How Do Jordans Fit? A Guide to Correctly Flex That Shit!

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Taking the L and carrying on is hard fam, but there’s actually something worse. Imagine finally getting a W on a Nike SNKRS drop after many attempts. Fast forward to delivery day, and you’re all excited about trying them new Js on. And that’s when reality hits because the kicks don’t really fit. If that isn’t frustrating, we don’t know what is. Whether they’re running too big or too small, that’s gonna cause some online shopping PTSD. Luckily for you, you just stumbled on this Air Jordan size guide. So how do Jordans fit?


How Do Jordans Fit? Learn Your Shoe Size ABCs.

Before we get into how do Jordans fit, you should know your shoe size. What good is knowing how the kicks fit if you don’t know the right shoe size for you? But that’s kinda easy to do especially if you wanna know your Nike shoe size. They have a step-by-step shoe size guide for anybody who needs it!

How Do Jordan 1s Fit: True To Size + More Silhouettes to Go!

We love it when our favorite kicks fit perfectly. And what’s better than the iconic Air Jordan 1 as a shoe size reference? (Nothing really.) So obviously, Jordan 1 fits true to size. So for example, if you wear Men’s size 9, you should definitely go for the same size with your AJ1. Some more popular silhouettes that fit true to size are Jordan 2, 3, 5, 8, 11, 13, and 14! We mentioned all those because, let’s face it, they’re some of the most hype silhouettes out there.

More silhouettes that fit TTS: Jordan 15, 17, 19 to 2012 (24), 29 to 30, and 32 to 36!


Size Up for That Comfy Fit

In a perfect world, we’d all be wearing the same shit. But alas, *dramatic sigh*, materials and foot shapes always affect that fit. And some materials just need that extra room. So if you wanna wear the Jordan 4, 9, or 10, you gotta take it half a size up! But if you really like the snug fit, you could always stay true to size, to each their own fam.


How Do Jordans Fit? Not Tight Enough Around Here…

We ain’t shading, honest! But sometimes you get some silhouettes that make you question your shoe size. Relax, it’s not you, but you just gotta size down on that shit! If the kicks in question are Jordan 6, 7, or 12, then you should totally go half a size down. But people with wide feet would definitely enjoy the extra room and stay true to size.

More silhouettes that you should go half a size down on: Jordan 16, 18, 28, and 31!


Already Know How Your Kicks Will Fit?

Then you’ll wanna stay in the loop and know what sneaker drops you gotta look out for! We also got you covered on this peeps. Here’s a list of some must-have summer sneakers that every sneakerhead should add to their rotation. And if you’re a Jordan person through and through, the shittiest blog has the best sneaker release news!

But all these sneakers won’t come easy, especially if they’re on Nike SNKRS. So make sure you get yourself a good Nike bot like TSB to get shit done. For $300 per year, you’ll have access to TSB, which supports 40+ regions around the world. So wherever you are, boost your copping chances with the right bot, proxies, and Nike accounts. Good luck!

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