How Do Dunks Fit? We Don’t Buy Shit That Doesn’t Fit!

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Let’s lay it out for you loud and clear. We don’t buy cool shit that doesn’t fit! And that, fam and sneakerheads, is the golden rule of sneakers. A good sneaker fit makes the whole look much better. You don’t wanna look like you borrowed that shit from your older sibling, do you? As Nike Dunks are ultimate fashion icons and the most exclusive kicks in the game, you’ll want to rock them just right. So, how do Dunks fit? Let’s find out together and make sure you get the best possible fit!

P.S. If Nike Dunks aren’t your top choice in Nike kicks, these guides will come in handy:


How Do Dunks Fit? Do Dunks Run Big Or Small?

From Basketball to Lifestyle, and everything in between. We’re gonna check out how to find the best fit for your Dunks. After all, you don’t wanna take a W on exclusive SNKRS drops in vain. 

In fact, securing a hyped dunk on SNKRS on the drop day is a real-life battle. And we totally know the pain of actually taking Ls. That is unless you have the right weapons by your side. And by that, we totally mean a killer SNKRS Bot. Indeed, sneaker bots rule the game becoming the ultimate key for SNKRS challenges. Lucky you, TheShitBot stands as the BEST yet most affordable Nike bot in the industry recently. And with TSB2‘s awesome new features and updates, users are effortlessly taking shitloads of Ws on the HOTTEST Nike drops. So, make sure you own your copy of TSB NOW & check out our Twitter account to stay in the loop.

Now, taking a W on the wrong size for Dunks can really hurt. So, if you’re wondering how do Nike dunks fit, here’s your answer.

Nike Dunk: Are Dunks True To Size? The Basketball Classics Stay True to Size

Well, they’re not really basketball kicks anymore, are they? With sneaker technologies evolving fast, the Dunks couldn’t keep up. But these babies found their calling among sneakerheads and streetwear enthusiasts. So when you rock a Nike Dunk, it’s a status symbol in the industry, showing how much you know about it. And if you wanna rock them right, keep your kicks true to size. Despite questions about whether do dunk lows run big or small, it’s best to remain true to your size for both lows and highs. But if you have skinny feet or like tighter fits, half a size down won’t hurt. But all in all, these Basketball classics stay true to size.


Nike SB Dunk – Half a Size Up For the Skateboard Junkies

As we already said, Dunks didn’t really shine on the basketball court but found a home somewhere else. When skateboarders were on the hunt for the best kicks to use, the Dunks stood out! Skaters always look for comfort, support, and durability in their sneakers. And without meaning to, Nike gave them just that with the Dunks. Indeed, global skateboarding stars and major celebrities have certainly chosen Dunks as their all-time choice for Nike collabs.  However, it took almost two decades until the swoosh launched the official Nike SB Dunk under the SB division.

Anyway, we’re not gonna bore you with the details because we know what you’re here for. If you wanna buy a Nike SB Dunk for the extra cushioning, you’re gonna have to cater for it. That’s why you gotta go half a size up peeps. If you stay true to size, the fit will be tighter. But hey, that shit works if you prefer tight fits or have slim feet.


But Before We Leave…

Now, if you wanna know what shoe size you should wear, check out the Nike shoe size chart. This chart applies to all different Nike kicks, including the Dunks. And just in case you’re looking for the HOTTEST 2024 Dunks, we gotcha. This lineup is full of tasty pairs you’ll totally wanna flex & resell as well. Just keep your eyes on the best online spots to cop your Dunks at retail and you’re all set. Until next time, fam!

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