How Much Are Sneaker Bots? The Shit We Keep Asking Ourselves

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sneaker-bot-pricesThe sneaker industry is booming fam, and so is the sneaker resale market! But have you asked yourself what it takes to join this awesome industry? Well, you’re gonna need to know the kicktionary by heart first! Next up, you need a sneaker bot to kick a$$ on drop day. And if you wanna get a bot to start cooking, you need capital, but how much exactly? Well, we’re here today to answer a question that crossed every sneakerhead’s mind: how much are sneaker bots?

How Much Are Sneaker Bots? A Visual Guide n Shit

So today, we’re taking shit a bit seriously. A sneaker bot is a program that automates the steps to purchasing the sneakers you want. At least that’s the simple explanation for those of us who don’t have deep tech knowledge. But those who know, know. Anyway, if you already got the basics aside, you’re probably looking for a sneaker bot to get your gig going. Before you jump into it all, you gotta start somewhere, right? And the first step should be to ask: how much are sneaker bots? And that’s what you’re gonna find out here!

EasyCopBot – ECB

We’re gonna kick our list off with the least expensive sneaker bot. ECB is a bot that supports Footsites, aka Footlocker, Champs, Eastbay, Footaction, and more. If you like to keep your options open in terms of sneaker sites, it’s not a bad choice for you. And for only $199 per year, you can maybe save a lil extra money to get another bot with it! Oh, and it also works on both Mac and Windows operating systems.

TheShitBot – TSB

Whoever tells you that you don’t need a Nike SNKRS bot in your life probably wants you to take Ls. So go on and get yourself a copy of the Shittiest bot out there. TSB is one of the best Nike bots out there, and it supports 50+ regions around the world. And well, TSB users have been kickin’ a$$ for a while now! If you really wanna join in on the fun, you’re in luck because TSB is in stock. For $300 per year, you can have your own copy and start cooking with the shitfam!how-much-are-sneaker-bot-tsb-infog


What’s better than having a Footsites bot? Having a bot that supports Footsites and many more! And that’s exactly the job of all-in-one bots. AIO is actually one of the older bots in the market with lots of success stories. So if you’re looking for something reliable, this could be what you need. Moreover, AIO introduced retail support so that you can take a crack on that too now! The bot will cost you $299 per year, so if that sounds reasonable, check it out.

NikeShoeBot – NSB

Another all-in-one bot that’s been around since the rise of sneaker bots. Whether you’re new to the botting gig or have experience, NSB offers a pretty dope user experience. Of course, nobody has the lit TSB attitude, but dark colors are always cool. Nah but jokes aside, NSB is an efficient sneaker bot that’s been serving its users well for years now. It also supports Mac and Windows OS, so you’re good with whatever device you own. If you want a copy of your own. It’ll cost you $349 per year, and it’s in stock!


Make Everyone cooK, that’s the motto! One of the bot’s strengths is that it’s user-friendly. And if you’re just starting out on your journey, you really don’t want complicated shit. If you buy it for $300 for 6 months, you can try your hand at sneaker copping. And to take it a step further, you can get MEKPreme which supports Supreme if you’re into that shit. But that’s a talk for another day because then you’ll be asking how much are sneaker bots and Supreme bots!


This is one of the most consistent sneaker bots around lately. Wrath’s users been cooking well. In fact, they been cooking well enough that Wrath updated their software to support Nike SNKRS too! Sadly, it’s out of stock and kinda expensive. It retails for $350 for 3 months, that’s if you manage to get it for retail. But make sure you keep it locked on their Twitter account; you might be a lucky giveaway winner!


Here, we have the most luxurious bot of them all. Although it’s also out-of-stock, we still wanna talk about it. Because if you were lucky enough to get the subscription of $300 for 2 months, you’d be very happy! The bot is a pretty good one, and it eats. However, we don’t always get what we wish for, so you either have to go for rentals or look for another alternative!

But Why Do You Need a Nike Bot Specifically?

It’s all good and well, we now know how much are sneaker bots. But fam, you might not even need all that shit! With Kanye dropping Adidas and Footsites sleeping, you might not be that interested in many bots. In fact, Nike is working their swooshy ass on the DTC strategy, which means most of the stock will be on Nike SNKRS. In other words, a Nike SNKRS bot is the only shit you’ll need! And lucky for you, we know exactly what the best Nike bots are.


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