Revival Rush: The Epic Nike Dunk Restock Day Unleashed!

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nike-dunk-restock There ain’t nothing like your favorite pair of kicks popping again. Luckily for us, Nike has plans for a massive Nike dunk restock. A variety of colorways that had immense popularity amongst sneakerheads in the past years are dropping back. The upcoming restock brings back designs from 2021 up to 2023,  paying tribute to events and stores, such as the NBA’s 75th anniversary and ‘Rhinestone Cowgirl’. So, it looks like the upcoming week will definitely be a saucy one!

Now, if you’re looking for the list of the restocking Nike dunks and the latest news, well, you’re at the right place homie! However, if you’re more into Jordans, know that there’s a whole list of Summer list waiting for you  Check it out here.

A Lil Flashback to the Nike Dunk History

Before we dive into the details of the Nike Dunk restock, let’s take a trip down memory lane. So now we’re gonna go briefly over the history of dunks. It basically all started back in 1985 when the only shitty thing was that Js were pretty exclusive and hard to get your hands on. So, Nike needed a more available option, and they went on well about it. These pairs have grown from performance basketball sneakers on the collegiate scene to iconic staples in the streetwear, skate, and sneakerhead communities. 

However, 2018 was the year a new head of the Nike SB division took the steering wheel. Pair that with the love Travis Scott has for Dunks and we got ourselves a big wave. From there on, it was an uphill climb. Dunks and SB Dunks were selling out as fast as Jordans and Yeezys. They literally went crazy on the resale market

With is in mind, you gotta know that as the Nike Dunk restock scene unfolds, we gotta be as ready as shit get. Ready as in, we’ve got one of the best Nike bots with us. And know that you’re definitely gonna need those, especially with the Nike DTC strategy! All in all, 2018 through 2022 were very busy years in the Nike Dunk history. Another fun fact, the Dunks’ original name was “College Color High.” However, 1985 marked the 40th anniversary of the first slam dunk ever! So, if Dunks are your scene, check out straightaway how this shit fits.

Day of the Nike Dunk Restock: Celebrate in Style

nike-dunk-restock-2023Now, what matters to us the most, when is the Nike Dunk Restock Day. For sure, this is not the first time this sneaker giant arranges a big day like this. Take for example the 2022 Nike Dunk Restock Day. Well, Nike always blesses us by launching various events like the extraordinary Celebration Day of Dead Shoes in 2022. 

But now in 2023, we have yet another exciting event. Thanks to Nike’s effort to increase availability, which will take a significant step forward this year with a massive restock of some of the most sought-after Dunk Low colorways. Happening on the 27th of July, this Nike Dunk restock will see the comeback of eight different Dunk Low models. So, here’s a full list of the scheduled restocking Nike Dunks:

1- Nike SB Dunk Low “BETRUE” 

(Price: $115)

2- Nike Dunk Low Premium “Vast Grey”

(Price $110)

3- Nike Dunk Low “Needlework”

(Price $120)

4- Nike Dunk Low “Midas Gold”

(Price: $100)

5- Nike Dunk Low “Phantom Gold”

(Price: $115)

6- Nike Dunk Low Graffiti “Pink”

(Price $110)

7- Nike Dunk Low x NBA 75th Anniversary “Chicago Bulls” 

(Price: $100)

8- Nike Dunk Low “Medium Olive” 

(Price: $110)

That’s all the Nike Dunk Lows restocking on July 27! The above sneakers were among the best releases throughout the previous 2 years. So, if you didn’t get the chance to catch ‘em then, what are you still waiting for? Last but not least, keep an eye out on our blog to stay updated on the latest sneaker news and all the surrounding buzz.

Wanna Get Them Dunks?

We know that’s too much to take in and these are a lot of drops (not for a certified sneakerhead though). BUT, we can recommend that you pick a few and go after them. And always keep in mind, you don’t have to pay tons of money so you can get yourself a great sneaker bot. Matter of fact, you can cop these fire releases by using an efficient yet powerful bot. 

The Nike Dunk Restock Day is very soon and expect them to be a hard cop. So you’ll need to take shit seriously. And taking the L on Nike SNKRS is scarier than a haunted house yo! So to avoid that, you’ll need an affordable Nike bot like TSB. But that alone ain’t gonna do the job. You gotta pair it with the best proxies out there. Oh, and make sure you get some reliable Nike accounts from good providers. When you learn your way around all of that, you’ll boost your chances at a W! Good luck homies.

P.S. If you’re eager for more hot Dunk releases, make sure to check out the upcoming Nike Dunk Tightbooth.

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