Unveiling Holiday Jordans 2023 Lineup: Heat Up Your Kicks-mas!

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2023-holiday-jordansReady to wrap 2023 up? Throughout this year’s wild rollercoaster, we’ve witnessed sizzling Nike drops that left us drooling! As well as Yeezy restocks waves that felt like a plot twist after a heartbreaking finale, and a whole lot more. But let me tell you, fam, the show ain’t over just yet! As summer bids farewell, it’s time for all of us to start collecting our holiday drip. And Jordan Brand has something epic coming up this holiday! So, let’s check the hottest holiday Jordans 2023 that you must get your hands on!

But first here’s the twist that’s got us buzzing with excitement: this end-of-year is like no other! We’re not just talking about the usual suspects making a comeback; we’re talking about sneakers that have been hiding in the shadows for what feels like forever! Especially since some of ‘em sneakers are rarer than a unicorn sighting! 

Unwrapping the Jaw-Dropping Holiday Jordans 2023 Lineup!

The Holiday Jordans 2023 lineup is a true trip down memory lane. With plenty of retros to satisfy your nostalgic cravings. Starting with Jordan 1s and ending with the 13th signature Jordan. This list is a mix of exclusive shoes, awesome classics, and many new eye-catching colorways!

October 7
Jordan 6 Aqua

October 13
Jordan 1 Golf Travis Scott

  • Retail Price: $170
  • Average Resale: $2000jordan-1-golf-travis-scott

October 14
Jordan 1 High Sky Mauve

  • Retail Price: $180
  • Average Resale: $750jordan-1-sky-mauve-high


October 18
Jordan 1 Satin Bred

  • Retail Price: $180
  • Average Resale: $2,799jordan-1-satin-bred

October 28
Jordan 12 Cherry

  • Retail Price: $125
  • Average Resale: $800jordan-12-cherry

November 4
Jordan 1 Royal Reimagined

  • Retail Price: $180
  • Average Resale: $393jordan-1-royal-reimagined

November 21
Jordan 13 White Wheat

  • Retail Price: $200
  • Average Resale: $426jordan-13-white-wheat

November 22
A Ma Maniere Jordan 5 “Black”

  • Retail Price: $225
  • Average Resale: $2000a-ma-maniere-jordan-5-black

November 25
Jordan 3 retro fear

  • Retail Price: $200
  • Average Resale: $406jordan-3-retro-fear-1

December 9
Jordan 11 DMP

  • Retail Price: $230
  • Average Resale: $521jordan-11-dmp

December 23
Jordan 1 OG Celadon

  • Retail Price: $180
  • Average Resale: $1645jordan-1-og-celadon

More Holiday Jordans 2023

Not Just Jordans: Nike’s Holiday Sneakers Add More Spice!

Jordan releases are absolutely leading the hype game! Nevertheless, let’s take a moment to appreciate other legends that paved the way for this sneaker empire.

In fact, Bryant Kobe, and Kevin Durant made history in sneaker history. This holiday, Kobe’s promising some comebacks that have been a long time in the shadow. And KD? Well, he’s got his own magic to sprinkle on the sneaker game. 

Let’s check out the following Nike Holiday lineup that’ll leave you breathless!

November 2023
April SB Dunks

  • Retail Price: $120
  • Average Resale: $363april-sb-dunks

December 2
Travis Scott Mac Attacks

  • Retail Price: $120travis-scott-mac-attacks

December 16
Kobe 6 Reverse Grinch

  • Retail Price: $180
  • Average Resale: $850kobe-6-reverse-grinch

December 23
KD 3 Christmas

  • Retail Price: $130
  • Average Resale: $330

December 26
Kobe 4 Black Mamba

  • Retail Price: $190
  • Average Resale: 1,000$nike-kobe-4-black-mamba

December 2023
Dunk Tightbooth

  • Retail Price: $130
  • Average Resale: $475dunk-tightbooth

More Hot Holiday Nike 2023 Drops: 

End-of-Year Jordans Lineup: Flip or Flex?

Now, roll up your sleeves, and warm up those sneaker bots, it’s game time! We’ve got the entire Holiday Jordans 2023 ready for you to snag! However, choosing between flipping and flexing those highly coveted kicks can be a tough call. Why not do both?

So, most likely, these kicks will drop on the SNKRS app. Then, make sure your Nike sneaker bot is ready and up to date. Don’t have one yet? No worries, we’ve got you covered. The Shit Bot not only lets you cop kicks from over 50 regions worldwide but also boosts your chances of scoring Ws. Also, TSB has been racking up high success rates globally! Want to know more about this success? Check out @TheShitBot

The best part? You only need $300 for a yearly subscription! Moreover, you can cop in bulk, and that $300 will be back in your pocket in no time with TSB. But remember you gotta have great proxies, Nike accounts, and servers to call yourself perfectly ready for the cop. 

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