Powerpuff Dunks: When Sugar, Spice, and Slam Dunk Collide!

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powerpuff-dunksOh, the perks of being a sneakerhead! Y’all get to live an endless enthusiasm in this dynamic world. Well, the sneaker industry is a whirlwind of events. Collabs end, others come to life, and a lil bit of drama rises every once in a while! Sneakers lose their hype, while other hot kicks drop around the clock. All that aside now, we’re gonna focus only on good news today fam. Nike SB will be teaming up with our fav cartoon show: Powerpuff Girls! Delivering a Dunk Low containing sugar, spice, and everything nice. And we’re more than grateful for that! Introducing the much-anticipated Nike Powerpuff Dunks. A fusion of style and strength that pays homage to the iconic Powerpuff Girls. No cap, those Powerpuff Dunks gonna be the talk of the sneaker game! So, let’s check these superheroine kicks out together!

But in case you wanna take a look at shit other than Dunks and Jordans, the Kobe 6 Reverse Grinch might be the kicks you’re looking for this holiday! Besides, if you wanna keep up with everything going on in the industry, our blog is your 24/7 news guide!

Powerpuff Dunks: “Show Them You Can Be Hardcore”

As for the Powerpuff dunks, these kicks are a powerful combination of individuality and familiarity. They give inspiration for your everyday adventures and make a bold statement on the streets! The Powerpuff Girl Dunks collection boasts a vibrant color palette that mirrors the girls’ dynamic personalities.

But that’s not all! The design incorporates special elements that celebrate each of the Girl’s unique superpowers. From Buttercup’s signature green punch to Blossom’s fiery pink trail and Bubbles’ sky-blue trail, these sneakers are a true embodiment of girl power. Thanks to @complexsneakers we have new images of these fire dunks. 

Aight, fam, mark your calendar, cause the Powerpuff Dunks are about to bless the sneaker game really hard! Finally, an official release date has surfaced, the Powerpuff Dunks will drop on December 14th. Retail pricing is set at $135 for adults, $90 for preschool, and $75 for toddler pairs. Bring yourself and the whole family pairs and live together in the spirit of action!Nike SB bubblesNike SB blossomPowerpuff dunks buttercup

powerpuff-girl-dunksHow To Catch ’em Dunks For Retail? 

Well, you gotta be fast when it comes to hot dunk collab drops. When those Powerpuff Dunks hit the shelves, it’s gonna be madness, fam! We expect this release will be quite limited so the resale could go bananas. Absolutely wild – adult sizes skyrocketing past $400 on the aftermarket, while toddler sizes are hitting a whopping $2K! These unique Dunks are a nostalgic goldmine, leaving us completely in awe!

But you know how shit gets on Nike SNKRS, especially when it’s a hot drop like this. So why go through all the pain trying (and most probably failing) to cop manually, when you can run a great Nike bot? Great as in a bot like TSB kinda great that’ll grant you a fair chance at copping a pair or multiple of ’em. Just remember that a sneaker bot can’t do shit alone, unless you pair it up with some good proxies and Nike accounts. But always remember, the whole thing needs patience as it’s all a trial and error kinda thing fam! Good luck!

P.S. If you’re in to take the high road and start your reselling game, make sure to check out our blog on how to sell on GOAT!


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